Thursday, November 28, 2013

We have oral history from Native Americans and also from people in the last 100 years that pointed to an intriguing correlation of BigFoot, women and children.  Some of them benign and some not so benign.  At first when you come across these reports and stories you zero in on the negative and not so much on the ones that are not.  It would be easy to categorize BigFoot as a species who is aggressive towards women and children but when you factor in the other reports that is not the case.  The conclusion I would derive from the stories and reports is that our forest friends show some similarities to humans.  There are some who are naturally aggressive, some that are curious, some who are drawn to humans and some who were put in a situation that requires an aggressive response due to the action of the human.  When you put all these in perspective it shows a species that is complex and intelligent.  This species is not one dimensional but a species that is diverse much like us.
The reason I bring this up is because I had the pleasure to take a group of 28 Elementary-aged children on a field trip to "Look for BigFoot" in October.  Living in the Denver area is a positive for anyone who wants to do a day time investigation.  You can literally be in an area that has several sightings within an hour.  
Before I would take children out looking I had several criteria that must be met:
  • Safety of the children was the number one priority.  If there was any question or a chance of danger there was no trip with the children.
  •  Location of the trip needed to be within 1 hour from Denver.
  • 1-3 sighting reports within 5 miles.
  • Location had to have physical signs of their presence. 
  • Parking for a school bus.
  • Facilities that can accommodate a large group of children such as bathrooms, picnic tables and a covered area in case of inclement weather.
  • Easy walking for the children which is a tall order because our forest friends normally are in rugged areas.
At first it seemed like an impossible task.  It took me months of research and physically inspecting areas that had showed promise.  Finally I was able to find a great location in Jefferson County.  In hindsight I should have started in that area first but I'm glad I didn't because I saw some great locations that I want to go back to investigate on my own more in depth at a later time. 
Children are naturally curious, loud and mobile.  I can see how children would be a draw for BigFoot.  I had in the past was zapped by one that was hiding while watching some children laughing and playing in a creek.  I popped into the spot to look at some tree structures and surprised one.  He/she had zapped me as a defense mechanism and nothing more.  I never saw him/her but I felt them!
The children had a great time.  We had one Sasquatch answer back to our knocks and whoop.  One child found a track of prints.  We looked at a tree break and a large arch and also found a tee pee structure.  Unfortunately we ran out of time.  The children did not want to leave.  I literally had to drag them back onto the bus.
So if you are looking for a secret weapon in looking for BigFoot, you will need to take a large group of loud and curious children.  You and Sasquatch will be entertained. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My husband and I went back to our new winter research spot last weekend.  We were hoping for the great eye shine and maybe hearing them.  This trip resulted in mixed results compared to the first weekend we camped there.  As in any new endeavor you will have your ups and down but if you get results over the long haul then it was worth while.

We hiked over where we saw the eye shine the first weekend.  It was steep and rugged.  I have yet to find a spot where they are located and it is easy to navigate.  I just pace myself and keep going.  We did not really see much in that area.  Our conclusion was that they use it to move around undetected.  We did come across deer and found scat from them and elk.  Some fresh.

We ventured back to the creek area.  My husband came across a 14/15 inch impression.   It looked fairly recent.  We found more tree breaks that seem to be markers coming down from a certain area.  We plan on exploring that next time.

On Saturday night we had some eye shine but nothing compared to the first time.  My impression was that they were more cautious and unsure of us this time.  Our frequent trips will hopefully help with that.

I will be posting soon a wonderful trip I had with 28 elementary children exploring for BigFoot.

So my friends onward we go.