Monday, June 22, 2015

This past weekend Jon and I took our dog Roo camping to see how she does. We were not purposely trying to go out investigating but had picked an area that was known for Bigfoot activity. We found signs of them close to our campsite. As we sat around the campfire Saturday night, Roo freaked out a couple of times, was anxious, tried to climb into my lap several times and was watching continuously a few spots around our campsite. Twice she did a little bark at something close. Then at 10:00 pm we started to hear rhythmic tree knocking. About 1/2 way through I turned on my camera and recorded until it quit. When I turned on the camera there was a lull in the knocking so I asked Jon to knock back. You can hear the knocking started up again and then Jon knocked. Jon did some more and his owl call in this video. You can plainly hear the knocks that were across the ravine from us. 


Squatch On!  My friends.  Squatch ON!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I drove 12 hours from Colorado to go camping in Missouri.  I was almost to my destination when I had to run into a Walmart because of severe weather.  It rained all night the first night and had to sleep in the car because we were unable to set our tents up.  Spend one day investigating and then get up early on Sunday to drive 12 hours back to Colorado.  All by myself.

It was worth it!  I am in love with Missouri.  I am so glad I did this. 

I had made arrangements to go camping with another Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Investigator at his location.  I was there for one brief morning last October and I wanted to go back.  I was so impressed with the location and all that Shane has done there.  This spot continues to be impressive.

Shane and I arrived in the dark and steady rain on Friday night.  We had decided to sleep in our cars because of the rain.  In spite of the rain we decided to explore the area.  Within 10 minutes we had found a track way of 19 inch prints going down into a stream.  We also found where this Biggie had followed the tree line and then went into the trees.  Over by the stream we had found several prints that were 9 1/2 inches.  We then walked down to where we were going to camp.  We even had a game trail going to the stream from the campsite.  It was a great location that Shane had found for us.

The next morning we got up and then went exploring.  We had found several more prints and Shane noticed some new structures that were not there 2 weeks ago.  We then decided to go to the campsite.  Back behind our campsite right by the game trail was a 14 inch print with toes.  You could also see where this one had walked through the tall grass.  We decided to cast it but had to wait for another friend Matt to get there.  He had postponed his arrival until Saturday because of the rain.  Shane did a great job of casting the print.  It was a beauty. 

Yes, it was a great weekend.  You tend to forget the long drive and weather when you get into your tunnel vision of investigating and finding some cool stuff.  Plus the company was great.  You couldn't ask for more.

Thank you Shane Carpenter for a great weekend in Missouri.  I enjoyed meeting Matt Marston and look forward to camping with him again. 

Colorado is just waiting for the two to come and meet some Sasquatches in my mountains.

SQUATCH ON!  My friends!!!