Sunday, January 19, 2014

Telling the difference

Today I had gone with a friend to a location that I had previously found Bigfoot signs while out doing some sight seeing with my dog, Manny, 14 months ago.  I had always wanted to go back but with my limited time to squatch and many other Bigfoot obligations it was put on the back burner until today.  I had given this tip to my friend so he had a place to investigate.  I went today with him to see about the possibilities.  The signs were still there.  This will be a good starting place for him to get his feet wet investigating.  My plan is to help and support him at this location.

I came across this snow track of prints that was going down towards the water.  I was excited at first.  It had a 5 foot stride between 3 of the prints.  Then I looked closer but something did not seem right for it to be Bigfoot related.  Usually you are able to follow the tracks for a distance.  This track of prints seemed to change to the left and to the right of the 3 middle tracks.

When I looked closer I discovered that it was a track of deer prints.  In the middle where it was at least 2 feet deep the deer had jumped from one spot to the other.  That was the 3 I had first seen that was 5 feet apart.  

I was a bit disappointed that it was deer tracks but that is the nature of investigating.  A lot of work with little result.  I rather problem solve correctly than pass incorrect data off as Bigfoot related when in reality it is not.  If you are evidence driven as I am then you have to learn to read what the forest tells you.  All living things in the forest leaves signs.  It is up to me to know the difference.

The day was a good solid day.  We were able to find a few signs of their presence.  Just nothing sensational as a snow track of prints.  There was a spot that does show some promise of them using.  We will keep an eye on it and hopefully there will be a track there for us to find and photographed in the next few months.

Onward we go.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

I started this blog to document my experiences while out investigating Bigfoot.  I was completely ignorant about anything Sasquatch.  When I started I was so frustrated at the lack of knowledge and field experience I had.  I wanted help but did not know where to turn or who to contact.  This frustration fueled this blog into fruition.  My hope is that others who are experiencing this frustration will be able to use my blog to help them in their journey of discovery.  I will be honest with you.  I have come a long way in my journey but I will never be an expert.  I feel I will always be clueless because there are always more questions than answers in my quest.  When I figure out one thing then another 10 questions emerge.  That is the nature of this endeavor.  That is why you have to be patient and willing to work hard for little results.

So with my limited amount of knowledge, what can I tell you that will help you the most?  The most important aspect of this endeavor is realizing that you are not in control when you are investigating.  I cannot make them do anything.  Much less show themselves.  That is why they have been so successful in staying hidden.  All I can do is to be in the right place at the right time and cross my fingers.  By studying primate behavior and knowing something about them can help but in the end it is their choice.

I feel there is a reason why people end up doing stuff such as this.  In my next blog I will go over what I take with me while out in the field.  This is important if you are evidence driven like I am.  How do you know the size of prints or the distance or height of found evidence without having the correct tools to help you?

So my friends we will continue this journey together.  Sharing and learning together.