Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Unexpected Results at New Location called Moonshine

Have you ever had an unexpected result 
when you were not expecting it?

In the middle of June this had happened when I was asked to go camping with a friend and his daughters at a location near where one of his daughters had a sighting.  We had explored in that location last fall and wanted to camp there.  This was our first chance to do so.  Any time someone asks me to go camping and do some Bigfoot exploring, I'm in.  LOL  So Jon, Roo and I joined Bryan and his two daughters.

It was love at first sight with Roo and the girls.  I think Roo would have brought them home with us if she could.  This weekend was a few first for the girls in regards to experiencing Bigfoot stuff.  They had an interest in Bigfoot because of their father Bryan.  They were eager to learn and had some good questions.  My kind of people.  Plus they knew how to play Phase 10. 

Friday night not much happened except for someone or something opening one of the plastic tubs.  Then walked around the tents and the campsite.  We had no damage and nothing was missing.  Also we were under a fire ban.  So we did not have a campfire.  That was OK.  We still talked Squatch and about other things.

Saturday we did some exploring and then played some Phase 10.  It was the nighttime that was very interesting.  In this next picture look closely.  I thought our campsite was on a ridge and it went down to a ravine behind the campsite.  It does but it had something else I did not realized until later.  It made me realize how much our hairy forest friends use the environment to their advantage and we humans are very clueless.  LOL

Do you see the ridge?  It is close and almost the same height as our campsite.   
It is about 40 yards away.  Remember that.

 The moon was very pretty that night.  It was a very bright crescent shaped moon.  As we walked around on the forest road in the dark, I was trying to use my different settings to take photos in the dark.  I have not had much success but I liked to try.  One of the settings uses a flash before going off and it is a setting for taking pictures in the dark.  I tried to take a picture of my tent showing the glow of the small light I had turned on.  I wasn't able to take any good photos.  When we walked back to the campsite I told everyone how the moon looked cool and wanted to try to take a picture of it.  It was positioned at the back of the campsite to the left and 3/4 of the way up in the above picture.  

I took a couple of pictures but they were blurry so I decided to try to take a picture of the moon with the dark setting that had a flash.  Mind you, all I was thinking of was trying to take a picture of the moon.  I did not think about if there were any Bigfoots watching us from that direction.  Earlier we had seen some white eye shine back across the forest road and behind the cars.  Not in this direction. 

So I took a picture and was upset I did not have a picture of the moon!  So I took another one.  When I looked at what I took, I thought I got something that may have been eye shine!  So I took some more.  Then there was nothing in my last picture.  I was thinking we had one possibly 2 in the trees watching us.  I was pretty excited.  Then suddenly we had some red eye shine right in front of me.  Then it flared up and I saw both eyes.  One of the girls and I think Bryan were able to see the eye shine before it went away.   I personally think it was letting me know it was not happy with the flashes from my camera.  I told them I was sorry and will not do that again with my camera.  That red eye shine is in my top 5 of the best eye shine ever.  Again I was thinking they were in the trees.  

We were pretty excited because both girls were able to see eye shine that night and one of them saw the red eye shine too.  They were perplexed because what would have made this eye shine?  We went through all of the possibilities and there was none.  I knew because I have seen it many times and does have a distinctive look to it.  Much like LED lights but twinkles and can flare up when you talk to it or go closer.  It is even more distinctive when you see it blink.  The girls were excited because they have now seen eye shine.  We were all excited about what we saw and I may have caught the eye shine on camera.  I would have to wait until I get home to check my photos on my computer.

We had a young small bear come into our campsite Sunday morning.  That was a first for me.  Bryan was able to scare it off.  It was behind my car.

It was Sunday morning when I realized that Bigfoot were not in the trees watching us with their eye shine!  There was a ridge about 40 yards away and a perfect spot to watch us or any campers there.  So we talked about coming back and named the location Moonshine.  Because I was trying to take pictures of the moon and got Bigfoot eye shine instead.  LOL  

This will be the only time with me trying to get pictures like that.  I am not into trying to capture a photo of them or tricking them to get one.  The main reason is that I know they are real and my journey is to learn more about them.  Not to prove or make a circus out of them.  I want experiences with them and if lucky to build a positive relationship with them.  Unfortunately with me taking those pictures I have put myself at a disadvantage with them.  It will be my intent to NOT carry my camera around at night and to keep it in my pocket at the campsite.  I will take pictures of the beauty of Colorado and my beloved Roo or any physical evidence such as prints or structures.  I will have to make amends and hopefully I can do this correctly in their eyes.  I truly believe they are a wild human with human intelligence.  So I will have to appeal to their curiosity and their primate/hominid characteristics.  Make them realize that I am not a threat to their family.

If you want to see the pictures of the red eye shine they are not on the blog.  I did get 3 photos of red eye shine but I am choosing to keep them in my collection of evidence.  Why am I doing this?  Partly to show my intent of what I am about in my journey of discovery.  It is my personal journey and I am not doing this to prove anything.  Even if I had managed to get a photo of one, I would not share it.  I feel if I do share it then my intent and the direction of my journey will be not be what my heart says and what I want to accomplish.  My actions and the choices I make does color my intent.  How can I go back and try to establish a positive relationship with that group if I am secretly publishing the photos when they have no say over them?  I would not like that myself, so that is why I am choosing to keep the photos and not to publish them.

In my next post, I will be telling you about my next camping trip at Roo's Place.  On this camping trip, Jon did not go and only Roo and I was in my tent.  I think the group there had decided to take our relationship to the next level.  I am not sure I am ready.  Until the next post...


Sunday, July 8, 2018

First Camping Trip to Roo's Place the Weekend of June 8

Three of my friends from Nebraska came to spend the weekend with me at Roo's Place.  They had such a fun time that they were wanting to come back.  I am glad they did.  I did warn them that usually the first camping weekend there are typically quiet.  It ended up being a good weekend not as busy with Bigfoot activity we sometimes get there but we had some action.

This was Cassie's first trip to Roo's Place so we showed her some of the structures that are very close.

We also found a print.

We had some knocks and eye shine each night.  We found a quartz bed not too far from Roo's Place.  Cassie loved the quartz!  In fact the last night they were there I wasn't with them.  I had to go home because I had to go to work on Monday.  It was hard to leave them there.  I have never had others stay without me there.  They were a little nervous but all was good.  When they got up in the morning there was some quartz left for Cassie!  I guess the group there thought she needed more and had gifted her with some.

She wasn't the only one that was given a gift...

As I came up from the structure where most of the marble stuff has happened, there was a feather right on the pathway.  It was not there 30 minutes before when I went down to the structure and I went the exact way.  This is the first for me to receive a feather from the group there at Roo's Place!  I have received feathers over the years from the group at my special spot.  But that is another location and another group.

So for the first 2018 camping weekend at Roo's Place had turned out to be more active than I had anticipated.  I even warned my friends not to expect much.  LOL  

So my friends 


My next camping trip was about 10 miles from Roo's Place where a friend's daughter had a sighting when she was about 11 years old.  This place has the potential to be as active as Roo's Place.  I can't wait to share that weekend with you.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Report from North Central Colorado

 I am always amazed when I get unexpected reports of possible Bigfoot from the families at my school.  I don't advertise that I take reports and they come when I least expect them and from sources I would have never guessed.

This report comes from North Central Colorado from one of the state parks.  I would like to point out that wild areas that have woods, running water or fresh water and food such as deer may be a good place to look.  I have been in similar spots and have taken reports from the least likely areas because people assumed that Bigfoot will not be close to where people live.  That is not the case.  I am not saying they are in the big cities but more than likely in the outlying suburban areas that have room for them to hide and move around that have some wild areas close by.  I have investigated several areas you would consider urban.  One boy found a 16 inch print!  This was in his neighborhood and only about 5 miles from another report received of a visual a few months before!  So don't think outlying neighborhoods, parks and open spaces are not used by Bigfoot.  Remember they are primates and highly adaptable.  Dumpster diving and food left outside for pets are an easy way to eat with not much effort.  Plus if seen people will discount it as something else.  Which is good for our forest friends to be able to hide in plain sight and being a mythical creature.

A father came in one afternoon and wanted to speak to me privately at my school.  He wanted to ask me questions about something he had found while hiking with his family in North Central Colorado in one of the Colorado State Parks.  When he told me where the location was I knew he wanted to talk about Bigfoot.  That area is well known for Bigfoot activity.

He had seen a set of tracks going up the side of the mountain just up from the trail he was on.  They caught his attention and he hiked up to them.  It was not an easy walk to the prints.  Steep and rugged.  When he got to the prints he was amazed to see that the prints were bare foot with toes.  Only they were much bigger than his foot.  This father is 6 foot 6 inches tall and wears size 14 shoes!  He said when he put his foot next to the print it made his foot look like a child's foot.  He estimated that they were several inches longer and double the width!

I asked him if he saw or heard anything but he said no.  He also said this area is not used by people that much.  He would consider it a remote area and have been there several times before because there are not people there like in other areas of the park.

So now I have another family at my school that believe they are real.  Sometimes seeing something that cannot be explained and should not be there will make you think.  I have stopped trying to convinced people about the existence of Bigfoot.  Instances such as this and other happenings will change a person from a 0 to believer when it happens.  

Its funny how an incident/finding/sighting changes a person perception of Bigfoot.

I have another report I will share with you soon.  Hopefully I will be able to get into the woods to Roo's Place soon.  I am anxious and getting antsy about going camping there.  I have my fingers crossed it will be in the early part of June.  Usually it is quiet there until June.  

SQUATCH ON My friends.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Bigfoot Report from a family in the 1990's by the Air Force Academy

It was quite refreshing to receive this report many years ago.  What is unique about this family was that you don't have to point out the existence of Bigfoot.  In fact this knowledge has been passed to the next generation in this family much like the early settlers.  Who talked about the boogie man or MoMo or another name that these rural families had interactions with for years.  This report came out of an area not too far from the Air Force Academy which has their own stories of the "watcher". 

There is a line of smaller mountains that follow from the north of Denver down to just south of Colorado Springs.  Known as the front range.  Most of this wilderness is part of Pike National Forest.  There are many names that historically could have pointed to Bigfoot there.  Such as Devil's Head or Monkey Creek.  There are many reports coming out of this forest and we still receive some each year. 

Now this family lived right at the edge of Pike National Forest.  In fact there is a ravine and creek right on the property.  They lived on 5 heavily forested acres.  They were so private that there were no window coverings anywhere on the house.  This interaction was ongoing for over 5 years. They had bear, mountain lion and other wildlife visit their home continually while they lived there.  They also had a group of Bigfoot that would visit.  The one main difference between the wildlife and Bigfoot visits was how their dogs reacted.  When they would hear from a distance a whoop, the dogs would cower and hide in the kennel until the next day.  What did these dogs do when mountain lion or bear came by?  They barked at them.  When the family weren't sure what or who was out there they would see what the dogs were doing.  They knew it was Bigfoot when the dogs were whining and hiding in their kennels or were barking like crazy at wildlife they smelled or heard.  Smart dogs.  There were several incidents that stood out and was shared with me.  The first one I would like to talk about was the TV incident.  I still smile when I think of this story.  I think a group of Bigfoot became addicted to TV.  LOL

Remember I said there were no curtains or window coverings at this house?  One time while the family was watching TV, the side of the house right behind them was slapped when they had changed the channel.  The TV was directly across from the window that was very close to where they heard the slap.

Another time the son called dad up to his room to tell him that one was looking in his window.  Dad quickly grabbed a flashlight and flashed it outside the window and saw what he thought was a younger one.  Even though the window was on the second floor the pitch of the roof was right by this window and there was room for one to stand there by the window.  Perfect for a peeping Bigfoot.

The daughter refused to go outside when she was by herself to feed the dogs when it was dark outside.  She said she was too scared and something was watching her.

Sometimes early in the afternoon they would hear a call or whoop from the mountains and knew they would have visitors that evening.  They knew when they got close enough because that was when the dogs would go and hide in their kennels.  In fact the dad would answer them back sometimes.

Now why would a family have these stories and have kept them within the family?  Because they knew no one would believe them.  The reason why I knew about the stories was because the grandson was at my school and in my program.  He shared with me about his family believing in Bigfoot and begged his grandpa to share them with me.  This family is college educated and working in the corporate world.  Not what you would typically think that would have these interactions.

This picture was taken just north of where this family lived.  About 2 miles away. 

That bump in the night you hear outside your window may be trying to watch TV.

SQUATCH ON my friends!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

2013 Possible Bigfoot Report that scared 2 Girls

While I am waiting for my camping season to start at Roo's Place, I will tell you about a report I received in 2013.  What is amazing about this report was that the mother did not know I have been investigating this location.  What a small world we have sometimes.  Lets just say I was not surprised it happened.

I work at an Elementary School.  One of the EA's (educational assistant) who sometimes would work for me at the Before/After care at the school approached me.  She has 2 daughters who at the time this happened was 12 and 9.  This happened just a couple of months before.  She asked me if I thought there were Bigfoot at this location.  It surprised me that she asked about Bigfoot.  One note is that this family camp and hike all the time.  She had something weird happened that scared her daughters and was puzzled because she felt it was in an area that seemed wild but thought it wasn't.  I asked her where it was and she told me.  I tried not to react since I am in this area all the time and very familiar with the location.  I knew exactly where they were and to be honest not surprised it happened.  The group there were very mischievous that day.

The mother and her 2 daughters decided to go to an area to enjoy a nice afternoon.  She had picked this area so the girls could play while she would read a book.  The weather had been chilly and this was the first warm day in a while.  It was not too far away and an easy drive.  FYI-They have not been back since then either.

This is her story:

While she sat on the bridge reading her book, her daughters were playing in the creek.  The girls were having a wonderful time and all were enjoying the warm weather.  A little while later the 12 year old went to her mom and asked her if she is hearing some murmurs or mumblings.  Mom then told her no and said to go play in the water.  She came back a while later very upset and looking all around.  She then asked mom if she was now hearing the murmurs/mumblings.  Mom told her no.  Then the 12 year old pointed to the willows and said she was hearing it from there and asked her what it could be.  Mom then was a bit impatient with her and told her that where they were was a safe area and nothing will hurt her.  She then told her to ignore it and go play with her sister.  Then a while later the 9 year old came up to mom all teary eyed and scared.  She was looking all around her and was visibly ready to run.  The mom then asked her what was the matter.  At this point she was thinking her suburban girls were acting a bit fearful of what she would consider common natural things.  The 9 year old tearfully told mom they had to leave right now.  There was something in there that scares her and they needed to go.  At this point mom was thinking coyote or something like this but they have coyote at home and the girls were very familiar with them.  She begged mom that they need to leave.  The 12 year old came over and agreed.  She said that every time she heard the murmurs she would stop to listen but heard nothing until she started to play again.  Because both girls at this point were on the verge of hysteria she decided to pack up and then they left.  The whole way back the girls were watching the willows and hanging onto their mom.  Mom felt like it was a long walk back to the car.

Here is a picture of where this had happened:
Notice the willow all around.  I took this picture when there were no leaves and it was very hard to see into there.  Now imagine this with leaves like when they were there.  No one can see in there.  It is that thick and dense.  

Let me show you something that was found a few months before:
 This is a 14 inch print with toes.  This was found not far from where the girls had the weird experience.  I have found several prints in the area including handprints.  I also had a sighting 3 years ago of a reddish brown one close by.  Am I surprised when the mom came to me?  No.

Is this a Bigfoot related experience?  In my opinion it was.  This whole episode happened over a couple of hours.  Was one seen?  I am not sure.  I suspect the 9 year old saw one but she refuses to talk about it.  Both girls were adamant that there was something in the willows watching them.  They felt it was not something they should have seen/heard there.  For me to receive a report like this out of the blue was so fascinating and is one of the reasons why I am on this journey of discovery.  Would the group there do something like this and I will say yes.  Over the years many unexpected and sometimes scary things has happened.

What an amazing world we live in.  Sometimes a little scary for some but still a fascinating world.

SQUATCH ON My friends!


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Day Visit to Roo's Place

Winter this year here in Colorado has been pretty much non-existent.  When it did snow it was only for a dusting or a few measly inches.  I know you can see snow in the pictures but normally what you see would be under 4+ feet of snow with a couple of patches of the ground peeking out because the sun had melted it.  So far not this year.  This means that Colorado will probably have a long DRY, hot summer with fire bans.  Other places in the mountains have received some snow but below average.  One positive aspect of fire bans/restrictions will be that most people won't camp if they are unable to have a camp fire.  I will come camping regardless.  I will just put one of my small battery powered lamps in the fire ring.  LOL  Another positive thing that has happened to us when there had been fire restrictions were some unnerving incidents.  I am thinking with the lack of a camp fire and since we do not use lanterns or headlamps to light up our campsite, it will make it very dark with only a small camp light in the camp fire ring.  Maybe we will get a run by or some in the trees ringing the campsite watching us.  Roo will let us know.      

With the lack of snow, Jon and I had decided to make a day trip up to Roo's Place.  We figured we had a good chance of being able to explore for the day there.  We were right.  We had no problems getting there.  In fact it looked like late May not the first weekend in April.  

There were no signs of people being in there.  We also had seen no signs of our hairy friends.  We looked around to see if we could see any marbles but did not see any.  Where the glyph was located was one of the few spots that was under about 4 inches of snow.  I did not disturb it.  I will wait until it melts and look.  I was hoping to find some prints but nothing.  I also noticed there was not much in the way of tracks of other animals including squirrels or deer/elk which I would consider unusual.

 There are tracks now.  Roo was quite happy to run around the place and leave some.    

Even though it was just a day looking around and not finding anything, it still was a day in the forest.  Maybe next time I visit there will be some prints showing they had come to check to see what we were up to.  You never know.  

Camping season is getting closer!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bigfoot Camping in Nebraska

Did you know how cold it is in Nebraska in March?  Nebraska was having mild weather until the weekend we go to camp there.  That is what I called the "Robert's luck".  LOL  I had a heater in my tent, a fleece liner in my sleeping bag and 2 blankets and I still was cold.  When we checked the temperature mid morning is was 30 degrees!  It also rained and sleet very early.  Thank goodness our tent was dry when we packed up.  It started to rain/sleet at the very end.  Let me just say that my new sleeping bag was a big disappointment.  It was rated for much colder but it did not keep me warm.

Well, despite the cold it was a lot of fun.  Some of my Nebraska friends camped with Jon. Roo and I.  We even had a young man we met at the conference come and camp with us with his older brother.  It was great.  Brats always taste better cooked over the campfire.  It does get me to think a camper may not be a bad idea sometimes.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the sighting from two 17 year young men.  That was where we camped.  In fact we camped right where they saw the red eye shine.  We walked around and explored this location.  What is great about this spot was the location.  Lots of trees, deer and the Platte River.  Easy in and easy out.  Do I think they live here?  No.  I suspect they use this place to hunt and to move around.  We did find some prints down in the cattails.  Perfect place to hide to ambush ducks and other water fowls.  It looked like they dug some up too.  They weren't real big prints but we know they were fairly recent since we had a hard rain with several inches the day before.

Cassie has a good eye and was the one who found the 2 prints.  

It was pretty quiet for the evening and night.  Tammie and Janice said there was the sounds of soft pings hitting the side of the camper.  Much like small pebbles hitting the sides.  I suspect they do that to see if we are awake.  They may have been there but didn't do anything since we just announced we know they are there with my whistle and calls.  I did not see any eye shine or hear anything.  I expected that.  It was our first time in there.  I am going to try to go in there around the same time of year the boys had their sighting.  Maybe I will be lucky.  Finding those prints with toes in the cattails was a great find!  I want to go back again.

SQUATCH ON my friends...