Sunday, February 15, 2015

Urban Bigfoot in Colorado?

Today I decided to do some urban squatching at a location I found a little over a year ago. Previously I had found some structures and prints that indicated a group was using this urban area to move through from Pike National Forest to go more east where there are an explosion of deer and elk. This morning I found 3 separate small 9-10 inch prints in mud with toes. They were found in the same location as the other prints I had found over a year ago. One set was very narrow but with toes and a flat foot. This set was standing still. The other two were found to the left and right of the narrow set of prints. Normally when I find narrow prints with toes in the human size range I don't think Bigfoot but due to the time of year and the closeness of the other prints it may indicate Bigfoot. The print with the wide toes had someone walk on it to the right of it. You can see the shoe marks to the right and middle of the print.
Our forest friends will move through some outlying urban areas to go where needed.  As long as there are cover to move undetected  and an alternate escape route. 
I had talked with someone who lives close by to this location and they told me that someone had seen large dark shapes moving through this location and wondered if it was ghosts.
I will continue to monitor this area to see if there are any changes.  My hope is to find more prints that will indicate where they come in and exit. 
So for now my friends it is onward I go.