Thursday, May 17, 2018

Report from North Central Colorado

 I am always amazed when I get unexpected reports of possible Bigfoot from the families at my school.  I don't advertise that I take reports and they come when I least expect them and from sources I would have never guessed.

This report comes from North Central Colorado from one of the state parks.  I would like to point out that wild areas that have woods, running water or fresh water and food such as deer may be a good place to look.  I have been in similar spots and have taken reports from the least likely areas because people assumed that Bigfoot will not be close to where people live.  That is not the case.  I am not saying they are in the big cities but more than likely in the outlying suburban areas that have room for them to hide and move around that have some wild areas close by.  I have investigated several areas you would consider urban.  One boy found a 16 inch print!  This was in his neighborhood and only about 5 miles from another report received of a visual a few months before!  So don't think outlying neighborhoods, parks and open spaces are not used by Bigfoot.  Remember they are primates and highly adaptable.  Dumpster diving and food left outside for pets are an easy way to eat with not much effort.  Plus if seen people will discount it as something else.  Which is good for our forest friends to be able to hide in plain sight and being a mythical creature.

A father came in one afternoon and wanted to speak to me privately at my school.  He wanted to ask me questions about something he had found while hiking with his family in North Central Colorado in one of the Colorado State Parks.  When he told me where the location was I knew he wanted to talk about Bigfoot.  That area is well known for Bigfoot activity.

He had seen a set of tracks going up the side of the mountain just up from the trail he was on.  They caught his attention and he hiked up to them.  It was not an easy walk to the prints.  Steep and rugged.  When he got to the prints he was amazed to see that the prints were bare foot with toes.  Only they were much bigger than his foot.  This father is 6 foot 6 inches tall and wears size 14 shoes!  He said when he put his foot next to the print it made his foot look like a child's foot.  He estimated that they were several inches longer and double the width!

I asked him if he saw or heard anything but he said no.  He also said this area is not used by people that much.  He would consider it a remote area and have been there several times before because there are not people there like in other areas of the park.

So now I have another family at my school that believe they are real.  Sometimes seeing something that cannot be explained and should not be there will make you think.  I have stopped trying to convinced people about the existence of Bigfoot.  Instances such as this and other happenings will change a person from a 0 to believer when it happens.  

Its funny how an incident/finding/sighting changes a person perception of Bigfoot.

I have another report I will share with you soon.  Hopefully I will be able to get into the woods to Roo's Place soon.  I am anxious and getting antsy about going camping there.  I have my fingers crossed it will be in the early part of June.  Usually it is quiet there until June.  

SQUATCH ON My friends.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Bigfoot Report from a family in the 1990's by the Air Force Academy

It was quite refreshing to receive this report many years ago.  What is unique about this family was that you don't have to point out the existence of Bigfoot.  In fact this knowledge has been passed to the next generation in this family much like the early settlers.  Who talked about the boogie man or MoMo or another name that these rural families had interactions with for years.  This report came out of an area not too far from the Air Force Academy which has their own stories of the "watcher". 

There is a line of smaller mountains that follow from the north of Denver down to just south of Colorado Springs.  Known as the front range.  Most of this wilderness is part of Pike National Forest.  There are many names that historically could have pointed to Bigfoot there.  Such as Devil's Head or Monkey Creek.  There are many reports coming out of this forest and we still receive some each year. 

Now this family lived right at the edge of Pike National Forest.  In fact there is a ravine and creek right on the property.  They lived on 5 heavily forested acres.  They were so private that there were no window coverings anywhere on the house.  This interaction was ongoing for over 5 years. They had bear, mountain lion and other wildlife visit their home continually while they lived there.  They also had a group of Bigfoot that would visit.  The one main difference between the wildlife and Bigfoot visits was how their dogs reacted.  When they would hear from a distance a whoop, the dogs would cower and hide in the kennel until the next day.  What did these dogs do when mountain lion or bear came by?  They barked at them.  When the family weren't sure what or who was out there they would see what the dogs were doing.  They knew it was Bigfoot when the dogs were whining and hiding in their kennels or were barking like crazy at wildlife they smelled or heard.  Smart dogs.  There were several incidents that stood out and was shared with me.  The first one I would like to talk about was the TV incident.  I still smile when I think of this story.  I think a group of Bigfoot became addicted to TV.  LOL

Remember I said there were no curtains or window coverings at this house?  One time while the family was watching TV, the side of the house right behind them was slapped when they had changed the channel.  The TV was directly across from the window that was very close to where they heard the slap.

Another time the son called dad up to his room to tell him that one was looking in his window.  Dad quickly grabbed a flashlight and flashed it outside the window and saw what he thought was a younger one.  Even though the window was on the second floor the pitch of the roof was right by this window and there was room for one to stand there by the window.  Perfect for a peeping Bigfoot.

The daughter refused to go outside when she was by herself to feed the dogs when it was dark outside.  She said she was too scared and something was watching her.

Sometimes early in the afternoon they would hear a call or whoop from the mountains and knew they would have visitors that evening.  They knew when they got close enough because that was when the dogs would go and hide in their kennels.  In fact the dad would answer them back sometimes.

Now why would a family have these stories and have kept them within the family?  Because they knew no one would believe them.  The reason why I knew about the stories was because the grandson was at my school and in my program.  He shared with me about his family believing in Bigfoot and begged his grandpa to share them with me.  This family is college educated and working in the corporate world.  Not what you would typically think that would have these interactions.

This picture was taken just north of where this family lived.  About 2 miles away. 

That bump in the night you hear outside your window may be trying to watch TV.

SQUATCH ON my friends!