Monday, April 29, 2013

Saturday was a busy day for my husband and I.  As early as possible we went to the research area.  I wanted to go back into where I was the week before.  In my last post I had talked about the static and clicking I heard on my audio.  How I may have been scanned by my forest friends.  As a person who truly wants only honest and accurate data and evidence in my endeavor, I went back and did the same thing again.  To my surprise I had the static and clicking.  It was suggested by another researcher to have another audio going to see what happens.  So in a few weeks I will be doing this.  I am anxious to see the results.  I am also curious to see if this will happen when I venture to the nesting spot.  I'll keep you in the loop when I do.
After leaving the research spot, we traveled to a state park.  I was curious to see if I will find some evidence of Big Foot activity there.  So far I have been to 10 state parks and 5 have signs of Big Foot activity.  Now I can add another state park to having signs of Big Foot.  At this park because of the geography and location I feel that they only use or travel through the park.  It was a nice spring day and a great way to spend an afternoon here in Colorado.
Since Saturday, I have been researching other state parks to determine the possibility of Big Foot.  There is one that is more to the east in Colorado and not close to the mountains.  I am curious to see if they are using this park.  If so I'm not surprised.  So far in this journey anything is on the table for possibilities with Big Foot.  Their intellect and resourcefulness has been a wonder to discover. 
So my friends, the journey continues.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The weather here in Colorado has been crazy.  Our winter was in March and April.  I am ready for the snow to move on.  The cold and snowy conditions here in Colorado had slowed down my research.  Finally today was perfect to go out.

I decided to venture into the lower areas of my research spot but not too close to the nest.  As I'm walking around the area I noticed 2 new X's and a few new tree breaks.  The X's like the one pictured here which usually means to stay out.  Both X's are located where you would start to go up to the nest.  The tree breaks I am not worried about but I do worry about the X's.

So I'm wondering if the X's are directed towards me.  They know that I am aware of the nest and the surrounding area.  In the past I have been able to wander around without them having issues.  Today I only wandered around at the base of the area.  Just below where I had the 3 glimpses of them last year.  I heard a very loud wood knock while in there.  The birds were doing alarm calls off and on the whole time I was there.  I'm pretty sure the calls were not directed towards me.

When I came home I listened to my audio.  I knew there was a knock at about an hour into my investigation.  After listening to my audio I was amazed.  I had 2 knocks recorded, rock clacks and had static and some type of clicking that were recorded while I was in certain areas exploring.  I only heard the one knock.  More was going on that I was aware of.  I am pretty sure they were there watching me.  I will tell you why:
  •  Alarm calls from birds all around me.  Some were close and some were in the distance.
  • One large bird flew away in a hurry down the ravine towards me.
  • 2 knocks.  I heard one and the other was recorded by my audio.  They were 30 minutes apart.
  • The rock clacks were recorded by my audio between the 2 knocks.
  • I have static recorded off and on by my audio.  ???  I am in a forested area.  What caused the static?  This static is only in certain spots.  It is not heard anywhere else I went but at those spots.  
  • I have some type of clicking that may be electrical in nature.  At least it seems to me.  Again only at certain spots.
When I heard the static I am fairly certain what caused it and why.  I have recorded this static in the past at 2 other locations.  The clicking I think is related to the static.  I believe this static is Big Foot related.  Hear me out before dismisses this as my imagination.  I think I was being scanned by them while at the base area of the nesting spot.  I think the static was a full blown scanning because of where I was.  The clicking was when I was walking to the side and away from the nesting area.  I am pretty sure the static was when I was facing or walking towards where the nest is.  I was totally unaware of this going on.  I did not have an inkling until I listened to my recorder.
If you have not heard of this before about Big Foot I will briefly explain to you.
  1. Eye shine reported that are Big Foot related.  This eye shine is seen without a light being shined into the eyes.  When you shine a light into an alligator's eyes the light is reflected back to you from their eyes.  Cat's eyes will do the same thing.  This is what we are familiar with.  How do you explain about Big Foot eye shine when there are no other lights around?  I have seen this personally.  They are able to do this.  How and why is unknown.
  2. People reported about being zapped or sizzled by Big Foot.  The symptoms are similar to electrical shock.  Within the Big Foot community there is a theory that it is done by infra sound.  Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) and I feel that it is electrical in nature just by analyzing the symptoms that people describe.  I have had this directed at me about a year ago.  I have posted this in an earlier posting.  You are welcome to go back and read it.  I popped back behind a large rock when this happened.  
  3. When I was camping with another investigator last July, we had a 9 inch rock thrown at us one evening.  When we went to bed we had at least 2 Big Foot walking around us while we laid there listening.  On my audio recorder and also on Theresa's we had static but only when they were right next to us when they were stalking us.  We don't know how and why we would have static.  Our audio recorders only had this during this stalking time.
  4. My husband and I went camping and I left my audio on while we slept.  On it you could hear something walking around and then I had static off and on for a few minutes.  Again don't know why and how.
After those 2 episodes and learning about the symptoms of electrical shock it made sense about the eye shine with Big Foot.  Somehow they are able to use their eyes in some type of electrical adaptation.  I feel that they are able to scan.  Again the how and why is unknown.
If you are wondering how this is possible you need to go back to what we see in nature.  There are animals who use electricity.  Eels and deep water fish are able to generate electricity for their use.  All of us generate electricity.  It seems some have adapted this to help with their survival.
I know this is a long posting.  I hope I have opened some new possibilities and ideas.
Squatch On!    

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My husband and I met up with another investigator and his wife on Saturday.  Our plan was to find a camping spot that would accommodate many people next month.  This was a tall order.  Luckily we found the perfect spot.  The signs of BigFoot was everywhere.  All who come camping will have an opportunity do some investigating and spend time with like-minded people.  If we have some big, upright, hairy visitors visiting, all the better.

The other investigator had found on President's Day a structure not far from the camping spot.  On the way there he spotted another structure!  We did some investigating and then went to the original spot.  We found some arches and tree breaks close to the structures.  While walking around we knocked once and whooped.  We heard 2 knocks.  One to the east of us and another behind us to the west.  We then went back to our vehicles and talked.  A while later a man with his dog came walking by on the road.  He stopped and talked with us.  His dog greeted us.  Within a few minutes the dog's demeanor changed.  It hid behind my husband and then bolted into the other investigator's vehicle.  The dog refused to come out.  The owner dragged the dog out and put him down.  He bolted under the vehicle!  The owner kept saying that the dog had never done this before and must be tired from walking.  At this point my husband and I looked at each other and said BigFoot must be close by.  At this point I'm looking around.  I didn't see anything but I really did not expect to.  The man finally dragged and then picked up the dog and started to walk away.  He put the dog down a few feet away.  The dog kept very close and behind the man.  The poor dog had his tail between his legs and kept looking left and one time to the right. 

This poor dog was scared and it wasn't us.  He detected the presence of at least 2 BigFoot.  The dog was looking in the direction of where we had heard the knocks.  We were pretty sure one was to the east of us and then at least another one to the left of us.  The four of us knew exactly what spooked the dog. 

Ya Gotta Love It!

Squatch On!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have read many disturbing articles about people bragging that they killed or want to kill a BigFoot in the name of science.  So we would finally have a body.  To decide to do this in the name of research is fundamentally wrong.  Why do you have to kill something to prove it?  Just looking at our past should have us think twice and to be more respectful.  We have many species that are extinct due to this narrow and aggressive approach.  Our American history is filled with the horrible bigoted mindset on how we treated Native Americans as savages and had African people as property.  Ignoring their right as a fellow human being was terrible and down right wrong.  The DNA does show on the mother's side of BigFoot as human and the father's side as some type of great ape.  My mind boggles at the possibilities of this species.  They may be a type of primitive human.  Until we have more information and research done, the idea of killing one is wrong.  We need to err on the side of caution until we know.  Many reports from hunters have said clearly when they were looking at one and pointing a gun at him/her, had decided not to shoot because it looked too human and seemed wrong.

With this weighing heavily on my heart and mind, I asked SIR if we could put something on the website about the human part of BigFoot.  The open, respectful nature of SIR agreed to do this.  They now have a tab called Commonality of Bipedalism.  I am putting it in this post for you.  I encourage you to read this with an open mind and to check out

Commonality of Bipedalism

“I am one of those who think like Nobel,

that humanity will draw more good than evil from new discoveries.”

Marie Curie

For over 400 years people in North America have been talking about an elusive something in our woods and forests.  Consistent descriptions of this elusive being have continued even to modern times.  Behavior, visual descriptions, sounds, smells and prints have been consistently reported.  Our imagination has been captured by the sensational coverage of our media.  Hoaxes have fueled our attention in our society.  The science community has largely ignored this phenomenon due to the sensational aspects of this mystery. 

For many years now a few brave and curious individuals have researched this phenomenon.  With their discoveries they have continued their quest for answers about this mystery.  Why would they continue?  They have found enough evidence to convince them that there is something BIG, HAIRY and WALKING ON 2 LEGS in North America’s woods and forests.  Many individuals have documented their findings.  Many of these researchers have found some shared common characteristics.

We at SIR would like to share with you our stories of their humanity.  It is these stories that have convinced us that the world of humanity is much bigger than we thought.

Robin Roberts Story
In the 1 ½ years of actively going out and researching this amazing being I have had several incidents that have pointed out the human side of Bigfoot. What has truly surprised me was the intelligence of them.  They are human smart and in many cases smarter than most people. There is a reason why they have been so elusive.  Our woods and forest is their domain and we are the visitors when we venture into these areas.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 1One incident that occurred last summer made me think of their intelligence, resourcefulness and humanity.  It made me rethink my perception of them from a creature to a being.

In July, I and another female investigator Theresa Yelek camped at a regular campground.  We placed our tent right against the fence line that separated the campground from the forest.  We had a very interesting Saturday night before falling asleep.  We heard them walking around our campsite and even our neighbors commented on hearing something big and noisy but they didn’t know what it was.

The next morning I walked around the campsite to see if I could see any impressions.
As I was walking around something didn’t seem right. It finally occurred to me that the fire pit didn’t look right.  I had made a fire the night before and when we were done I had poured water onto it to drown out the coals and embers.  That morning when I looked the embers and coal was scattered around inside the fire pit.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 2 I walked around the pit and saw pieces of coal scattered on the outside of the fire pit.  I knew there shouldn’t be any on the outside. We had been very careful with our fire.  I followed a trail of dropped bits and pieces of the coal towards our tent that was by the fence. The coal was not there the day before or on Friday.  I had checked the whole campsite when we had set up.  Neither Theresa or I had removed any embers or coal from the fire pit.
It hit me that they must have taken some of the coal while walking around the night before.

In the past I remembered my grandmother talking about using charcoal for tummy aches. I have no doubt that they were there to gather supplies that would be hard to find in the forest. How resourceful.
Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 3Figuring out to come into a campground for an almost impossible resource is smart, human smart.  The possibilities of its uses are almost endless. This incident above all else convinced me that this was no ape or animal. It spoke of human reasoning.

We are setting ourselves up to failure when we classify them like we do with bears or other wildlife.

In case you haven’t figured it out when you put a trail cam up, they are watching you do this and will naturally tamper with it or avoid it.

I am truly amazed that people continue to do this and are surprised when they get no results.

We are making it easy for them. I feel the key to success is being respectful and thinking of their humanity.
Robin Roberts

I hope you enjoyed reading this.  It came from my heart.  I feel the key to unlock some of the mystery of BigFoot is their humanity.  Until we do, the mystery will stay where it is and all the efforts will be in vain.  To think like a squatch is to think like a human.  At least for this clueless person I will be using my humanity to reach out to their human side.

So my friends it is Onward and Squatch On!