Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Foot sighted in Colorado!

The three things that I find pretty amazing about Colorado is the climate, geography and how wildlife thrives.  Nature always finds a way.  Water is worth more than gold here for a reason.  We have limited moisture and high altitude.  How can we have these lush forests that sustains abundant wildlife with limited amount of precipitation?  The answer to this is our mountains.  They capture enough moisture for this to happen.  The water moves down, forms streams which in turns travels  into ravines and canyons and finally finds the rivers that eventually empties into an ocean.  In the ravines and canyons pockets of water will form into ponds, lakes or lush meadows.  It is so amazing to drive and see nothing but dry conditions and then you turn onto a road following a ravine/canyon that goes up towards the mountains.  Then you go around a corner and a lush and green forest greets you.  It is another world.  It is these areas where wildlife and our forest friends thrive even in dry areas such as Canon City, Alamosa or Gunnison.

The reason I brought this up is to explain how Colorado have reports of Big Foot even in our drier regions of our state.  The answer is the mountains.  Our mountains give nature and our wildlife the ability to thrive even when the surrounding areas of the mountains are bone dry with dry creek beds, cactus and no trees.  As long as they can move undetected, have water within walking distance, elk and deer in enough numbers, then our forest friends will use the area.

I didn't know this about Colorado until a couple of years ago.  I have traveled all over Colorado since moving here 15 years ago but couldn't figure out why there were hunting in our drier regions.  There seemed to be as many hunters hunting for elk in our dryer regions as there are in the greener parts of the state.  The light clicked on after I started researching for Big Foot.  An excellent example of this was the time I had met my husband in the mountains while he was working.  While he was at work there I had decided to do some squatching.  I had read about a sighting that was about 10 miles away.  When I arrived at the town I couldn't figure out how there could be a sighting close by.  Where we were staying was dry.  Very little vegetation, mostly rocky outcrops and dirt.  The Colorado River was there but it was dry 20 yards past the river.  I had some misgivings about going.  I decided to try anyways.  When I followed the road up, I literally turned a dry rocky corner and a lush ravine/canyon area appeared.  It was a different world!  It was alive with wildlife, pine trees, aspens, vegetation, clear running water and many little ponds and marches.

It is one of those types of places that I went to do a little camping and squatching this past 5 days.  It is always nice to get away from your normal routine and go do something different.  I have been at this spot for one night previously a few weeks ago.  It has signs of Big Foot activity and there are 2 reports close by.  I liked the odds.

We had visitors during 2 nights.  My husband woke up at 2 AM the first night to rapid knocks.   We had them walking around the tent for 2 nights.  Early Thursday morning around 5 AM I heard one walking by me when it hit the side of the tent by my head.  I was proud of myself I did not panic or scream.  On 2 evenings I heard howls.  They were in the distance and not close.

My husband and I decided to explore an area that I would say was squatchy.  It was calling me.  What an area!  We found many Big Foot signs in there.  As we were coming down to go back to our campsite, we were following a ravine.  Back behind a structure and some tree breaks I looked up at the top of the ravine about 30 feet away because something caught my attention.  Something BIG, I mean HUGE brown upright "thing" was looking at me and then turned ran to my left and then turned into the trees and was gone.  It was much bigger than an elk or moose.  There was no ears or a back that you would expect to see when it turned.  When it moved it was smooth and fast.  No bounding or leaping you would expect from elk or deer or moose.  I stood there with my mouth open.  My adrenaline was going a mile a minute.  I couldn't get my mind around what I saw.

My mind is still trying to grasp what I have seen 2 days ago and also at my research spot.  I have seen them in 2 different places hundreds of miles apart.  The odds are too fantastic.  I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket.

This journey is so fascinating and incredible.

SQUATCH ON!       

Saturday, August 3, 2013

With anticipation I went back.  As I was going in I found a track of prints that looked like one chased a deer.  I followed the tracks up to a game trail that was closer to where I had my 3 glimpses last year.  Then I decided to follow the game trail.  Guess what I found?  A 14 inch print!  Actually several.  I followed the 14 inch prints to the perfect rock spot.  Secluded but open enough around me with enough foliage for them.  Almost like I was led there.  Interesting.

Just before I came upon the rock I saw movement.  When I looked closely I saw a brown shape bend down from some trees by the cliff to watch me.  It had long hair!!!!  It looked at me and then turned around and climbed up the rock that was behind him/her.  This was not a bear, deer, mountain lion, elk, squirrel or coyote.  The color, size and length  of hair indicated that it was not any of those animals.  My 3 glimpses I had last year were black.  This is the first brown one for me to see.

I sat in my new spot for 2 hours.  Guess what happen during this time?  Over to my right by a bus-sized boulder between 2 trees I saw a black shape watch me!!!!  I moved my head to the right and the shape did the same thing.  So I talked with the shape.  For 20 minutes I would look, talk and move.  The black shape did what I did (except the talking part).  Several times I clearly saw the head and shoulders.  Interesting, interesting, very interesting.

About 20 minutes before I left a young buck came within 10-15 feet of me.  He watched me and I talked with him.  I heard some knocks and he did too.  In fact he got very nervous.  He licked his nose, flicked his tail up and stomped his front foreleg while glancing towards the knocks.  I kept telling him he will be dinner for my friends if he doesn't leave soon.  I was getting nervous that I may see him hunted down in front of me.  He finally left while looking back behind him where the knocks were.

Well, this visit was much more than I expected.  I have no doubt about what I saw.  I saw a brown and black Sasquatch or Big Foot.  I am still wrapping my mind around what I saw and experienced on that day.  If they were not Big Foot what were they? 

Who knows what will happen next?