Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let Me Tell You a Bigfoot Story that Happened in Nebraska...YES! Nebraska

A couple of 17 year old young men went to go do some fishing and camping one night last year.  What happened this night has changed their whole world of what is in the woods.  In fact they haven't been back except for Jake who went a few months ago to tell and show where it happened.  No one believed them until Harriett, my friend, who went to meet and hear his story.

The young men decided to go to a local privately owned park to fish and camp in August of last year.  You have to have a key to get into this park.  There are ponds and camp sites scattered throughout the park.  This park is directly next to the Platte River.   This is in the middle of the state.  Right in the middle of the farming community.  As they approached the pond to fish they saw some eye shine that was green watching them from across the pond.

They could tell it was upright and very BIG.  The upright figure was huge and very dark.  It had glowing green eyes.  This big upright figure picked up a wooden spool that is found throughout this park and threw it into the pond.  The spool was 5 feet across and 3 1/2 feet tall.   It weighed about 200-300 pounds!
It scared the young men so much that they left the park.  This was not their first time there and had been there before.  They did not even stay to camp.

So what do young men do when they get scared by something?  Go back and check out what scared them

So Jake went back to see what had happened the night before was really real.  He went to the other side of the pond where the Bigfoot was seen.  He started to walk up to the edge of where he knew it was seen the night before and sees one standing by the trees in front of the embankment leading to the edge of the pond! 
(I have Harriett standing where he saw it the next day)
Jake has not been back until he went there with Harriett a few months ago.  He had told family and friends but no one believed him.  I have walked this location and I believe him.  This was a tough way to go from 0 to total believer for Jake and his friend.

I think someone forgot to tell Bigfoot that there are no Bigfoot in Nebraska except in a couple of areas.  What I am finding is that there are many more than most think.  I will be talking about the farm in Nebraska that has Bigfoot activity.  In fact I will be making 2 posts on this amazing farm.

Remember: Never to say never in regards to our hairy friends.  They seemed to have no problems living in Nebraska.  They have adapted very well.  The food is good, the water clean and room to wander.  A perfect place for them. 

So my friends: