Saturday, September 19, 2015

3rd Visit at Roo's Place

I know I had said I would talk about the unexpected gifting that had started there but I had visited this location before the third camping trip.  I went through my stuff to make sure my accounts at Roo's Place was accurate.  My third visit was actually a day time visit when Roo and I did some hiking and exploring about 45 minutes away.  I had decided to go check the place out and to have my late lunch there.  Also I did do some reading/relaxing before going home.  I am glad I went.  I had found a print there.  Right where we usually pitch our tent. 

I could tell it was not a recent print.  The pictures did not really show the toes clearly but there were toes in that print.  I had found some lighter impressions about 4 feet in a clothesline track line from this print going back into the trees.   My guess was that one came looked around and then walked back into the trees. 

I also did some more exploring around the campsite and found some more structures.  What I found fascinating about the structures was the manner in which they were made.  They were made in layers with many of the logs upside down and made by natural means seemed impossible because of the angles and distance the trees were from each other.  They looked purposely made.  I was not able to find the bottoms to some of them.  Also what I had found here that caught my attention was how the X was situated to the structures.  Almost every one of the big structures at this location had an X above and sideways to them.  Many of these structures had tree breaks incorporated into the structure itself.  Ringing the area were tree breaks.  Many I would call trail markers.  The more I looked the more I found here.  I am wondering if this location has some significance to them.  As far as I can tell they do not seemed to mind us there.

As I looked over my pictures and pondered what has been found and when found, I am wondering if the gifting was started because of my day time visit.  I will be talking about the third camping trip in my next post.  This third camping trip started the gifting.  FYI-This gifting was NOT initiated by me or my husband.  I was so surprised at what I found when I walked up from a very cool structure.  This first gift from them I would have never expected.  I am in a national forest and you don't expect to find stuff like this there.  Getting this type of gift I would expect from the group at my special spot but not at Roo's Place.  The two locations are 1 1/2 hours away from each other.  I am not sure what to think.  I have some guesses but that is all.

So my friends I will be talking about the third camping trip in my next post.  I felt this day time visit warranted its own post.  I still am excited about that camping trip and can't wait to share with you what had happened. 



Monday, September 7, 2015

Second Camping Trip to Roo's Place

After the first camping trip to Roo's Place, it was a natural assumption for us to go back the next weekend.  Correct, we went.  It was one of those trips that if you compare it to the weekend before you would think a disappointing trip.  Not so. 

When you have been out in the field as long as I have and on a consistent basis of almost every weekend then it is NEVER a wasted weekend.  Your presence and consistent basis helps keep a record of any changes to the environment whether by natural means or by our friends.  The more frequent the trips the better record you are able to record of the area.

We had wood knocks off and on Saturday night but nothing like the weekend before.  We did have something approach us while we sat around the camp fire.  Roo did a growl, barky scared short bark that I suspect she does when they are too close for her comfort.  She also will look off into the night at the ravines ringing this location and then freaks out and tries to climb into our laps.  Not typical behavior.  She is usually content to lay in her doggy bed between our camp chairs.

This weekend is what I would call the Signs of Bigfoot.  The signs are what I look for while scouting for a locations that may point to Bigfoot activity.  Well unbeknownst to Jon and I the signs are here at this location!  We found the signs after camping here the first time.  I am not sure if our instincts for looking for Bigfoot kicked in while selecting this site to camp and did not realize it.  I do feel this location was meant to be for us and for our dog Roo.

Oh! The structures found were amazing.  I am still excited about finding them.   My plan is to grid them, make a map with type of structures, and where at this location.  Many of these structures have been found by me and others at other locations hundreds of miles away.  To find similar structures and the amount found at this location hopefully will help me find patterns.  Maybe this will help me figure out the big question of what they are saying.  I have already figured out they are used as communication like we do with our road signs but hopefully I can figure out a little of the meaning.

So this weekend may seem like nothing to you but in my journey of discovery this may become a major point of learning for me.  This elusive, shy and amazing bipedal primate is so intelligent and savvy in many ways.  I really think hiding in plain sight with our perception of them being a myth has helped them to survive in spite of humans.  I will be sharing many things on this blog about Roo's Place but I will not share some of what I may learn that could be used to possibly hurt or put them in danger.  With that being said, I hope you will continue this journey with me at Roo's Place.  Its a wonderful place.

The next post will be about sharing and what I had found there that I did not expect.  So until then my friends...