Sunday, June 24, 2012

As you look at this picture it looks like what you would find while hiking in the forest of Colorado.  If you have been researching and exploring for a bipedal primate in Colorado, there are several points in this picture that would grab your attention.  First is the arch in the front of the picture.  Also you can see the branch wedged between two trees by the boulder in the right side of the picture.  This grabbed my attention because of both and a game trail in the middle of the picture.  So I carefully walked over to the branch laying sideways between the two trees.  At first I thought it was made from the wind.  But I looked at the ends and noticed that the ends were wedged in and weaved into the two trees.  That is not natural.  I looked around the area and found more arches and tree breaks.  It seemed like whatever/whoever did this wanted to make other animals only walk on the game trail.  I have been told that Big Foot does this to the deer.  This makes it easier to catch.  Make sense.  I read where a hunter has made a video on how to make tree breaks and to make use of the brush and trees to steer the deer where you want them to go.  How ironic that man is imitating what is being done naturally by another primate who is much bigger and stronger.  Who can make their tree breaks with just their strength.

I went to a conference about Big Foot at the end of April.  Then I went on a car tour of Picketwire Canyon to look at dinosaur tracks.  I was gone from my research spot for a couple of weeks.  It was nice but I missed my exploring.  In some ways I was glad I did this.  During the month of May I started to have some interactions with the Big Foot family located at my research spot.  I will share some of them in my next blog.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I was so excited about finding the hand prints that I went investigating by myself the next weekend.  I was a little nervous but determined to go.  Since I found the hand prints by the water I decided to go back and recheck that spot. 

It had rained and the area was now under water.  I walked around a few bends where there were still sand.  I spotted a large foot print.  AGAIN it was in an inaccessible place across the stream.  I took off my socks and shoes and rolled up my pants.  In I went and checked the large print.  It was 16 inches.  I measured all the prints beside it and they ranged from 9-12 inches.  I took pictures and decided to follow the sand to another spot and I found a 14 inch print with toes!  I took pictures.  The above picture is the 14 inch  print.  I now have 2 different sized prints.  There are a least 2 bipedal primates here.

I now pack a small towel and water shoes in my backpack.  It keeps getting heavier and heavier.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My neighbor and I was hiking one nice April morning in my research area.  We were enjoying the weather and how nice it was.  This was not a planned outing to look for the evidence of Big Foot.  My neighbor was curious and wanted to see the area.  This is my favorite area and could not say no. 

Yes, I did bring my Big Foot backpack with all my stuff including my camera.  Thank goodness!

I stopped at a few spots along the creek.  I noticed some raccoon tracks and around the bend I spotted what is seen in the picture.  I took out my binoculars and looked across to the other side.  Hand prints!!!

I looked around and there was no easy way for me to get to those prints.  I took off my socks and shoes.  Thank goodness I was wearing capris.  Just rolled them up a little.  Waded across an icy, 3 foot deep stream to look.  I was so excited.

It looked like something/someone was trying to grabbed something off the sand.  The fingers were extra thick, the thumb was located lower than what is expected for a human and the location of the prints was isolated and not easy to get to.  The measurements was in the realm of human size but the dermal ridges that I saw were lines going down with no swirls. 

It is possible that this could be human but the facts also say it is possible that something else made these prints.  Since I saw the prints and I know what human prints look like, I lean towards the possibility it could be Big Foot.


Onward clueless, onward!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

This clueless person wanted to search and discover the mystery of Big Foot.  From what I have read and seen before I started this journey was limited to what the mainstream media doled out.  I wanted to go search for the "giant, upright ape" in our woods and forest.  As I researched I was surprised at some of what I have read or heard.  There are many theories out there about Big Foot.  Right now most of what is read or heard is theories that are not done scientifically.  There is protocol and procedures that should be followed if you want to be taken seriously.  When you do not all the research and findings come under a microscope of doubt.  Right now we have many who are researching but it is not under the established protocols of our science community.  You have many individuals and organized groups doing this.  Now that I have said this many in the world of Big Foot will be angry and upset.  But the fact of the matter is that this is true.  How can you be taken seriously if you don't do your research in a manner that is professional and scientific?

I am not doubting or putting down the efforts of individuals who have success with their research of Big Foot.  What do they have to support their findings if this is done in a manner that will not support what they have discovered?   Talk is cheap.  Hard evidence is needed to back up what a person has found.  There are some who say they don't need the evidence because they know the truth.  The only problem with that is that they will never be taken seriously and there will be doubt. 

My goal in this voyage to learn as much as possible and to use science to back up my findings.  I know that there is an huge upright primate in our woods and forests.  I am determined to prove this so there is no doubt.

My challenge to the Big Foot community is to use what they have learned and to prove it in scientific manner.  This way there is no doubt.  Yes, I know there are circumstances with this amazing primate that has made it difficult.  We need to use what we do know and to come up with a plan that will work.  I never did say this would be easy. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


As you look at this picture, to right of the tree break in the middle of the photo, there is a shadow to the left of a tree.  This is one of those photos that may or may not have something peeking at me while I took this photo.  If you ask for my opinion it is a shadow but some have said this could be a Big Foot.  I went back and retook the picture and the shadow was not there.  This clueless person is totally clueless about this.  This is why I enjoy this adventure.  The mystery and probabilities keeps it interesting.  I have been told that Big Foot keeps to the shadows and will peek around a tree.  This photo is one of my favorites.  Not because there may be a Big Foot in the photo but because of the possibilities of having one right there a few feet from me and I was completely clueless.  You gotta love it!