Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On Tuesday it was a beautiful day here in Colorado. So I took most of the day off to go hiking with my dog Roo at one of my locations. What I am about to say is one of those incidents that I have no photos to back up what I saw today. Not even a print or tree structure. I have hundreds from this location but nothing today.

There is this ravine. It has been calling me now for over 1 1/2 years to go explore. I always stop and look at it when I go past it to explore further down. ... It is not one of those places that you can just go in there and explore. It is a very steep and rugged area. So I have been putting it off. Not any more.
I was looking up the ravine. About halfway up the ravine I noticed a brownish reddish what looked to be a head and shoulders watching me. This was about 75 yards away. I stood there looking at it wondering if it was a tree with maybe a rock behind so the shadows would make this look like one. I saw the head turn to look to its right and then looked back at me. At this point I am thinking this could be one. The shape, color and movement makes it a strong possibility. What should I do? Take a picture and have "ONE" of those that is not conclusive and also have the possibility it will leave when I try to take the picture? I decided not to take one. I stood there watching for about 1-2 minutes. I then decided to walk away and explore another spot and to come back to see if the head and shoulders were still there. If still there when I returned would tell me it was more than likely a tree w/rock with shadows. I came back 30 minutes later to check. As I started to come back I heard clearly a rock clack. When I was almost back to the location I heard another rock clack. I was getting pretty excited. I stood exactly where I stood 30 minutes before and there was NOTHING! I moved a little to my right and left to make sure. Nothing.

All I can tell you was that I saw a brownish red head and shoulders watching me up in a very steep and rugged ravine. How do I know it wasn't a shadow or tree? I did my due diligence. I left the area and went back, stood in the exact spot and checked. It was not there. I am confident of what I saw. I saw a Big One watching me as I explored this morning.