Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have many questions that I have no answers to.  That is why I call myself clueless in BigFooting.  I think any person who is on a voyage of discovery needs to have more questions than answers.  The reason that I feel this way is simple.  Having the mindset of asking questions is a good way to help you continue to find answers.  It is the attitude of how you seek is how you find answers.
One of my main questions I have is:
Why does BigFoot use trees the way they do?
As I journey through this voyage I will be always asking this question as I look at evidence.  I feel that the answer to this question will answer most of the other questions about BigFoot.  I feel that the use of trees and why they do will give a clear picture of how this undocumented North American primate operates and why. 
Such a simple question but complicated implications.  This primate use of trees will be a key factor in my discovery.  Until I can answer some of the question I will continue to be clueless in this endeavor.  
I hope you continue to come with me on this journey.  Maybe together we can answer this simple question. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I welcome anyone to look at my pictures but I do not want anyone including officials and government to use any of my photos without my permission.

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When I was looking at some stick formations that I suspect was made for me the week before, I found this in the middle of the formation. Why?  I looked around for impressions and found none. This was driven in about 4-5 inches into the ground. The ground is hard and rocky. I would have to use a hammer to drive this into the ground.  ?????

This is one of my totally clueless moment. I have no inkling of what this means or why it was done.
I am hoping as I continue my research I will find the answer or at least have an idea of why this was done.

As I have said before, this research usually have more questions than answers.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last weekend my husband and I went in and explored one of the areas we have been interested in.  Finding the nest and the hot weather had pushed that back until now.  FYI-We are now going into the area where we had found back in December/January some breaks and fence posting that I feel is a "Keep Out" sign to all.  We were not sure how to start.  Do we go right into the area directly across from the nest?  Do we start from the cliffs and work our way down?  Or do we start from the bottom and go where the signs tell us?  I felt we had to tread lightly and respectfully.  The nest was close by and we did not want to trigger any aggressive behaviors.  We decided to start from the bottom and to go where the signs lead us.  We walked and whistled the first hour in there.  Casually we just looked for signs of them in the area.  We found impressions, 2 foot prints, tree breaks, a small structure, knocks, I was grunted at and had seen some movements a couple of times.  This area is even more steep and rugged than where we were before.  We had to watch carefully where we stepped or we were going to be at the bottom the hard way. 
The pictures I have posted are some of the breaks we found.  We were in there for 4-5 hours.  I am not sure what to make of this area.  Is this part of their home base?  Is it used daily or a pass through?  We found a spot where you could get up onto the cliffs easily.  We felt this is a well used path by the signs of wildlife we saw there.
What is intriguing about squatching is how you keep asking yourself more questions as you explore.  Sometimes as you explore the answers are answered by asking more questions.  I don't know if this makes sense but that is how this clueless person is trying to make sense of what she is finding.  I hope the mysteries of our world is never quite answered.  The thrill of trying to solve is very addictive.  It leaves you wanting to find out more.  You are never sure what you will find next. 
I hope all who reads my posts will go out and explore like me.  There are many mysteries just waiting.  I invite you to join me in this mystery of Big Foot or to find your own path.  Good luck.