Monday, August 27, 2012

We found this right next to the gifting rock.  As you can see there is a marble with the stick diagram.  We did not make this and this is one of the marbles we have left as a gift at one time.  This is not the first stick diagram we have found.   A few weeks earlier another similar one was found.  Both with sticks and a marble in the middle.  We have some theories on what it means but nothing concrete.  I have found some other diagrams with rocks that were left for me in another area.  Again I'm not sure what it means.

I have had some talks with other investigators about these diagrams.  I have an idea what it may mean but again I am not 100% sure.  It may be a map telling us where to look.  When we look in the area we think this is pointing to, we found on a flat rock a directional arrow!  It was made out of rocks and sticks.  This is in a remote and very rugged area.  We had to climb boulders and trees to get to the top of the cliff.

This smart, human smart primate is trying to tell me something but I'm somewhat clueless.

The journey of discovery continues.  This clueless person will continue to endeavor in her search to discover the mysteries of this fascinating North American primate. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I had mentioned in my last post about the Big Foot family may be testing or teasing my husband and I.  The marble in this picture was placed on the gifting rock with some fruit about 2 weeks before I took this picture.  When we went back to check on it a few days after placing the marble/fruit, the fruit was gone and no marble.  We checked the ground and surrounding area for the marble.  Nothing.  Didn't think too much because they have taken the beaded necklace I made for them about a month and half ago.  Still haven't seen that necklace or beads/string.

Since we announce ourselves every time we go in with our voices and whistles, they must watch us the whole time.  I am convinced that this is true because of this marble.  You may be wondering why.  Why would I come up with this conclusion?

On this day that I took this photo, I brought fruit including bananas.  I wanted to see if they would eat the bananas.  Usually we would eat a new fruit at the rock to show how to eat it or that it is OK to eat.  This time I wanted to see if they would figure it out without us showing them.  We decided to go to the other rock to leave the bananas and fruit but first stopped at this gifting rock to see if we see anything new or unusual.  Nothing new or different.  We hiked/climbed up to the other rock by the nest/structure.  We explored that area for about 30 minutes and left the fruit and banana on the rock.  I whooped and knock to let them know we had left them some goodies.  I told them in a loud voice that we hope they like the banana.

As we climbed down we decided to stop at the first gifting rock because I wanted to leave another banana and fruit there too.  We get over there 10 minutes later.  While I was putting the fruit in the bowl, I also put another marble next to the bowl.  My husband asked me about the marble and I wasn't paying too much attention and told him that yes I have put the marble there, thinking he is talking about the one I just placed on the rock next to the fruit.

I took some pictures of what I did and climbed down to the trail next to the rock when I noticed a marble on the ground by the rock.  I asked my husband about the marble and he said he pointed it out to me a few minutes ago.  I told him that the marble I was talking about was on the rock and pointed to it. 

THAT MARBLE WAS NOT THERE 40 MINUTES BEFORE!  We had checked that area carefully.  It was not there before.

I checked my photos from two weeks before and it was the marble we left 2 weeks ago and haven't seen it since.

I am convinced that this family of Big Foot is trying to figure us out.  To see what we notice and what we don't.  I think of it as a scavenger hunt with us as the ones finding while they watch.  To watch us find their nest, foot prints, knuckle prints, tree breaks, boundary markers, whooping and to let them know we know they are there with whoops and knocks has them curious about us.

I'm telling you, "YA GOTTA LOVE IT! 

I'M LOV'N IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My husband and I went every chance we could.  Before the weather became HOT, we would go in the morning or evening or the middle of the day.  We were never sure what we would find.  We always stopped at the gifting rock before venturing around the area.

One Saturday morning we decided to travel up behind the gifting rock.  It was steep and rugged.  Up we went.  We kept winding up at dead end spots where we would have to back track and try another angle.  Eventually we climbed up to the top of the cliffs.  It was nice to rest and look around.  We explored a bit and then had to climb back down.  It was so much easier to go up than down!

As we came down, we noticed a huge flat rock.  There was some tree breaks and fence posting type of breaks around it.  We climbed over them and came to the rock.  It was perfect.  We sat on it for a while and then left some fruit in a bowl for our friends.  I knocked and whooped a few times.  As I walked around this rock I noticed some sticks and branches piled up at the end of the rock.  I didn't think too much because it rained hard a couple of nights ago and figured it was rain debris that got caught up between the rock and trees.

We went around the rock on the other side to follow the game trail.  As we started to walk down I noticed some branches and sticks laying against some big logs coming out of the end of the rock.  I told my husband to stop.  I think that it is a structure right there.  He said that it probably was rain debris.  I said no, this looked to be made by something or someone.  As I took pictures and my husband video taped it, we had chills running down our necks.

This was a massive nest/structure!  The interior was 6ft x 10ft.  One tree was bent down and anchored to another tree.  Logs used for the roof that was anchored by branches and other logs.  Nothing with saw or ax marks.  Broken and peeled material used.  Branched, twigs and sticks woven in to make the walls and roof.  A bunch of sticks and branches then layered on the top.  This is what I saw from the other side of the rock and thought was rain debris!

This structure was so well made with the surrounding material you cannot see it until you are almost on top of it.  It is well hidden.  Guess where?  Next to a stream in a ravine. 

How could a person make this without saws or axes and move the logs around without equipment in a remote and steep area?  This was not made by a person or persons.  Something big, strong and with intelligence.

OMG!  I told you that this family of Big Foot was smart, human smart.  I never know what else I will find. 

Maybe I should tell you in the next blog about them teasing my husband and I.  I think they are curious about us as much as we are about them.

SQUATCH ON!  The adventure continues.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The first part of June was an exciting month.  My husband and I would visit 3-4 times each week.  To see if anything else happened.  We would whistle and announced ourselves as we went in.  Sometimes we would hear knocks, whoops or rustling close by.  We had stick formations and gifts of rocks, feathers or twigs left for us.  I brought all types of fruit including strawberries several times.  I usually announced what I brought.  The third time I brought strawberries.  I left them in the bowl.  I whooped, knocked a few times.  I yelled that they were strawberries.  We heard movement very close to us to our left and behind us.  After the last knock I heard a grunt very close to me.  It seemed like it wanted me to leave so he/she could eat the strawberries.  We quickly left.  Just before we completely vacated the area we heard 3 distinct rapid knocks.

The 3 pictures I have posted are very special and hard to believe.  We had left some apples in a paper bowl with a new beaded necklace around it.  We came back and there was no bowl or fruit.  As you can see in the 1st picture.  I climbed a taller boulder close to the gifting rock because I noticed the necklace was moved and I wanted to see it clearly.  I was amazed!  It was put in the heart shape.  Honest, cross-my-heart, this was the way I found it.  This is the 2nd picture.  As I was taking this picture my husband found the bowl.  It was placed in a space at the base of the gifting rock behind the branches we placed to deter deer.  That is the 3rd picture.  We were flabbergasted! 

I'm telling you this bipedal primate is smart, human smart.  This is not the only time they have floored us with their intelligence. 


Thursday, August 9, 2012

For the next 3 weeks my husband and I went to the research spot 2-4 times each week.  I carried a wooden bat in my research backpack to knock and we brought different types of fruit with us.  What we noticed during this time:

  • Loud whistling was heard as soon as we came into the forest.  I didn't think anything strange other than it was loud and was always following us while we were at the gifting area.  The second week we were there I whistled back and I got an answer!  Then I whistled a little tune.  I did this 3 more times and the same thing happened.  Same happened the next week.  After that we started to whistle the same tune when we go in.  Sometimes we hear the loud whistle or a repeat of our tune.  I have these whistles recorded on my audio recorder that is strapped to my backpack.
  • When we would hear rustling around us, we noticed across from us on the other side of the ravine, some big birds roosting in a big pine would suddenly fly into the air.  The birds never did this when we were under the tree.
  • We would hear wood knocks, possible rock clacking, see movements in the brush and whooping.  One time when we were leaving the area there was 3 distinct knocks.
  • The food is always taken.  No more food found on the ground.  We use a paper bowl to hold the fruit.  This way if bear, deer or other animals eat the fruit, they would knock the bowl off the rock.  The bowl was never found on the ground when we return to investigate.  We were told if it is Big Foot they would leave the bowl on the rock and may leave gifts.
  • Only interested in the food we leave.  Did not take any items I would leave them that I thought they may be interested in.
  • Stick formations found by the gifting rock.
  • New tree arches around the gifting rock area.
  • 2 new tree breaks by the gifting area.
  • Impressions of something BIG laying close to the gifting rock.
  • They love strawberries.  We have had pine twigs, feathers and rocks left to us when we leave strawberries.
This went on through the first week of June.  We would go different times of the day.  This was exciting and we never knew what we would find next.


Monday, August 6, 2012

You have heard the saying about the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?  I decided to use this in my endeavor with the Big Foot family.  What type of food?  I decided to start with simple that would be available here in Colorado and not processed.  Sweet, crisp apples!

I talked my neighbor into going with me.  I quickly made a beaded necklace to give with the apples.  I wore the necklace to my research area.  I had decided to bring 5 apples.  I suspected that there may be 5-6 Big Foot in this research area.  The prints I have found lead me to this conclusion.

Now where do I leave my gifts?  How do I let them know about the gifts?  I had an idea of where but not exactly what spot to leave my gifts.  We walked into the area I was sure they were in but would not intrude.  I had decided to find a big flat boulder to use as my gifting rock.  I would whoop and knock to get their attention after I placed the apples and necklace.  We walked around and in the distance up the ravine was the perfect rock.  We walked/climbed up there.  I knocked on trees and walked around.  In the clearing I played with my necklace.  We heard some movements to the left of the rock and above the rock.  I announced what I was going to do and then made a big deal out of taking my necklace off and putting around the apples.  We took pictures.  I whooped and knocked several times.  The movements were closer but we were not able to see anything.  Then we left.

I came back the next day by myself.  I unknowingly did not put my SD card back into my camera.  I started talking and making a lot of noises to announce my presence.  When I climbed up close enough to see the rock I saw nothing on the rock!  I walked into the area to look around.  The apples and necklace was gone!!  I noticed that 2 of the apples were on the ground next to another boulder that lead to the stream at the edge of the ravine.  It was then I discovered I could not take anymore pictures.  I made the decision to go back home to get my SD card and possibly have my husband come back with me.  It would be getting dark when I came back.  I quickly called my husband and went and picked him up along with my SD card.  I was excited about what I found.

When I returned with my husband I had decided to make a circular search of the area.  I looked at the apples on the ground, looked for the necklace, looked for prints or impressions around the rock.  I had brushed the ground around the rock the day before in hopes of impressions/prints would be left.

This is what I found:

  • Three of the apples were missing.  I never did find any evidence of them.
  • The 2 apples had bite marks on them.  The bite marks looked like large human bite marks.  It looked like something bit into the apples and then spit the apples pieces out.  One apple had only one large bite mark.  Both apples did not have the look of deer or rodent bites.  Bear would have eaten all of the apples.
  • I found 3 very large foot impressions around the rock. 
  • Where did the necklace go?  I never did find it.
  • Some stick formations left by the rock.
When we were looking around we heard movements and some whooping to the left and across the ravine.  We walked behind the boulder where the apple pieces were found.  We saw movement in the trees up the ravine.  Some large birds flew up out of the trees in that area.  I turned on my video camera.  I saw eye shine in the trees looking down at us from across the ravine.  We kept hearing/seeing movements all around us.  I recorded for about 6 minutes and then the eye shine left. 
I whooped and knocked as we left.  It was getting dark and we did not want to be caught in the dark there.

I checked my camera and I have eye shine recorded!  It looked like twinkling LED lights.  They were white.  The eye shine moved back and forth from one side to the other side of the tree. 

This clueless person had something rather remarkable happened and how do you explain it?  There was something/somethings out there.  We saw/heard movements.  Eye shine?  I have never seen anything like it before.  When I explained the eye shine to another researcher who have seen it before it matches exactly to what they have seen.