Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our Third Camping Trip at Roo's Place!

We were late getting to our camping spot on Friday night but I forced Jon to stop so I took this pretty picture of the sunset.  For me it was worth being late even though we had to set up camp in the dark.  Thank goodness for headlamps and being frequent campers. 
As soon as we got out of the car Roo freaked out and tried to bolt.  She kept looking behind us in the ravine area and did her grumble, growl talk that she seems to do when they are around and too close for her comfort when she is outside.  I put her leash on her and kept her close to me and she seemed to settle down.  We set up the tent and then went to bed.  At one point during the night Roo did get up and followed something that was walking around the tent.  She did a small startle bark once also.  I did hear some walking around the tent but that was about all the first night there.
The next morning as I walked around the campsite there are two areas I always check while there at Roo's Place.  One low lying structure that is located fairly close to the tent and a tall structure that is down on the edge of where we are and close to the ravine.  There is something special about both places but that tall structure... 
I haven't figured out why but it seems to be placed there for a unique purpose.  As I was walking back from the structure I glanced down and found 2 marbles!  I was shocked to see them there.  Could they have been left there by a child?  There was no evidence of other people using the campsite.  In fact it looked like it hasn't been used for over a year or longer until we started to use it.  Washed down?  From where would it wash down from and if there was no evidence of use there?  It being washed down did not seem a likely explanation.  The marbles were not imbedded in the ground or even looked like they were there for a long time.  They simply were resting on top of the ground.  Side by side.  They were right where I walk when I walk up from the structure.  I usually go down to the right more and then come up another way.  Over to the left more.  Hmmm...who would know this unless I was being watched?  This is pretty consistent on how I check on the structure.
We decided to go explore about a mile from our campsite.  When we got back Jon cut and stacked our firewood.  Later we saw that there was going to be some thunderstorms coming in and cooked our steak dinner on the campfire before the rain came.  Barely.  I had bought big steaks.  We shared some with Roo and then decided to share some with our friends.  Finding the marbles down by the structure gave me the idea to gift some of our steaks with them there.  We took the steak/bones down to the structure.  We placed Jon's left over steak/bone first.  I took a little bite out of mine to show it was safe and good to eat.  Then we went back to the campsite.
The thunderstorm came.  It rained for quite a while.  Once it stopped the water in the pines kept dropping onto our tent to make it sound like it still rained.  Jon asked me if I wanted to go outside and I said no I would stay in and relax in my chair while Roo laid quietly in her bed.  
It was starting to get dark.  Jon had gone and sat in the jeep to listen to sports while I quietly sat in the tent.  Half of our tent door was zipped closed where I sat.  Roo sat to my right and closer to the opened part of the tent.
All of a sudden I heard something like a large person walk towards the tent from the direction of the low lying structure.  I looked down at Roo and she was looking towards where the steps were coming from.  Roo and I sat there quietly listening to the steps approach the tent on the side where the door is zipped closed and I was sitting behind it in the tent.  I then heard it walk on the tarp we had under our tent but had some of it extending out to act as a rug for the entrance of the tent.  It then walked over towards the opening of the door.  It then knocked something over by a tree by the tent door and took off back towards the trees. 
I stood up and looked outside but saw nothing.  About 2 minutes later Jon got out of the car and came to the tent.  I told him what had happened and that I heard something was knocked down by the tree by the door of the tent.  He looked and said his walking stick was down on the ground and he was sure he had leaned it against the tree trunk.  I left the tent and said I heard it walked on the tarp.  I found a 16 inch impression on the tarp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So from what I can figure out:

Jon had gone to the jeep which was behind the tent.  There was no noise coming from the tent.  So I am thinking a curious Bigfoot decided to try to peek into my tent to see what was in there.  When it got close enough to the middle of the tent, I think it glanced in and saw Roo.  It then knocked over the walking stick as it walked quickly pass the tree to go back into the tree line.


The next morning I got up and check the two structures.  The one that had the steaks on it had something.  The steak that I had taken a small bite out of had a large bite in it but nothing else.

So we packed up and left.

I told you this place gets better and better.  The next time we went I was floored again.  I will save that for the next post.

So my friends:  SQUATCH ON!!!