Thursday, May 31, 2012

My husband and I decided to recheck our areas.  We also went back to the spot of my weird reaction behind the huge boulder.  We checked and took some pictures but nothing unusual.  When we got into the car I talked my husband into exploring a nearby area that may have an abandoned illegal campsite.  We were told that some people had set up a campsite illegally.  Something scared them away.  They left everything.  All the equipment-everything.  Didn't come back to retrieve any of it.  Wow, whatever scared them, it must have been bad.  We think it was  Big Foot related because of reports that I have read that are similar.

So we drove over to the area.  This is the first time we have been there.  We start exploring.  Of course we explored more sideways than forward.  As usual we become separated.  My husband follows the game trails going into the ravines and cliffs.  I follow the game trails that may contain prints or tree breaks.  Didn't see my husband for a couple of hours.

I followed a game trail that was leading into a big ravine with rocks and boulders.  I was looking for prints.  The scrub oak in this area was about 3 feet high and dense.  As I stepped around and by a tiny clearing I saw something black on the ground. At first I thought it was black netting. I picked it up with a twig because I did not want to touch it. It was hair! It was not fur but HAIR! It was shiny and did not look like any type of hair I have seen before. Could it be fake hair? I pulled out my evidence collecting kit. I carefully put it in a paper bag and then in my backpack. I looked around and saw a small watering hole close by.

  • The hair was found away from the main trail.  I was following a game trail.  It was not an area used by people.
  • There was densely packed scrub oak that was 3 feet high.
  • It was clump of tangled hair.  Not fur.
  • Broken twigs and leaves were beside the hair.
  • The color was black.
  • It was very shiny in the sunlight.
  • Didn't look like real human hair
  • When not in the sun it is a flat black color
 I'm thinking a million thoughts about this hair:  Why would a clump of tangled hair be there?  Or if it is fake hair how did it get there?  Big Foot?

The only logical thing I could come up after I surveyed the scene: A hairy something was coming from the watering hole and some hair became tangled in the scrub oak. The winds knocked it off the scrub oak and landed in the small clearing where I found it. 

This clueless person thinks it may be Big Foot hair.

That is not all I found on this day.  I found a rock cairn in a spot where I wasn't expecting to find one. I found it while exploring an area right next to some cliffs and ravines. As usual it was not in a spot where people would normally be in. It is the photo in this post.

According to another investigator this may be a communication tool to me from a bipedal primate.  As clueless as I am, this has me more clueless.  I have some theories and ideas about this.  I will explore this with you another time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I took this picture during the time I had a weird experience.  In the background there was a giant boulder.  As I was walking, I popped into this area.  I wanted to check this spot because I found some tree breaks directly west of this spot and wanted to see if there were more.  As soon as I walked a few steps behind the boulder my heart started to race and I felt all panicky.  I took a few deep breathes.  With the information I had gleaned from the Internet and the sightings I have read, I suspected that there was a Big Foot nearby.  He/she must have been watching some activities in front of the boulder and I startled it.  To right of the photo and where you can't see is where I think it was.  I decided to stay, act clueless and walk around like I was interested in taking pictures.  I was careful not to venture over to the right or try to take pictures in that area.  Then I noticed this tree.  The branch you see was twisted and broken off but still attached to the tree.  This break was about 8 feet high.  During this whole time I was still feeling anxious and my heart was racing.  It never intensified or lessened.  After about 10-15 minutes I decided to try to find my husband and left.

In all my exploring before and since, I have not had this happen again.  I have been back several times to this spot.  Nothing.  My gut tells me I had an encounter with a Big Foot and I don't want to again.  I never saw or heard anything but my instincts were telling something was in there and caused this. 

Whether you believe this or not, it doesn't matter.  I was the one to experienced this and I know what happened.  This clueless person had an experience that can't be explained.

Onward clueless!  The journey continues.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have been searching now for almost 2 months.  I have been lucky with some finds and clueless about some others and then not finding anything.  My expectations far exceed what I have been finding.  I will be honest.  I was expecting to find much more "stuff".  Reading sightings and information on the web had me thinking that the evidence of Big Foot would be relatively easy to spot if you just went to the right spot in the forest.  I had to rethink my expectations.  When you think about almost 1 million acres and only a few hundred to thousand biped primates in that forest.  The chances are very slim.  I now have decided if I am ever lucky and see one I will go out and buy a lottery ticket.

Researching and searching now for many months has made a profound effect on my life that I didn't expect.  It has turned into a passion.  I have to be very careful that this doesn't take over every aspect of my life.  I have family and obligations.  The need to go out is very strong and I think about it all the time.  My weekends are centered around where and when I will go out searching.  Thank goodness my husband is willing to share this with me.  He likes to hike and I like to search.  A beautiful combination.

The one thing that I have in my favor is the folks who give me advice on my search.  The community of Big Foot researchers that I talk with are the best.  They have been willing to point out background noise (just shadow) and other things that happen in nature that is not Big Foot related.  Learning to read the woods through trial and error is going to happen but having experienced researchers who share help minimize the errors.

In the next post I will be sharing an experience I encountered while searching.  It was very unnerving and still has me a bit unsettled when I think about it.  Until then clueless will be searching some more.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Clueless Moment

In another area, I was searching for tree breaks one day.  I was very excited to find a new one.  As I turned away I encountered this.  There was snow all over except under a tee pee-type trees.  No visible prints.  Why would there be no snow under this?  There was snow everywhere else.  Here in Colorado, snow melts facing the south, sun melts it or something warms makes it melt.  This was in dense vegetation.  This is what I figured out so far with this: 

  • Being used by something warm or used enough that snow was never there.
  • The trees looked to be pushed into each other.  Some were in the ground but most were placed there.  Broken off and not cut.
  • Not too big.  At least 4 feet tall.
  • Ground was compacted.  The vegetation was flat and looked like something laid in it.
  • Not by any game trail. 
  • By some tree breaks.
  • Maybe used as a shelter?
I am clueless with this one.  It could be shelter for a undocumented North American bipedal primate.  My guess is that this could be a possibility or not. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is one of my photos I took because I am not sure what to think.  Behind the big tree in the middle is a strand of scrub oak.  On the left is a game trail.  Deer bed down in there.  On the right is a trail used by people.  I have been looking at this strand of trees for about 2 1/2 months.  It looks like branches and twigs have been added and woven into it over time.  It could be from wind damage but the branches and twigs don't match the trees.  There is a hidden spot almost like a room inside of this.  Even in the winter time you can not see inside.  You have to walk back and go through the strand of trees from the back. 

What is it?  Is this an active imagination going wild?

I'll be honest with you.  I have searched all over this area.  There are tons of strands of scrub oak everywhere.  This is the only one that has caught my attention.  I now keep a photo diary on it. 

Is this some place Big Foot uses to rest or hunt or get out of the weather?  I don't know. 

This is one of my clueless moments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Truly has been a Clueless Day-A DAY OF ROOKIE MISTAKES

My husband and I decided to look in another area not too far from the prints.  It has more cover and trees.  All morning we popped into little pockets of trees and followed game trails.  We spent most of the time going sideways and not going forward that much. 

We found some tree breaks and tree structures over by some small ravines.  One area with big boulders caught my eye.  I looked around thinking that if I was a Bigfoot and wanted to go to the water I would travel this way.  I found prints in the snow.  There was still pockets of snow in the shade or facing north. 

I committed my first big rookie mistake.  I'm still kicking myself.  I looked at the prints and assumed that they were bear.  There was toe/claw marks.  There was 2 of them.  They actually were toes and not claw marks.  I estimate that they were about 10 inches long.  I DID NOT TAKE A PICTURE!  I DID NOT MEASURE THEM!  I walked over to a spot not too far and found another similar print.  AGAIN I DID NOT MEASURE OR TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!  I thought that bears would be out at this time. 

This was still winter time and bears were not out yet.  According to rangers, it would be another 2 weeks at least.  The only saving grace about this was my husband.  He took pictures of the prints.  We don't have measurements though.

What did I learn from this?

  • Don't think you know everything.
  • Know the correct facts.
  • Take photos no matter what.
  • Take measurements no matter what.
  • Learn from your mistakes.  Don't make excuses.
 Being clueless has its up and downs.  Now this rookie won't make this mistake again.  I hope I don't make many more careless mistakes such as this one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I was lucky to find the old snow prints when I did.  By the next weekend the snow was gone.  Now that there is no snow where would I find prints?  The ground here is not the best to spot foot prints.  Hard, compacted and lots of debris.  What about tree breaks?  I was shown some old tree breaks and how to look for certain characteristics.  There is so much wind damage to the trees in this area it is hard to figure out what is made by wind or made by a primate.  Remember I'm clueless about big footing.  Searching is not easy.  You have to be very careful that you don't make the mistake of thinking every break or tree damage is done by Big Foot.  At least here it would be a 24/7 job!  I don't think they make random tree breaks.  What is the point of doing that?

I decided to explore where there is water.  The ground would be softer and animals need to drink.  I bought a book on native wildlife of Colorado that showed foot prints.  I liked it because they showed different angles and half prints that the wildlife may make.  The first thing I did was search it for Big Foot prints.  In my opinion this book is incomplete.  Helpful but lacking.  I hope that some day I will be able to see their prints in books such as this one.  I know the day is coming soon.

I found many prints but nothing that remotely looked like a huge barefoot human-type print.  Oh well, that is the nature of searching.  You are not going to find something every time you look.  I think I will be learning patience and endurance in this endeavor.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am planning on exploring my area tomorrow.  It has been raining today and tonight.  I'm hoping to find some new prints by the creek.  I will continue my clueless journey Saturday after my exploring.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My goal with this investigation is to find the evidence of Big Foot.  Not to come into contact with Big Foot.  Just the size and a possible scary reaction have me cautious about coming face to face with one.  Remember I didn't sleep while on an expedition a couple of months before.  I was anxious about one touching my tent while I tried to sleep! 

I have my goal of what I want to do and my backpack packed.  I know the area I want to investigate.  Now what?  Where in my area do I start?  I went back to what I have learned about Big Foot:

Woods/Forest for cover
Like to travel ravines
Fresh water source
Food source such as deer or elk

So I did what I do best, ask questions to rangers and scouted around.  I am ready.  It made sense to look where the food and water sources are.  

Pay Dirt!

Off to the area where the deer are!  My husband and I was looking around a small ravine where a small stream trickled down to the creek.  There was still deep snow in the small ravine.  I was so busy looking at a possible tree break that I almost stepped into it.  My husband pointed out some old foot prints.  We knew they were old because there was snow on top of the tracks.  Four prints going down towards the creek.  The prints were in snow that was over 2 feet deep.  They looked like they were walking on a clothesline.  We measured from heel to the next heel.  144 inches between the first 2 steps and 137 inches between second and third.  No drag marks between prints.  Remember this is in 2 plus feet of snow.  We found deer and coyote tracks all around the prints.  The prints were too big and too far apart to be human plus the stride wasn't human.  Why would someone walk in deep snow and walk in a clothesline manner?  Wow!    

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

February 2012 started my exploration of the unknown in a designated location.  I had gone on an expedition in the fall and had done some preliminary explorations in late fall and early winter at a couple of spots including the designated location.  I am determined to find proof that there are bipedal primates here in Colorado.  I have no hidden agenda with my searching.  I am simply wanting to discover for the joy of it. 

So now I have a place to explore.  What next?  What do I look for?  How will I know what I find is Bigfoot related?  Who will come with me?  What do I take with me?  How do I collect samples without contamination?  Thank goodness for some websites and a local investigator that was willing to share their knowledge.  Just ask questions.  That is what I do and I'm still asking.

I decided that being prepared is as important as finding evidence.  So I packed my backpack carefully.  I have an evidence collecting kit that holds bags, gloves, tweezers, measuring tape, magnify glasses and plaster.  I also have an emergency kit with essentials including a first-aid kit.  I have my journal w/pen, pocket knifes, maps, GPS, binoculars, compass, audio recorder and a digital camcorder that takes pictures and video.  I carry a water bladder and extra water in my pack.  Some stuff I carry in my pockets for easy reach.  My pack is a little heavy but I feel it is worth it. 

I think the first cardinal rule that many researchers commit is the lack of data when they encounter what they suspect is evidence.  Taking pictures, measuring and logging what you find in a journal is a must.  The time you spend doing this makes what you find credible and will help prove your find.  Talk is cheap.  You need to back it up.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

What do I do now?  I went back and analyzed what I do know.  This helped to point me to an area to investigate.  What criteria did I use?
  • A place to hide such as woods or forest
  • Water source
  • Food source that is available
  • Any reports of sightings in a certain location
Pike National Forest has almost 1 million acres of wilderness.  There are many areas that would fit this criteria.  I felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack.  A 7-8 foot tall needle. 

A couple of friends and I scouted a state park next to Pike National Forest.  This is where the picture of deer came from.  What was amazing about this, the deer were not afraid of me.  I was less than 30 feet from him.  I wonder if this changes when it gets close to dusk?  The park closes at 5:00.  No people to see anything.  Umm...this may be a clue to look closer to home?

Then luck happened to me.  I was driving a couple of days after Christmas.  There was about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground.  I spotted some foot prints that could be Big Foot.  I contacted someone locally who investigates reports.  We met and he pointed me to the spot I now investigate.  I have found some signs that there may be a family of Big Foot at this location for the last 5 months.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Did you know that Big Foot has been sighted in every state but Hawaii?  That was a big surprise for me.  Another surprise for me was the number of police officers, firemen, biologists, park rangers, scientists and hunters that have made a report of their incident.

That makes you wonder about the possibilities.  The big one I wonder about is how often people actually have had some type of interaction with Big Foot.  Another one I wonder about is that there may be something BIG, hairy, upright and fast running around in our woods and forests.  This is not some far away place but close to where we live.  In fact I live not too far away from several sightings.  My imagination goes wild when I think about it.

As I started to learn more I became more determined to find out more.  There is so much information.  There are over 100 sightings in my state alone.  As I read the sightings from 2-3 websites, a pattern of similarities became apparent to me.  They were curious about women and children.  They eat meat.  They like to throw rocks and make bone-chilling sounds.   

I went on my first expedition last fall.  I flew to another state for the expedition.  I was excited and nervous.  The whole time there I was so worried about Big Foot touching my tent at night that I slept very little.  Big Foot must have pitied me because he visited 2 other campsites but left me alone.  To my relief.

Armed with the knowledge from the expedition and what I have learned on the web, I felt ready to venture into the wilds looking for the elusive primates.  I thought it would be easy to find a spot and I would find them.  WRONG!  All I did was try to get my friend and I killed.  We went down a "road" but it really was a foot path disguised as a road.  We almost went over into the ravine twice and had a flat tire from smacking a boulder that had the nerve to be on the "road"!  How we made it back to civilization alive with only a flat tire is beyond me.  The good Lord was looking out for us.  Praise God!

This little incident made me regroup and redo my strategy.  Being prepared and knowing where you are going is part of my researching now.  Next time I post I will tell you how I have been lucky in where I am researching now.  I have found tree breaks, possible hand prints, footprints and hair in my location that I am now investigating.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Beginning of My Adventure


This is my journey into finding out if the mystery of Bigfoot is real or imaginary.  I happened to have my fascination about Big Foot rekindled when I watched a show on T.V. a little over a year ago.  Little did I know where this fascination would take me.  It truly has been a clueless journey into the mystery in many ways.