Sunday, May 19, 2013

In earlier posts I had talked about static and clicking that my audio recorder had picked up during 2 separate occasions when I ventured into the area going up to the nest.  I had Tony another SIR investigator listen to it.  He was intrigued and made a copy of the 2 occasions.  I knew he would be interested because he is in the process of making a documentary on the sizzling/zapping phenomena that Big Foot direct towards people.  I have stated in previous posts that some people in the Big Foot community feel it is infra sound but SIR and I feel that it may be more electrical in nature.  The possibility it may be both is another wrinkle in this mystery.  As I think on what I know and experienced it may be both.  If you asked me a few weeks ago I would have said it was electrical and not infra sound but  as a person who tries to look at all the evidence there are clues pointing to both.  I have decided to let the evidence lead me to where the truth lies.

What is very interesting to me is that most of the reports has physical signs of this being manifested in the affected people.  I am included in this when I was zapped over a year ago when I inadvertently came across one while it was watching children playing on rocks.  The 2 incidents with the static and clicking last month was different.  I felt/heard nothing and only found out when I listened to my audio.  That alone tells me that there is more to this puzzle than what most people have been thinking. 

I am wondering if they have a young one now.  This may be why I was being scanned.  When I had ventured into the nesting and surrounding area last summer and fall my audio did not pick up any static or clicking.   In fact this is the first time at this location that I have recorded static and clicking.  With this in mind I will be doing some modifications to how I will be investigating my research area.  I will keep you posted on how this plays out.  My intent is not to put them on high alert or have them scare me out of the area.  I will to be respectful and let them call the shots.  They will let me know when they don't want me there.  I'm hoping some strawberries will sweetened their outlook.

As I have said before this journey is amazing and full of unexpected surprises.


Monday, May 13, 2013

I had the pleasure of camping the weekend before Mother's Day with some other investigators to check on an area in Pike National Forest.  It was a fun and exciting trip.  We weren't sure of what we would find in this spot.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We used a new technique which I will not divulge, that has been successful in 3 other spots.  So we tried it here every night hoping to get similar responses.  BINGO!  Early Saturday morning around 5 am I woke up to hearing their response.  What a great way to start our weekend!

Every night there I heard movements all around us while in the tent.  It is a little discerning knowing something is walking close by and it sounded bipedal.  Waking up to hearing pebbles thrown on the side of the tent over by 2 of the investigators was an experience I have heard twice now.  I think they do this to see if we are awake.  The sound is soft but distinct.  Walking around and opening our containers was clearly heard by me.  Also knocks were heard off and on every night while I was outside and in the tent.  I was tired when I went home Monday afternoon.  You don't really sleep and when you do finally go to sleep it is not for a long stretch and not very deep.

My favorite equipment while camping is my audio recorder.  I simply attach my detachable mic to the outside of the tent and just let it record.  It is amazing what you hear.  Right now I am going through 10+ hours.  So far just some talking and snoring from us, movements and something touching the mic which is 6 feet up.  When I get to what we call the witching hour (3-5 am) I'm hoping to be surprised. 

So my friends it is an ongoing exciting adventure that keeps getting better and better.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

I have been lucky and blessed in many ways in my journey of discovery.  Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) and others have made my journey more enjoyable and fruitful.  I count them part of my extended family.  They have been gracious in reaching out and helping a totally but curious clueless person on her journey of discovery.  Without them I would be still struggling.  Meeting and making friends with others in the Big Foot community makes the journey even better.

I have the privilege of getting to know and investigate with SIR investigator Tony Lombardo.  He is producing a documentary on the sizzle or zapping that people have had happened to them that points to Big Foot.  I have asked him to write something to share on this blog.  I expect when this film comes out it will grab many people's attention.  He is a true researcher.  I count myself lucky to call him a friend. 

My interest in Bigfoot began at a very early age right after "Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot" was released at the local theater. I was too young to see it and was left home. My sisters filled me in on the gory details the next day. The fascination festered, but did not materialize until I began going on expeditions in 2008 with the BFRO. It was not until then that I began to see things from the inside perspective. I'll never forget when we were briefed for the first night operation. Brandon Keil, who was the expedition leader, was talking about Sasquatches, there habits and behavior. That was the first time I heard someone speak of them as an extant species. On that trip one of the guys in another group (we were spit into three) spotted a Sasquatch through a thermal at about 50 yards. It was down in a river bottom and it turned its head and looked his direction. He freaked out and was visibly upset the next day and did not need any more convincing. After this trip, I was hooked and could not wait to go again.

I don't remember exactly when I caught wind of this strange phenomena, but I heard stories of it several time and found it fascinating. The next thing I needed is motivation and I got that from attending one of the local film festivals in California in 2010. Some of the entries that year were poor quality and not very interesting. I convinced myself I could make something that had both those elements and if this subject matter is not interesting, I don't know what is. And so the journey began. I did not have any formal training to produce, edit and direct a documentary, so I had to learn fast and made all my mistakes early -planning is everything. I learn best through trial and error. My first thoughts were that I needed some heavy hitters in the science community to give the film some credibilty - Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Kathy Strain. John Bindernagel is one of the nicest people you could meet. He was not willing to comment on this phenomena because he was not familiar with it. In any event, I got some great material to use from his interview commenting on the discovery of Sasquatch.

Everything in the Bigfoot world goes through Dr. Jeff Meldrum at one point, or another. My first attempts to set up an interview with him failed. I decided that he must have reached the e-mail/phone call saturation point. I finally met up with him at the "Proof of Evidence" seminar in St. George Utah. To my surprise there were very few people attending, so I had full access to him. He was very gracious and agreed to an interview a few weeks later at Idaho State. There is a small section in his book dedicated to the subject of infrasound and Jeff had a few experiences of his own. He spoke candidly about it, but chose his words carefully, as most scientists that sign a talent release form will do. All theory towards infrasound is only conjecture at this point. Jeff is a seasoned pro when it comes to interviews as he has done quite a few. I enjoyed spending the afternoon with him. He is a good person and true professional. I'm glad he is on our side.

Kathy Strain just had a Class A sighting just a week before I interviewed her. She was very humble about it and yet excited it happened. She has a very closed relationship with the local tribes in California and was very familiar with this phenomena. Native Americans do not have a name for it, as far as we know, but in her book there are many passages that reference this same experience reported today. The Native American connection was very important to me for this project. Their culture has a deep understanding and respect for the local flora and fauna that the white man never will. To discount their stories and folklore would be foolish.

When I first called Mike, I must have spent more than an hour on the phone and divulged just about everything about his research. I was drawn to SIR because this phenomena had been occurring on a regular basis and so much so that they coined a name for it "Sizzling." This was also the first time anyone had every suggested it could be electrical. If I was going to get a chance to record this event, this would be it. All other accounts of it were singular and random in nature. He invited me out to visit all his locations the following July and I could not wait. Mike's hospitality and generosity was unmatched and I knew we would become friends. He picked me up at the airport an we spent the entire week in his remote locations. While up in the flat tops, I was sure that I felt the sensation of being sizzled-although it was mild by most accounts. Unfortunately, I was not well versed on the recording equipment I brought and just brushed it aside and just settled for my digital recorder which I kept on the entire trip.

In closing, what I have learned about this energy so far is very little. The symptoms described by witnesses have characteristics of both sound and electricity. I have not yet given experimentation a good college try, but I believe the best is yet to come. We (SIR) have a location where this happens on a regular basis and a golden opportunity to record it.

I hope you enjoyed what Tony has shared as much as I did.  There are many unexplained things that happen in the world of Big Foot.  People like Tony will help solve some of them.

So my friends we will continue our endeavor to unlock some of these mysteries of Big Foot.