Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last weekend my husband and I went back to the spot with promising signs.  Which we plan to investigate this winter.  We decided to camp there for one night to see if our preliminary investigation was correct.  It was cold.  We slept in our tent that Saturday night with the temperatures in the 20's.  Brrr!

Well, we had a better than expected result there.  I was hoping for tree knocks and maybe one walking around the tent while we were sleeping.  OMG!  This was our first night there.  My mind is swirling with the possibilities of this location.

We had eye shine from at least 3 while we sat around the campfire.  We spotted the eye shine all around our campsite.  For two hours we had them watching us from different locations.  They moved around.  At one point they were close enough that I was able to see the top outline of one of them.  Also I was able to see the eyes of one change colors from white to green to red and then white.  I saw two walk closer to us.  That was exciting but a little unnerving.  We decided it was time to go to bed.

The next morning we went to the locations where we saw the eye shine.  Most were only 100 feet away!  The spot where we saw them walk towards us was 50 feet away!!  I knew they were close but not that close.  This is one of the best eye shine I have ever seen.  It is almost as good as the amazing eye shine I saw in Central Colorado in June. 

I left my audio recorder on the whole night.  I will be listening to it to see if we had visitors walking around the tent while we slept.  At one point during the night I woke up thinking I heard a knock but I am not sure.  I'm hoping the audio will have it.  Who knows?  We may some interesting things on it.

When you do your legwork which is time consuming and not much fun it can pay off.  You have to go where the clues point you to and then hope you are correct.  For a non-existent species that our society says is a figment of imagination, you would think that I wouldn't be able to have the results I have.  Go figure.