Sunday, December 29, 2013

For 2 years I have gone into the wilds of Colorado trying to find the evidence of Bigfoot.  My quest was to find the evidence that points to the existence of a bipedal primate.  I have been all over the beautiful state of Colorado seeking the evidence.  I have been in the northwestern area, the central area, the southern area and yes, even in the outlying urban area of metro Denver.  Each area is unique and different.  The most astonishing part is the urban aspect of my investigations.  How is this possible that this primate is able to do this and live while majority of the people are oblivious?   In my other blog, Hiding in Plain Sight, I have stated how it is possible for them to stay hidden from us.  I have no doubt about this.  It is possible and it is done each day.  There are a lucky few who do see them briefly.

It is this amazing feat that keeps me captivated and looking for more answers.  I am amazed at how something so big can elude us.  I am not surprised because of what I have discovered about them and also knowing human nature.  We humans tend to have tunnel vision about ourselves and the world around us.  It is that aspect and our arrogance that so far have help this elusive primate to stay hidden from our society.

How is this possible about them being in urban areas?  I am not talking about downtown areas or major urban areas.  I am talking about the more rural outlying suburban areas where there are woods, forest and areas to travel and have abundance of deer/elk.  I have investigated 2 urban sightings this year.  This is in neighborhoods that were developed but is close to woods, streams, abundant wildlife.  Able to move undetected using ravines/gulches, wooded creeks/trails and having a major national park somewhat close by is actually feasible.  I was astonished at seeing prints, tree breaks and yes, even a tee pee structure while investigating the urban areas.

While I am amazed at the ability of a group of very large, hairy bipedal primates to move largely undetected in neighborhoods.  I shouldn't be.  Why shouldn't I be?  In my investigations I have been able to get glimpses of their lives.  I know how they travel.  The areas they like to be in.  What they like to eat.  Also how curious they are.  I think there are 2 reasons why they will go into urban areas.

  1. They are in survival mode of living.  They are not like us where we go to the grocery store or to McDonalds to eat.  They have to find food on a consistent basis or they will perish.  Who is messy and have food surrounding them?  People.  We have garbage cans, dog/cat food on porches, gardens and animals that taste good.  This would make an easy mode of foraging with a greater return with not much effort.  We blame coyotes and other wildlife when in fact some of it could be attributed to our forest friends.  Smart.
  2. They are primates with suspected great ape and human genes.  What is one major factor that primates have?  Curiosity.  Who is another primate that walks on 2 legs like Sasquatch?  Humans but seem different.  When you factor in this curiosity with tunnel vision humans, you have urban Sasquatches.  How irresistible it is for them and we are oblivious!
One of my main goals for this new year is to figure out what pathways they use to get to the urban areas that they have been sighted at this past year.  My hope is to figure it out and maybe doing some nighttime stakeouts.

Yes, we think majority of Sasquatches live in the forest far from humans but there are a few who are brazen enough to be urban Sasquatches.  This primate has many surprises still to be discovered.  Never say never with this species.



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

As I reflect on my 2013 year of squatching, I have made several conclusions that I consider important:

  • Never assume anything while out investigating.  Usually what you expect is the opposite of what will happen.
  • Being in the right place at the right time does pay off sometimes.  
  • Persistence and the willingness to be out in the field almost every weekend help establish your presence with our forest friends.
  • Being respectful of the forest and all who reside in it.
  • Able to read their signs in the forest is crucial.
  • The most important conclusion that I have made that had a huge impact is being unpredictable while out in the field.  
Why would being unpredictable while out in the field be important?

My three visuals of BigFoot happened because I was being unpredictable while out investigating.  Some of the best eye shine I have ever seen was because I did the unexpected.  When you factor this into the equation it makes sense.  What many in this field fail to realize is that our forest friends are primates. What is a couple of the primate's innate characteristics?  Curiosity and the drive to figure things out.

How was I being unpredictable?

I was following a track of 14 inch prints along a game trail.  I was measuring and taking pictures when I suddenly glanced up towards the cliffs.  I stood still and just looked at where I thought I saw movement.  I suddenly saw a grizzled brown Sasquatch leaned down from standing next to a tree and watched me.  I saw the hair on its head swayed back and forth from its movement to lean down to look at me.  Then it turned around and climbed up the rock behind it.    
 What was I doing that it wasn't expecting me to do?  I was engrossed in the prints, talking loudly to myself and taking my backpack off/on.  I suddenly looked up towards the cliffs and not at the ground or the area right by the game trail.  I don't know why I looked when I did.  I think corner of my eye caught its movement.

An hour later, a black one was peeking at me.  It stood between the large boulder and a tree.  When I leaned to the left it leaned the same way.  When I leaned to the right it leaned to the right.  At one point I leaned a bit further to the left and when it did the same thing I clearly saw the whole head and both shoulders.  I think it came to peek because I was playing an instrument when I spotted its movement up and to my right.  Since I saw both on the same day I consider this one visual even though I saw 2.  

 At this location, my husband and I was following signs down a ravine.  At this spot we found these trees that looked like they were dragged and placed between the trees in the ravine.  You could tell that the trees did not break off and fall that way.  We couldn't find the bottoms.  Surrounding this structure was 3 tree breaks.   After exploring and taking pictures we continued down the ravine.  Just past this point the ravine splits to the left and to the right.  We had been staying to the left of the ravine much of the time.  I decided to go to the right while my husband was back behind me and to the left.  In fact I moved quickly.  Ten feet in front of me on the embankment I saw a BIG mahogany brown one watching me.  It quickly moved to my left , then turned and then left.  I only saw the chest, shoulder and head.  The face was a lighter color than the body.  IT WAS BIG. 

At another location, I found this pathway that had some large impressions coming down.  We were camping down below this spot.  Later in the afternoon we took food to the gifting area that has been used many times in the past for this group of Sasquatch.  After placing the food and calling them in, 3 people were walking around the food but I had turned and moved away from the food area.  I decided to look up in the direction of where the pathway of impressions I had found earlier in the day.  I figured they may be coming down through there to watch us.  My hunch was correct.  I spotted 3 black ones watching us.  The one in the middle was the biggest.  It swayed back and forth the whole time.  It turned its head to watch one of us move closer.

  At this location, I spotted eye shine within 100 feet.  I was sitting by the camp fire by myself.  My husband decided to go sit in the jeep to hear the hockey game.  I was just sitting there playing with the fire with a stick.  I suddenly looked up and saw eye shine that flared when I saw it.  I stood up and watched it.  I knew it was fairly close because it was pretty big.  I saw it moved to my right.  I quickly went and got my husband.  We watched the eye shine from at least 2 off and on for 2 hours moving around our campsite.  When we moved unexpectedly the eye shine would flare.  Several times we were able to see the eye shine change colors.  That was how close they came.

The common denominator from these encounters was doing something that caught their attention and then doing the unexpected that caught them off guard.  Their curious nature gets them to come in but being able to catch them off guard when they are not expecting it is the key.

I love this adventure!  Who knows what 2014 will hold for me and our forest friends?


Saturday, December 14, 2013

You know when you are camping at a good location for Sasquatch when you find this close by.  This location and another was picked solely on the signs of their presence.  Both places was not what I would call an ideal location.  Just from my previous investigations I would expect them to be more remote.  It is not the case for these two groups.  I know they are not the same because of the distance between them.  Too far about 25-30 miles.  You would think I have learned by now not to have preconceived ideas or to assume anything in regards to this shy, elusive primate.

At each of location I have had them come in close to peek at me when it was dark.  The reason I know this because I had seen very good eye shine at both spots.  At one they got within 50 feet of me.  A little too close.  So I know they are there.  The signs and their presence clinched it.

I don't know why I was so surprised.  The environment at both location is great for our forest friends.  Teeming with deer and elk, densely forested with lots of ravines and hard for people to navigate.  One of the characteristics of primates is their adaptability.  This does apply to them.  I continue to be amazed at where they hunt and live.

So my friends onward we go.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

We have oral history from Native Americans and also from people in the last 100 years that pointed to an intriguing correlation of BigFoot, women and children.  Some of them benign and some not so benign.  At first when you come across these reports and stories you zero in on the negative and not so much on the ones that are not.  It would be easy to categorize BigFoot as a species who is aggressive towards women and children but when you factor in the other reports that is not the case.  The conclusion I would derive from the stories and reports is that our forest friends show some similarities to humans.  There are some who are naturally aggressive, some that are curious, some who are drawn to humans and some who were put in a situation that requires an aggressive response due to the action of the human.  When you put all these in perspective it shows a species that is complex and intelligent.  This species is not one dimensional but a species that is diverse much like us.
The reason I bring this up is because I had the pleasure to take a group of 28 Elementary-aged children on a field trip to "Look for BigFoot" in October.  Living in the Denver area is a positive for anyone who wants to do a day time investigation.  You can literally be in an area that has several sightings within an hour.  
Before I would take children out looking I had several criteria that must be met:
  • Safety of the children was the number one priority.  If there was any question or a chance of danger there was no trip with the children.
  •  Location of the trip needed to be within 1 hour from Denver.
  • 1-3 sighting reports within 5 miles.
  • Location had to have physical signs of their presence. 
  • Parking for a school bus.
  • Facilities that can accommodate a large group of children such as bathrooms, picnic tables and a covered area in case of inclement weather.
  • Easy walking for the children which is a tall order because our forest friends normally are in rugged areas.
At first it seemed like an impossible task.  It took me months of research and physically inspecting areas that had showed promise.  Finally I was able to find a great location in Jefferson County.  In hindsight I should have started in that area first but I'm glad I didn't because I saw some great locations that I want to go back to investigate on my own more in depth at a later time. 
Children are naturally curious, loud and mobile.  I can see how children would be a draw for BigFoot.  I had in the past was zapped by one that was hiding while watching some children laughing and playing in a creek.  I popped into the spot to look at some tree structures and surprised one.  He/she had zapped me as a defense mechanism and nothing more.  I never saw him/her but I felt them!
The children had a great time.  We had one Sasquatch answer back to our knocks and whoop.  One child found a track of prints.  We looked at a tree break and a large arch and also found a tee pee structure.  Unfortunately we ran out of time.  The children did not want to leave.  I literally had to drag them back onto the bus.
So if you are looking for a secret weapon in looking for BigFoot, you will need to take a large group of loud and curious children.  You and Sasquatch will be entertained. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My husband and I went back to our new winter research spot last weekend.  We were hoping for the great eye shine and maybe hearing them.  This trip resulted in mixed results compared to the first weekend we camped there.  As in any new endeavor you will have your ups and down but if you get results over the long haul then it was worth while.

We hiked over where we saw the eye shine the first weekend.  It was steep and rugged.  I have yet to find a spot where they are located and it is easy to navigate.  I just pace myself and keep going.  We did not really see much in that area.  Our conclusion was that they use it to move around undetected.  We did come across deer and found scat from them and elk.  Some fresh.

We ventured back to the creek area.  My husband came across a 14/15 inch impression.   It looked fairly recent.  We found more tree breaks that seem to be markers coming down from a certain area.  We plan on exploring that next time.

On Saturday night we had some eye shine but nothing compared to the first time.  My impression was that they were more cautious and unsure of us this time.  Our frequent trips will hopefully help with that.

I will be posting soon a wonderful trip I had with 28 elementary children exploring for BigFoot.

So my friends onward we go.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last weekend my husband and I went back to the spot with promising signs.  Which we plan to investigate this winter.  We decided to camp there for one night to see if our preliminary investigation was correct.  It was cold.  We slept in our tent that Saturday night with the temperatures in the 20's.  Brrr!

Well, we had a better than expected result there.  I was hoping for tree knocks and maybe one walking around the tent while we were sleeping.  OMG!  This was our first night there.  My mind is swirling with the possibilities of this location.

We had eye shine from at least 3 while we sat around the campfire.  We spotted the eye shine all around our campsite.  For two hours we had them watching us from different locations.  They moved around.  At one point they were close enough that I was able to see the top outline of one of them.  Also I was able to see the eyes of one change colors from white to green to red and then white.  I saw two walk closer to us.  That was exciting but a little unnerving.  We decided it was time to go to bed.

The next morning we went to the locations where we saw the eye shine.  Most were only 100 feet away!  The spot where we saw them walk towards us was 50 feet away!!  I knew they were close but not that close.  This is one of the best eye shine I have ever seen.  It is almost as good as the amazing eye shine I saw in Central Colorado in June. 

I left my audio recorder on the whole night.  I will be listening to it to see if we had visitors walking around the tent while we slept.  At one point during the night I woke up thinking I heard a knock but I am not sure.  I'm hoping the audio will have it.  Who knows?  We may some interesting things on it.

When you do your legwork which is time consuming and not much fun it can pay off.  You have to go where the clues point you to and then hope you are correct.  For a non-existent species that our society says is a figment of imagination, you would think that I wouldn't be able to have the results I have.  Go figure.


Monday, September 30, 2013

This endeavor has been a major labor of love.  When I first started out, my family did not know what to think.  My husband started going out on some of my investigations so I wasn't by myself all the time.  When he found the 17 inch print over a year ago he was more enthusiastic and open to this idea of a possible bipedal primate.  Now he has no doubt.  The evidence and our investigations have convinced him.

With this in mind, we went exploring for a new investigation spot for this winter.  We wanted a spot that we both found and will research together.  Where do we look?  How will we know it is the spot for us?  If you have read my earlier posts I have outlined several criteria that I usually use in my investigations.  So far they have not failed.  I will briefly list how we found this new spot.  I added a couple of new criteria due to my factoring in the Colorado winters.

  • I used locations of reported sightings.  I know of 3 in this area.
  • Geography of the terrain.  Ravines?
  • Food source such as deer or elk in area.
  • Relatively easy accessibility for vehicles.  Is the road maintained during the winter?  How steep and rugged is the road?  How close to the main highway and is there a town somewhat close by?
  • Signs of their presence in this location?
The above picture is at one of the spots we explored.  It had all of the above criteria and had many signs we were looking for.  It shows a lot of promise.  Hopefully it delivers.

So my friends I will keep you posted with this spot and my first love, my original spot.  I hope this winter while you are toasty warm reading my posts that you will remember that I am out in the cold, wintery conditions continuing my grand adventure.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Almost 1 year ago I had joined a group of fellow Sasquatch investigators called SIR (Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies).  There were several main factors on why I joined this group.  The 3 factors that I liked about SIR-why they investigate, how they do their investigations and their intent.  Egos and hidden agendas are not for me.  Life is too short and I don't have the time or patience for that.

SIR's approach in their investigations is a more respectful and gentler way.  The intent is not to be portrayed in a negative manner to Sasquatch.  Since SIR is willing to use patience and time at their spots, the Sasquatch groups there will interact with them.  It is this mindset that had me join SIR.  Mike, one of the co-founders have repeated many times, "Would you like to have someone come to your house and behave in a negative manner?  The same thing applies to Sasquatch when you go to their home in the forest."  Screaming, howling, shooting guns, big bad male egos, hunter mindset and dogs all are negative factors to Sasquatch.  The concept of "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" should be used when investigating Sasquatch.

The reason I bring up SIR's mindset is to explain how I and SIR operate when we out investigating.  I want to be a respectful friend to Sasquatch and not a hunter of one.  Your approach and intent is conveyed through your body language and persona when you go out.  If you go having a he-man and a hunter mentality then they will avoid you.  They are almost impossible to find as it is.  Why make it even harder?  I wonder if that is the main reason Sasquatch gravitate more towards women and children?  It make sense.  That is why I have an advantage over some of my fellow investigators.  Being male isn't wrong but it helps being female.

One of the gentle techniques used is offering a friendship plate of food.  This usually takes a while before they trust you enough to eat what you leave them.  Would you eat food that a stranger offers you?  The same thing applies to them.  By going back consistently and offering the friendship plate of food will have them get comfortable enough so they will come and eat.  In the case at one of SIR's research spots you can see them come in with them using their eye shine.  It is amazing and something special.

This approach was used at a friend's spot this past weekend.  Two years ago a "baby monkey" was spotted in a large pine tree.  Since then the friend and his wife have been trying to establish a positive relationship with that group of Sasquatch.  Saturday afternoon, four of us went to the friendship spot to leave an offering of food.  While there, I had walked a little bit away from the others and was scanning around.  I saw 3 black shapes watching us.  They were big.  The one in the middle was swaying sideways back and forth on its feet.   I called the others over and showed them what I saw.  One of us decided to move closer and he saw the face and noticed the brow line and cone head shape.  I told him not to move any closer.  I had seen the big one in the middle turned its head to watch him.  I thought at first they would take off but they stayed where they were.  We left a few minutes later.

If we had been screaming, yelling or doing other negative actions the chances of 4 people seeing 3 Sasquatches would have been zero.  Those Sasquatches would have left and avoided us the whole time we were there camping.  By being respectful, offering friendship and doing human things had this group curious enough to come in to watch and stay.  Starting on Friday and going through Sunday we saw and heard them.

I hope I explained a little of my mindset in this endeavor.  This is a labor of love.  I am on a voyage of discovery.  This journey has been surprising and helped me grow to be a better person by learning from my mistakes and using a lot of patience.  This bipedal primate is an amazing being.  I hope I have shown them the better side of human nature.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The adage that when it rains it pours could be applied to me.  I really do need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.  My journey is so unexpected and exciting.  I had another visual this weekend.  This place was over a hundred miles from my research spot and about 50 miles from the other one I had a couple of weeks ago.  I consider all of my recent sightings lucky but this one was truly a chance encounter.  If I wasn't being diligent about looking up and scanning the area then they would have stayed hidden while watching us.

They were black and very big.  One was swaying back and forth on its legs and turned its head to watch one of us as he walked a little bit closer.  He said he could see the face and the cone head shape of its head.  We stayed and watched for a couple more minutes and then left.  We went back the next day.  I found an impression on the game trail that goes right to the spot.

I have no doubt on what I saw.  There were three of them.  All a different size.  The one in the middle was the biggest.  I went from wishing to see one to seeing several in a few short weeks.  WOW!

Ya gotta love it!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last weekend was one of my favorite things to do.  I combined my love of Sasquatch with the joy of a child.  A friend of mine has a 9 nine year old son who is fascinated with Sasquatch.  I had taken him out several months ago and had so much fun that we went out again to a different spot.  One of the advantages of living here in Colorado is the choice of where to look.  This time I picked a spot purely on how squatchy it was.  It just called out to me.

Jordan and I started out on designated trails but there was nothing of interest.  I noticed up on top of a hill some aspens and pines that may have a ravine with a stream nearby.  I climbed up and sure enough the area was showing some promising signs.  I had Jordan join me and we went down into the spot.  As we went down to the stream, we came across a game trail.  I found 3 tree breaks in a row.  I found some tree structures too.  We did not find any prints but maybe next time.

We explored another spot that goes directly up from this spot that pointed to even more signs.  They are in the area.  I'm hoping to see signs that they are in there often and may even live close by.  I had to curtail the investigation because poor Jordan was worn out.  He keep wondering why our forest friends live in such hilly and hard to walk places.  I smiled and said that is why they do.

Children are unpredictable and impulsive.  Their joy of exploring and openness to possibilities make them the perfect squatching buddy.  Jordan played with his whistle.  He picked things up.  He examined just about everything and his drive to figure things out is the perfect partner.  I absolutely loved it.

The best part of my day was when Jordan was eating his ice cream and asked when will we go out again.  I couldn't ask for a better partner.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Foot sighted in Colorado!

The three things that I find pretty amazing about Colorado is the climate, geography and how wildlife thrives.  Nature always finds a way.  Water is worth more than gold here for a reason.  We have limited moisture and high altitude.  How can we have these lush forests that sustains abundant wildlife with limited amount of precipitation?  The answer to this is our mountains.  They capture enough moisture for this to happen.  The water moves down, forms streams which in turns travels  into ravines and canyons and finally finds the rivers that eventually empties into an ocean.  In the ravines and canyons pockets of water will form into ponds, lakes or lush meadows.  It is so amazing to drive and see nothing but dry conditions and then you turn onto a road following a ravine/canyon that goes up towards the mountains.  Then you go around a corner and a lush and green forest greets you.  It is another world.  It is these areas where wildlife and our forest friends thrive even in dry areas such as Canon City, Alamosa or Gunnison.

The reason I brought this up is to explain how Colorado have reports of Big Foot even in our drier regions of our state.  The answer is the mountains.  Our mountains give nature and our wildlife the ability to thrive even when the surrounding areas of the mountains are bone dry with dry creek beds, cactus and no trees.  As long as they can move undetected, have water within walking distance, elk and deer in enough numbers, then our forest friends will use the area.

I didn't know this about Colorado until a couple of years ago.  I have traveled all over Colorado since moving here 15 years ago but couldn't figure out why there were hunting in our drier regions.  There seemed to be as many hunters hunting for elk in our dryer regions as there are in the greener parts of the state.  The light clicked on after I started researching for Big Foot.  An excellent example of this was the time I had met my husband in the mountains while he was working.  While he was at work there I had decided to do some squatching.  I had read about a sighting that was about 10 miles away.  When I arrived at the town I couldn't figure out how there could be a sighting close by.  Where we were staying was dry.  Very little vegetation, mostly rocky outcrops and dirt.  The Colorado River was there but it was dry 20 yards past the river.  I had some misgivings about going.  I decided to try anyways.  When I followed the road up, I literally turned a dry rocky corner and a lush ravine/canyon area appeared.  It was a different world!  It was alive with wildlife, pine trees, aspens, vegetation, clear running water and many little ponds and marches.

It is one of those types of places that I went to do a little camping and squatching this past 5 days.  It is always nice to get away from your normal routine and go do something different.  I have been at this spot for one night previously a few weeks ago.  It has signs of Big Foot activity and there are 2 reports close by.  I liked the odds.

We had visitors during 2 nights.  My husband woke up at 2 AM the first night to rapid knocks.   We had them walking around the tent for 2 nights.  Early Thursday morning around 5 AM I heard one walking by me when it hit the side of the tent by my head.  I was proud of myself I did not panic or scream.  On 2 evenings I heard howls.  They were in the distance and not close.

My husband and I decided to explore an area that I would say was squatchy.  It was calling me.  What an area!  We found many Big Foot signs in there.  As we were coming down to go back to our campsite, we were following a ravine.  Back behind a structure and some tree breaks I looked up at the top of the ravine about 30 feet away because something caught my attention.  Something BIG, I mean HUGE brown upright "thing" was looking at me and then turned ran to my left and then turned into the trees and was gone.  It was much bigger than an elk or moose.  There was no ears or a back that you would expect to see when it turned.  When it moved it was smooth and fast.  No bounding or leaping you would expect from elk or deer or moose.  I stood there with my mouth open.  My adrenaline was going a mile a minute.  I couldn't get my mind around what I saw.

My mind is still trying to grasp what I have seen 2 days ago and also at my research spot.  I have seen them in 2 different places hundreds of miles apart.  The odds are too fantastic.  I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket.

This journey is so fascinating and incredible.

SQUATCH ON!       

Saturday, August 3, 2013

With anticipation I went back.  As I was going in I found a track of prints that looked like one chased a deer.  I followed the tracks up to a game trail that was closer to where I had my 3 glimpses last year.  Then I decided to follow the game trail.  Guess what I found?  A 14 inch print!  Actually several.  I followed the 14 inch prints to the perfect rock spot.  Secluded but open enough around me with enough foliage for them.  Almost like I was led there.  Interesting.

Just before I came upon the rock I saw movement.  When I looked closely I saw a brown shape bend down from some trees by the cliff to watch me.  It had long hair!!!!  It looked at me and then turned around and climbed up the rock that was behind him/her.  This was not a bear, deer, mountain lion, elk, squirrel or coyote.  The color, size and length  of hair indicated that it was not any of those animals.  My 3 glimpses I had last year were black.  This is the first brown one for me to see.

I sat in my new spot for 2 hours.  Guess what happen during this time?  Over to my right by a bus-sized boulder between 2 trees I saw a black shape watch me!!!!  I moved my head to the right and the shape did the same thing.  So I talked with the shape.  For 20 minutes I would look, talk and move.  The black shape did what I did (except the talking part).  Several times I clearly saw the head and shoulders.  Interesting, interesting, very interesting.

About 20 minutes before I left a young buck came within 10-15 feet of me.  He watched me and I talked with him.  I heard some knocks and he did too.  In fact he got very nervous.  He licked his nose, flicked his tail up and stomped his front foreleg while glancing towards the knocks.  I kept telling him he will be dinner for my friends if he doesn't leave soon.  I was getting nervous that I may see him hunted down in front of me.  He finally left while looking back behind him where the knocks were.

Well, this visit was much more than I expected.  I have no doubt about what I saw.  I saw a brown and black Sasquatch or Big Foot.  I am still wrapping my mind around what I saw and experienced on that day.  If they were not Big Foot what were they? 

Who knows what will happen next?


Saturday, July 20, 2013

As I was walking into my research spot to continue my new approach, I spotted this 14 inch print in a ravine.  There was another faint print a little farther away about 5 feet going up.  In the past I have spotted several similar 14 inch prints.  This is the game trail I now use.  It is harder to get to and more remote.  I took this as a good sign that they are using the same game trail as me.  They have been very careful so far this year about leaving prints.  This is a lucky find.

I have for 2 weeks now used my new approach.  The results are mixed and what I expected.  I have seen signs of them around me.  Their knocks and clacks indicate they are watching.  I am still trying to find the perfect spot.  The first 2 places were OK but I felt that they were not perfect for what I am wanting to do.  I am hoping this weekend to find it.  A secluded, open spot for me with enough cover/foliage in close enough for them.  The first spot was good but not remote enough and the other was too open.  I will keep looking.  I may go over closer to where I had glimpses of them last year.

This endeavor will be what I consider the tortoise and the hare story.  I will be patient.  I know this will take time.  They are shy, elusive and naturally suspicious of humans.  This will not happen over night or in a matter of days.  The 2 positive things going for me is that I am female and a known person.  What I have to do is to get them to cross that divide and risk what their instincts are telling them not to do.  Their humanity and primate sides will have to be reached by making it irresistible.  In other words I am banking on their curiosity. 

So my friends onward I go.


Friday, July 5, 2013

New method of discovering Big Foot.

I have stated in previous posts that I have changed my way of doing things at my research spot.  I can keep looking around and find more physical evidence but in many ways it is wasted time on my part.  I know where they are and where they live.  This group has shown their willingness to let me in their territory and explore their nesting area.  I have returned this willingness with keeping my distance and respecting their space.

So what more can I do? 

That is what had me in a pickle.  Do I find somewhere else to explore or what more can I do?

This is where my love of searching for all facts have been a blessing.  Since they are primates and related to great apes and possibly humans I have done a little research on both.  I read about great ape facts and behavior along with primitive human facts and behavior.  In many ways they are similar and quite different.  After reading about both I can see a lot of each in Big Foot.  I have decided to reach out to this family of forest beings as a human and use innate primate information and behavior to draw them to me. 

How will I do this? 

I will be honest with you.  I will not divulge my methods.  There are people out there who would use this to hurt or kill these elusive primates.  I know most people are like me who have no evil intent but what if my methods reaches that one person?  I could not live with myself if this happens.  My intent has never been to hurt or put them in danger.  My hope is to have them "discovered" and put under protection from our society to live like they have been doing for hundreds of years.  My love of puzzles and mystery had started my journey of discovery.  Now my fascination of this elusive bipedal primate compels me.  Nothing else.

I tried my new method today.  I had some positive results.  I had some knocks, rock clacks and a possible glimpse of one for about 2-3 minutes.  I suspect that there was 2-3 of them watching me for about 2 hours.  I think the knocks and clacks were used to get a reaction from me.  They were probably trying to figure out what in the world I was doing.  I enjoyed myself.  I will be returning to my spot tomorrow.  Can't wait.

How will I tell you my results if I don't disclose my methods or worry about inadvertently doing so?  I have no answer to this.  I will tell you this, I started this clueless journey with you in this blog and I will continue.  I will figure this out as it unfolds.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I did a little urban squatching on Sunday with a young man who is very interested in Sasquatch.  I took him to 2 local parks in the Denver Metro area.  We found some evidence and I was able to show him how to look.  It was a fun day.

As I have said before in previous posts that I am never sure what to expect and that happened on this outing.  My expectations were to find some breaks and if we are lucky a print.  I did not expect to find something that I had found a year ago in another location about 35 miles away. 

At a campground last July, another investigator and I had a very unnerving experience with a 9 inch rock thrown at us while sitting at the picnic table and then they stalked us for 1 1/2 hours when we went to bed.  The next morning I had found charcoal scattered in our fire pit and pieces of charcoal outside the fire ring on the ground going towards the fence.  It looked like pieces were dropped.  I was able to follow the pieces to the fence.  I had surmised that our forest friends after trying to intimidate us for 1 1/2 hours which they did, grabbed some charcoal to take with them and had accidently dropped some.  There are medicinal benefits to charcoal.

On Sunday while at a urban park I found some bits and pieces of charcoal on the ground where I wasn't expecting it.  I was on a pathway walking by a densely foliated ravine.  It was what I would call a very squatchy spot.  I looked at the charcoal carefully.  There were several small pieces going into the squatchy spot.  It looked like the charcoal was dropped.  FYI-This is a day use only park so there is no camping.  I noticed across the meadow that a large tree was burnt.  It looked like it was hit by lightning.  There was no evidence of fire spreading past the tree. 

What are the odds for me to find something like this again?

It is stuff like this that makes the evidence more compelling.  I love it.



Monday, June 17, 2013

At my research spot I was walking across to the ravine to go check on the gifting rock.  This was early in the morning.  Great weather-sunny and warm but not hot or windy.  The perfect weather to go explore this rugged terrain.  I glanced up towards the cliffs and noticed sticks leaning against a log.  There has been a lot of trees knocked down by the wind over the years.  What made me interested enough to climb up there were how the 2 sticks looked and how they were laying against the log.  Didn't look natural.  The above picture is what I saw when I came within 5 feet.  As you can see the sticks looked like they were laid there.  In the past in this spot I have found many such scenarios very similar to this.  I was thinking sticks used as tools to get ants or termites out.  Much like what chimps have been documented doing.  As I got closer the more excited I became.


I noticed it looked recent.  I am talking about sometime that morning.  I looked quickly around but had seen no movements.  I saw some ants in the crevice of the log following each other but some were zipping back and forth looking frantic.  Much like what you would see if you disturbed an anthill.  You can tell where the sticks were used to move the bark and also poked into the crevices of the log.  These sticks were 2-2 1/2 feet long.

If a bear had done this there would be claw marks and the log would be shredded.  This had the look of what I would expect to see if a primate was trying to get ants out of a log. 

Pretty cool isn't it?  Too bad I wasn't able to get a picture of one of our forest friends working at that log.  They are so elusive and smart!  Lets see what else I can document about this family of bipedal primates at my research spot.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life has gone a full circle for me in regards to Big Footing.  Some family friends came out for a visit and wanted me to take them out to do some squatching.  They live in Michigan and want to start doing this in their beautiful state.  It was kinda weird to have someone ask me on how to go out and look.  I still feel like I'm clueless in this endeavor but the learning curb is getting bigger.  Anytime someone wants to go out and wants to include me, I'm game. 

We took them to a spot that SIR has been investigating for many years.  I was hoping that we would find some new tree breaks and maybe a fence posting.  If we were lucky we would hear some knocks and a whoop.  Well, the group of forest people in this location did much more than this.  Kala and Kurtis got an avalanche of learning from only 2 days of squatching.  What we saw/happen/found there in those 2 days would take most people years to experienced.

We were exploring an area that is called the lair.  As we went down away from the lair we were in a narrow pathway ringed by tall giant boulders on both sides.  Kala found, yes, she found 3 hairs while on the pathway!  Two brown hairs were clinging to the left on the boulders about 5 feet high.  She also found a nice black one 10 feet away on a bush on the right side of the pathway.  It was about 4 feet high.  It was not ours and it was too high for animals.  I could not believe it! 

That evening we had eye shine over by the area where we leave food for them.  It was exciting and a bit unnerving for them.  How do you explain this?  This is one of those things that you need to experience first hand to fully understand it.  Seeing twinkling lights that blink on and off and also move that is not in the sky is hard to comprehend.  The best way to describe them is LED lights that can change colors from red to white or get very bright or larger suddenly and then back to twinkling.

There was a print found and I cast it.  I am waiting for it to cure.  We ventured into an area that hasn't been explored before.  We found many interesting things.  I felt like I was taking pictures the whole time.  My husband at one point heard bipedal foot steps leave quickly.  When there was only me in that spot I heard a tree break behind me up on the rocks.  For a few minutes I heard knocks and rock clacks behind and to the right of me.  I answered back with knocks and whoops.  I knew they were watching me.  When there was no more knocks or clacks I left.

As we were exploring there at this location I was seeing many stick signs and structures that are similar to what I have seen/experienced at my research spot.  I was excited because this is a form of communication and it seemed like those areas have significance to them.  I took many pictures and now speaking with a friend who has more knowledge on this.  The preliminary feedback has validated that my instincts were correct.

I am anxious to go back.  I feel at this location that they are reaching out to SIR.  It is my hope that we will answer back the right way and in respect.  Our forest friends need friends in our human world that has their best interests as a priority.  They are not a meal ticket for us to profit from or for fame.  What they need is protection to live the way they have been without interference from our society.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

I popped into my research area one morning this week hoping to see if I would get more of the static and clicking that I had experienced the last 2 times I was there.  To my disappointment I did not have any.  I am pretty sure that the circumstances have changed enough that the need to do this is not needed. 
  • There is now leaves on the trees and foliage.  It is easier to move around almost undetected.  Even though they did not have problems doing this before but now it is impossible for me to see very far.  
  • I have not been in this area very much until now because I wanted to give them space while it was cold and wintery.
  • I now use another entry spot to go into the area.  This leaves less signs of me for other people to spot.  Plus I now go into the area that is closer to the nest and not as close to the gifting rock.  I probably had put them on high alert by doing this but now that I have consistently done this they are familiar with this new routine.
  • I always announce my presence into the spot with my voice and whistling. 
The last time I was in there I had climbed onto this big boulder and used it to rest and as an advantage looking spot.  I am pretty sure they use it too.  There are stick structures and stick signs all around it.  In fact the photo above is a new one that was on the pathway I used to get to the boulder.  There were several new stick signs left for me.  This area reminds me of the gifting rock spot.  I have decided to use this boulder as my staging spot when I venture in.  My plan is to leave them answers to their sign/structures like I have done previously at the gifting rock.  It should be interesting and exciting.  My plan is to have them get comfortable with me.  I will not divulged my details because there are many out there who would use this information which may not be in the best interests of my forest friends.  Suffice to say that I plan on using classic primate behavior to accomplish this.

So my friends the journey continues.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

In earlier posts I had talked about static and clicking that my audio recorder had picked up during 2 separate occasions when I ventured into the area going up to the nest.  I had Tony another SIR investigator listen to it.  He was intrigued and made a copy of the 2 occasions.  I knew he would be interested because he is in the process of making a documentary on the sizzling/zapping phenomena that Big Foot direct towards people.  I have stated in previous posts that some people in the Big Foot community feel it is infra sound but SIR and I feel that it may be more electrical in nature.  The possibility it may be both is another wrinkle in this mystery.  As I think on what I know and experienced it may be both.  If you asked me a few weeks ago I would have said it was electrical and not infra sound but  as a person who tries to look at all the evidence there are clues pointing to both.  I have decided to let the evidence lead me to where the truth lies.

What is very interesting to me is that most of the reports has physical signs of this being manifested in the affected people.  I am included in this when I was zapped over a year ago when I inadvertently came across one while it was watching children playing on rocks.  The 2 incidents with the static and clicking last month was different.  I felt/heard nothing and only found out when I listened to my audio.  That alone tells me that there is more to this puzzle than what most people have been thinking. 

I am wondering if they have a young one now.  This may be why I was being scanned.  When I had ventured into the nesting and surrounding area last summer and fall my audio did not pick up any static or clicking.   In fact this is the first time at this location that I have recorded static and clicking.  With this in mind I will be doing some modifications to how I will be investigating my research area.  I will keep you posted on how this plays out.  My intent is not to put them on high alert or have them scare me out of the area.  I will to be respectful and let them call the shots.  They will let me know when they don't want me there.  I'm hoping some strawberries will sweetened their outlook.

As I have said before this journey is amazing and full of unexpected surprises.


Monday, May 13, 2013

I had the pleasure of camping the weekend before Mother's Day with some other investigators to check on an area in Pike National Forest.  It was a fun and exciting trip.  We weren't sure of what we would find in this spot.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We used a new technique which I will not divulge, that has been successful in 3 other spots.  So we tried it here every night hoping to get similar responses.  BINGO!  Early Saturday morning around 5 am I woke up to hearing their response.  What a great way to start our weekend!

Every night there I heard movements all around us while in the tent.  It is a little discerning knowing something is walking close by and it sounded bipedal.  Waking up to hearing pebbles thrown on the side of the tent over by 2 of the investigators was an experience I have heard twice now.  I think they do this to see if we are awake.  The sound is soft but distinct.  Walking around and opening our containers was clearly heard by me.  Also knocks were heard off and on every night while I was outside and in the tent.  I was tired when I went home Monday afternoon.  You don't really sleep and when you do finally go to sleep it is not for a long stretch and not very deep.

My favorite equipment while camping is my audio recorder.  I simply attach my detachable mic to the outside of the tent and just let it record.  It is amazing what you hear.  Right now I am going through 10+ hours.  So far just some talking and snoring from us, movements and something touching the mic which is 6 feet up.  When I get to what we call the witching hour (3-5 am) I'm hoping to be surprised. 

So my friends it is an ongoing exciting adventure that keeps getting better and better.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have been lucky and blessed in many ways in my journey of discovery.  Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) and others have made my journey more enjoyable and fruitful.  I count them part of my extended family.  They have been gracious in reaching out and helping a totally but curious clueless person on her journey of discovery.  Without them I would be still struggling.  Meeting and making friends with others in the Big Foot community makes the journey even better.

I have the privilege of getting to know and investigate with SIR investigator Tony Lombardo.  He is producing a documentary on the sizzle or zapping that people have had happened to them that points to Big Foot.  I have asked him to write something to share on this blog.  I expect when this film comes out it will grab many people's attention.  He is a true researcher.  I count myself lucky to call him a friend. 

My interest in Bigfoot began at a very early age right after "Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot" was released at the local theater. I was too young to see it and was left home. My sisters filled me in on the gory details the next day. The fascination festered, but did not materialize until I began going on expeditions in 2008 with the BFRO. It was not until then that I began to see things from the inside perspective. I'll never forget when we were briefed for the first night operation. Brandon Keil, who was the expedition leader, was talking about Sasquatches, there habits and behavior. That was the first time I heard someone speak of them as an extant species. On that trip one of the guys in another group (we were spit into three) spotted a Sasquatch through a thermal at about 50 yards. It was down in a river bottom and it turned its head and looked his direction. He freaked out and was visibly upset the next day and did not need any more convincing. After this trip, I was hooked and could not wait to go again.

I don't remember exactly when I caught wind of this strange phenomena, but I heard stories of it several time and found it fascinating. The next thing I needed is motivation and I got that from attending one of the local film festivals in California in 2010. Some of the entries that year were poor quality and not very interesting. I convinced myself I could make something that had both those elements and if this subject matter is not interesting, I don't know what is. And so the journey began. I did not have any formal training to produce, edit and direct a documentary, so I had to learn fast and made all my mistakes early -planning is everything. I learn best through trial and error. My first thoughts were that I needed some heavy hitters in the science community to give the film some credibilty - Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Kathy Strain. John Bindernagel is one of the nicest people you could meet. He was not willing to comment on this phenomena because he was not familiar with it. In any event, I got some great material to use from his interview commenting on the discovery of Sasquatch.

Everything in the Bigfoot world goes through Dr. Jeff Meldrum at one point, or another. My first attempts to set up an interview with him failed. I decided that he must have reached the e-mail/phone call saturation point. I finally met up with him at the "Proof of Evidence" seminar in St. George Utah. To my surprise there were very few people attending, so I had full access to him. He was very gracious and agreed to an interview a few weeks later at Idaho State. There is a small section in his book dedicated to the subject of infrasound and Jeff had a few experiences of his own. He spoke candidly about it, but chose his words carefully, as most scientists that sign a talent release form will do. All theory towards infrasound is only conjecture at this point. Jeff is a seasoned pro when it comes to interviews as he has done quite a few. I enjoyed spending the afternoon with him. He is a good person and true professional. I'm glad he is on our side.

Kathy Strain just had a Class A sighting just a week before I interviewed her. She was very humble about it and yet excited it happened. She has a very closed relationship with the local tribes in California and was very familiar with this phenomena. Native Americans do not have a name for it, as far as we know, but in her book there are many passages that reference this same experience reported today. The Native American connection was very important to me for this project. Their culture has a deep understanding and respect for the local flora and fauna that the white man never will. To discount their stories and folklore would be foolish.

When I first called Mike, I must have spent more than an hour on the phone and divulged just about everything about his research. I was drawn to SIR because this phenomena had been occurring on a regular basis and so much so that they coined a name for it "Sizzling." This was also the first time anyone had every suggested it could be electrical. If I was going to get a chance to record this event, this would be it. All other accounts of it were singular and random in nature. He invited me out to visit all his locations the following July and I could not wait. Mike's hospitality and generosity was unmatched and I knew we would become friends. He picked me up at the airport an we spent the entire week in his remote locations. While up in the flat tops, I was sure that I felt the sensation of being sizzled-although it was mild by most accounts. Unfortunately, I was not well versed on the recording equipment I brought and just brushed it aside and just settled for my digital recorder which I kept on the entire trip.

In closing, what I have learned about this energy so far is very little. The symptoms described by witnesses have characteristics of both sound and electricity. I have not yet given experimentation a good college try, but I believe the best is yet to come. We (SIR) have a location where this happens on a regular basis and a golden opportunity to record it.

I hope you enjoyed what Tony has shared as much as I did.  There are many unexplained things that happen in the world of Big Foot.  People like Tony will help solve some of them.

So my friends we will continue our endeavor to unlock some of these mysteries of Big Foot.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Saturday was a busy day for my husband and I.  As early as possible we went to the research area.  I wanted to go back into where I was the week before.  In my last post I had talked about the static and clicking I heard on my audio.  How I may have been scanned by my forest friends.  As a person who truly wants only honest and accurate data and evidence in my endeavor, I went back and did the same thing again.  To my surprise I had the static and clicking.  It was suggested by another researcher to have another audio going to see what happens.  So in a few weeks I will be doing this.  I am anxious to see the results.  I am also curious to see if this will happen when I venture to the nesting spot.  I'll keep you in the loop when I do.
After leaving the research spot, we traveled to a state park.  I was curious to see if I will find some evidence of Big Foot activity there.  So far I have been to 10 state parks and 5 have signs of Big Foot activity.  Now I can add another state park to having signs of Big Foot.  At this park because of the geography and location I feel that they only use or travel through the park.  It was a nice spring day and a great way to spend an afternoon here in Colorado.
Since Saturday, I have been researching other state parks to determine the possibility of Big Foot.  There is one that is more to the east in Colorado and not close to the mountains.  I am curious to see if they are using this park.  If so I'm not surprised.  So far in this journey anything is on the table for possibilities with Big Foot.  Their intellect and resourcefulness has been a wonder to discover. 
So my friends, the journey continues.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The weather here in Colorado has been crazy.  Our winter was in March and April.  I am ready for the snow to move on.  The cold and snowy conditions here in Colorado had slowed down my research.  Finally today was perfect to go out.

I decided to venture into the lower areas of my research spot but not too close to the nest.  As I'm walking around the area I noticed 2 new X's and a few new tree breaks.  The X's like the one pictured here which usually means to stay out.  Both X's are located where you would start to go up to the nest.  The tree breaks I am not worried about but I do worry about the X's.

So I'm wondering if the X's are directed towards me.  They know that I am aware of the nest and the surrounding area.  In the past I have been able to wander around without them having issues.  Today I only wandered around at the base of the area.  Just below where I had the 3 glimpses of them last year.  I heard a very loud wood knock while in there.  The birds were doing alarm calls off and on the whole time I was there.  I'm pretty sure the calls were not directed towards me.

When I came home I listened to my audio.  I knew there was a knock at about an hour into my investigation.  After listening to my audio I was amazed.  I had 2 knocks recorded, rock clacks and had static and some type of clicking that were recorded while I was in certain areas exploring.  I only heard the one knock.  More was going on that I was aware of.  I am pretty sure they were there watching me.  I will tell you why:
  •  Alarm calls from birds all around me.  Some were close and some were in the distance.
  • One large bird flew away in a hurry down the ravine towards me.
  • 2 knocks.  I heard one and the other was recorded by my audio.  They were 30 minutes apart.
  • The rock clacks were recorded by my audio between the 2 knocks.
  • I have static recorded off and on by my audio.  ???  I am in a forested area.  What caused the static?  This static is only in certain spots.  It is not heard anywhere else I went but at those spots.  
  • I have some type of clicking that may be electrical in nature.  At least it seems to me.  Again only at certain spots.
When I heard the static I am fairly certain what caused it and why.  I have recorded this static in the past at 2 other locations.  The clicking I think is related to the static.  I believe this static is Big Foot related.  Hear me out before dismisses this as my imagination.  I think I was being scanned by them while at the base area of the nesting spot.  I think the static was a full blown scanning because of where I was.  The clicking was when I was walking to the side and away from the nesting area.  I am pretty sure the static was when I was facing or walking towards where the nest is.  I was totally unaware of this going on.  I did not have an inkling until I listened to my recorder.
If you have not heard of this before about Big Foot I will briefly explain to you.
  1. Eye shine reported that are Big Foot related.  This eye shine is seen without a light being shined into the eyes.  When you shine a light into an alligator's eyes the light is reflected back to you from their eyes.  Cat's eyes will do the same thing.  This is what we are familiar with.  How do you explain about Big Foot eye shine when there are no other lights around?  I have seen this personally.  They are able to do this.  How and why is unknown.
  2. People reported about being zapped or sizzled by Big Foot.  The symptoms are similar to electrical shock.  Within the Big Foot community there is a theory that it is done by infra sound.  Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) and I feel that it is electrical in nature just by analyzing the symptoms that people describe.  I have had this directed at me about a year ago.  I have posted this in an earlier posting.  You are welcome to go back and read it.  I popped back behind a large rock when this happened.  
  3. When I was camping with another investigator last July, we had a 9 inch rock thrown at us one evening.  When we went to bed we had at least 2 Big Foot walking around us while we laid there listening.  On my audio recorder and also on Theresa's we had static but only when they were right next to us when they were stalking us.  We don't know how and why we would have static.  Our audio recorders only had this during this stalking time.
  4. My husband and I went camping and I left my audio on while we slept.  On it you could hear something walking around and then I had static off and on for a few minutes.  Again don't know why and how.
After those 2 episodes and learning about the symptoms of electrical shock it made sense about the eye shine with Big Foot.  Somehow they are able to use their eyes in some type of electrical adaptation.  I feel that they are able to scan.  Again the how and why is unknown.
If you are wondering how this is possible you need to go back to what we see in nature.  There are animals who use electricity.  Eels and deep water fish are able to generate electricity for their use.  All of us generate electricity.  It seems some have adapted this to help with their survival.
I know this is a long posting.  I hope I have opened some new possibilities and ideas.
Squatch On!    

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My husband and I met up with another investigator and his wife on Saturday.  Our plan was to find a camping spot that would accommodate many people next month.  This was a tall order.  Luckily we found the perfect spot.  The signs of BigFoot was everywhere.  All who come camping will have an opportunity do some investigating and spend time with like-minded people.  If we have some big, upright, hairy visitors visiting, all the better.

The other investigator had found on President's Day a structure not far from the camping spot.  On the way there he spotted another structure!  We did some investigating and then went to the original spot.  We found some arches and tree breaks close to the structures.  While walking around we knocked once and whooped.  We heard 2 knocks.  One to the east of us and another behind us to the west.  We then went back to our vehicles and talked.  A while later a man with his dog came walking by on the road.  He stopped and talked with us.  His dog greeted us.  Within a few minutes the dog's demeanor changed.  It hid behind my husband and then bolted into the other investigator's vehicle.  The dog refused to come out.  The owner dragged the dog out and put him down.  He bolted under the vehicle!  The owner kept saying that the dog had never done this before and must be tired from walking.  At this point my husband and I looked at each other and said BigFoot must be close by.  At this point I'm looking around.  I didn't see anything but I really did not expect to.  The man finally dragged and then picked up the dog and started to walk away.  He put the dog down a few feet away.  The dog kept very close and behind the man.  The poor dog had his tail between his legs and kept looking left and one time to the right. 

This poor dog was scared and it wasn't us.  He detected the presence of at least 2 BigFoot.  The dog was looking in the direction of where we had heard the knocks.  We were pretty sure one was to the east of us and then at least another one to the left of us.  The four of us knew exactly what spooked the dog. 

Ya Gotta Love It!

Squatch On!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have read many disturbing articles about people bragging that they killed or want to kill a BigFoot in the name of science.  So we would finally have a body.  To decide to do this in the name of research is fundamentally wrong.  Why do you have to kill something to prove it?  Just looking at our past should have us think twice and to be more respectful.  We have many species that are extinct due to this narrow and aggressive approach.  Our American history is filled with the horrible bigoted mindset on how we treated Native Americans as savages and had African people as property.  Ignoring their right as a fellow human being was terrible and down right wrong.  The DNA does show on the mother's side of BigFoot as human and the father's side as some type of great ape.  My mind boggles at the possibilities of this species.  They may be a type of primitive human.  Until we have more information and research done, the idea of killing one is wrong.  We need to err on the side of caution until we know.  Many reports from hunters have said clearly when they were looking at one and pointing a gun at him/her, had decided not to shoot because it looked too human and seemed wrong.

With this weighing heavily on my heart and mind, I asked SIR if we could put something on the website about the human part of BigFoot.  The open, respectful nature of SIR agreed to do this.  They now have a tab called Commonality of Bipedalism.  I am putting it in this post for you.  I encourage you to read this with an open mind and to check out

Commonality of Bipedalism

“I am one of those who think like Nobel,

that humanity will draw more good than evil from new discoveries.”

Marie Curie

For over 400 years people in North America have been talking about an elusive something in our woods and forests.  Consistent descriptions of this elusive being have continued even to modern times.  Behavior, visual descriptions, sounds, smells and prints have been consistently reported.  Our imagination has been captured by the sensational coverage of our media.  Hoaxes have fueled our attention in our society.  The science community has largely ignored this phenomenon due to the sensational aspects of this mystery. 

For many years now a few brave and curious individuals have researched this phenomenon.  With their discoveries they have continued their quest for answers about this mystery.  Why would they continue?  They have found enough evidence to convince them that there is something BIG, HAIRY and WALKING ON 2 LEGS in North America’s woods and forests.  Many individuals have documented their findings.  Many of these researchers have found some shared common characteristics.

We at SIR would like to share with you our stories of their humanity.  It is these stories that have convinced us that the world of humanity is much bigger than we thought.

Robin Roberts Story
In the 1 ½ years of actively going out and researching this amazing being I have had several incidents that have pointed out the human side of Bigfoot. What has truly surprised me was the intelligence of them.  They are human smart and in many cases smarter than most people. There is a reason why they have been so elusive.  Our woods and forest is their domain and we are the visitors when we venture into these areas.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 1One incident that occurred last summer made me think of their intelligence, resourcefulness and humanity.  It made me rethink my perception of them from a creature to a being.

In July, I and another female investigator Theresa Yelek camped at a regular campground.  We placed our tent right against the fence line that separated the campground from the forest.  We had a very interesting Saturday night before falling asleep.  We heard them walking around our campsite and even our neighbors commented on hearing something big and noisy but they didn’t know what it was.

The next morning I walked around the campsite to see if I could see any impressions.
As I was walking around something didn’t seem right. It finally occurred to me that the fire pit didn’t look right.  I had made a fire the night before and when we were done I had poured water onto it to drown out the coals and embers.  That morning when I looked the embers and coal was scattered around inside the fire pit.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 2 I walked around the pit and saw pieces of coal scattered on the outside of the fire pit.  I knew there shouldn’t be any on the outside. We had been very careful with our fire.  I followed a trail of dropped bits and pieces of the coal towards our tent that was by the fence. The coal was not there the day before or on Friday.  I had checked the whole campsite when we had set up.  Neither Theresa or I had removed any embers or coal from the fire pit.
It hit me that they must have taken some of the coal while walking around the night before.

In the past I remembered my grandmother talking about using charcoal for tummy aches. I have no doubt that they were there to gather supplies that would be hard to find in the forest. How resourceful.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 3Figuring out to come into a campground for an almost impossible resource is smart, human smart.  The possibilities of its uses are almost endless. This incident above all else convinced me that this was no ape or animal. It spoke of human reasoning.

We are setting ourselves up to failure when we classify them like we do with bears or other wildlife.

In case you haven’t figured it out when you put a trail cam up, they are watching you do this and will naturally tamper with it or avoid it.

I am truly amazed that people continue to do this and are surprised when they get no results.

We are making it easy for them. I feel the key to success is being respectful and thinking of their humanity.
Robin Roberts

I hope you enjoyed reading this.  It came from my heart.  I feel the key to unlock some of the mystery of BigFoot is their humanity.  Until we do, the mystery will stay where it is and all the efforts will be in vain.  To think like a squatch is to think like a human.  At least for this clueless person I will be using my humanity to reach out to their human side.

So my friends it is Onward and Squatch On!