Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let Me Tell You a Bigfoot Story that Happened in Nebraska...YES! Nebraska

A couple of 17 year old young men went to go do some fishing and camping one night last year.  What happened this night has changed their whole world of what is in the woods.  In fact they haven't been back except for Jake who went a few months ago to tell and show where it happened.  No one believed them until Harriett, my friend, who went to meet and hear his story.

The young men decided to go to a local privately owned park to fish and camp in August of last year.  You have to have a key to get into this park.  There are ponds and camp sites scattered throughout the park.  This park is directly next to the Platte River.   This is in the middle of the state.  Right in the middle of the farming community.  As they approached the pond to fish they saw some eye shine that was green watching them from across the pond.

They could tell it was upright and very BIG.  The upright figure was huge and very dark.  It had glowing green eyes.  This big upright figure picked up a wooden spool that is found throughout this park and threw it into the pond.  The spool was 5 feet across and 3 1/2 feet tall.   It weighed about 200-300 pounds!
It scared the young men so much that they left the park.  This was not their first time there and had been there before.  They did not even stay to camp.

So what do young men do when they get scared by something?  Go back and check out what scared them

So Jake went back to see what had happened the night before was really real.  He went to the other side of the pond where the Bigfoot was seen.  He started to walk up to the edge of where he knew it was seen the night before and sees one standing by the trees in front of the embankment leading to the edge of the pond! 
(I have Harriett standing where he saw it the next day)
Jake has not been back until he went there with Harriett a few months ago.  He had told family and friends but no one believed him.  I have walked this location and I believe him.  This was a tough way to go from 0 to total believer for Jake and his friend.

I think someone forgot to tell Bigfoot that there are no Bigfoot in Nebraska except in a couple of areas.  What I am finding is that there are many more than most think.  I will be talking about the farm in Nebraska that has Bigfoot activity.  In fact I will be making 2 posts on this amazing farm.

Remember: Never to say never in regards to our hairy friends.  They seemed to have no problems living in Nebraska.  They have adapted very well.  The food is good, the water clean and room to wander.  A perfect place for them. 

So my friends:



Saturday, March 4, 2017

1954 Plum Creek Monster in Colorado

Last fall I had planned and then had taken the children in my school program on our annual "Looking for Bigfoot" field trip to a new location.  This field trip was a bit different because I had found a park close to where there was a report of the 1954 Plum Creek Monster.  In fact there are a couple of BFRO reports within 7-10 miles of this location.  I had stumbled upon a video about the Plum Creek Monster while at the local library looking at urban legends and anything unusual in my county.  I loved the video.  Then I looked up the original article and others talking about the monster.  I thought this was a good way to talk about some of the history of our county and about Bigfoot.  Before the field trip day, I went in and explored the location a couple of times and then went down stream about 4 miles and found some old tracks coming out of Plum Creek! 

On our "Looking for Bigfoot" field trip day, I had brought in a casting from Missouri.  Also I had made a 8 ft tall Bigfoot silhouette and some outlines of a 19 inch and 17 inch prints to show the children the scale of Bigfoot and also a visual of the size of my prints.  Then I showed them how hard it was to try to take a picture of anything that moves in the woods.  That by the time you turn on the camera, put it to your face and focus, either the subject that was seen is gone or is blurry or in the shadows.  I also talked about the Plum Creek Monster.  Then we went to the creek location.  I was hoping for us to find prints there but we did not see or hear anything.  It turned out to be a wonderful cold day exploring the woods and creek while learning to whoop and look at structures. 

I would like to talk a little about the Plum Creek Monster with you like I did with the children.  You see the Denver News and I do not agree on this story.  The newspaper called it a hoax and I do not.  I think those ranch hands did see something.  I will explain more.

Back in 1954, on one of the ranches on Plum Creek, some ranch hands had reportedly seen a black hairy creature with green glowing eyes that was about 8 feet tall waving a chicken.  It Scared them.  When the sheriff and others came to investigate there was 14 inch prints found with toes.  Days later there was another report saying others had seen it too.  Pretty soon there were many people going to the ranch looking for this creature.  We are talking about a couple thousand people tramping through the ranch and surrounding area.  This was in a rural county south of Denver.  It was a big thing to happen in Douglas County.  Then the under-sheriff reported in the newspaper that there was no monster and he knew who did it.  He then said he talked with the person and told him not to do this again.

I can see where the Denver newspaper a few years ago called this a hoax because:
  1. The under-sheriff said it was a hoax.
  2. The person who wrote the Denver article saying it was a hoax had no knowledge or knew the history of Bigfoot.

Let me point out a couple of things that may indicate that this may have actually happened:
  • This was before the Gimlin-Patterson Film (1967) or the hype from the big feet found at a logging location in northern California (1959).
  • This was before Internet and common knowledge that we now have about Bigfoot.  We are reading and hearing about this 1954 creature with our 2017 eyes/knowledge.  There was no previous local knowledge of Bigfoot in Douglas County or the Denver area.
  • 14 inch prints found with toes. 
  • It was the under-sheriff who made the announcement that it was a hoax and knew who did it.  This was big news at the time and why would the under-sheriff and not the sheriff make this announcement?  You would think the sheriff would have made the announcement since this was so sensational and really big news.  It doesn't sound right.  I am thinking that the sheriff did not want to get caught lying to the public just in case this creature came back.
  • The creature had green glowing eyes.  

I think there was a Sasquatch raiding a rancher's chicken coop one night in 1954. 


Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Report out of Nebraska

Last weekend at this time I had just finished up my presentation at the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska.  Even though it was in the morning I was still a little shell shock at how many people were at the conference.  I WAS HOPING TO HAVE AT LEAST 100 PEOPLE FOR BOTH FRIDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY!  We ended up with at least 650+ people.  We kept having to add chairs to our room.

What was my impression of the conference?  This beautiful state is filled with wonderful people who are interested in Bigfoot.  Either from some type of interaction or from just an interest or heard stories shared from family and friends.  I had so much fun meeting and getting to know people there.  One young man who was about 5 years old stood out.  His name is Lane and he had told me he had a Bigfoot birthday party this year.  He said he wants to invite me to his next birthday.  I hope he does and if I am in Nebraska I plan on going.

I did have many people talk to me about some type of Bigfoot activity they had experienced.  Two really grabbed my attention.  Both of them had pictures to go along with the story.  One I have to be patient because we have to get permission from the landowner and it may take a while.  The other was Tammy.  She showed me a structure.  Just looking at it may not seem like it is something but...
then I asked her I think 3 questions.  After she answered them I looked even more closely at the picture.  I think I surprised her when I asked if I could go see it the next day.  Thank goodness I was staying for an extra day or it was going to be a long late drive back to Colorado.

My picture of the structure:

What do you think of it?  At first glanced it doesn't really seemed like anything but...

I have seen something like this at one of my locations only it had broke in the middle.  I was interested in the picture because of that but when I had asked her several questions I knew I wanted to go see it.  I surprised her with my interest because she had shown this to others but I was the only one that wanted to go see it.  After visiting the location and talking with her about some activity, I knew I wanted to investigate more.  Let me tell you some things about this structure that may point to it being Bigfoot related.

The tree is about 30-40 years old.  The arch is 10'5" tall and 9'6" wide.  The top of the tree that is in the ground is deeper than 4".  The tree is twisted and one branch grew down and around the arch which made it look like a snow break until you look closely and see it is a branch and not part of the truck of the tree.

Tammy had a Horticulturist look at her pictures.  After looking at the pictures closely she said it was manipulated and not naturally made because of these factors:

  • It would be more asymmetrical from wind or snow.  So the formation was too vertical on both sides.
  • Top appeared to be buried straight and deep into the ground with the shoots growing out from the surrounding soil.
  • The tree is very stressed due to the twisting and binding.  It is killing the tree which conflicts with its natural inclination towards surviving.
  • Shading from other trees is not a factor since there are no trees close enough for it to seek out alternative growth.
  • The tree base is directly behind the tree and opposite to the direction of the buried top.  This is not a natural growth pattern of a willow seeking water.
We know that Native Americans used trees as trail markers but the tree is only 30-40 years old.  So that is not a factor on how it was manipulated by man.  This is in a pasture of a farm for live stock so it is not part of a shelter belt.  So this will factor out the farmer. 


So I asked Tammy some questions about the previous owners and themselves.  There are indications from her answers this may be Bigfoot related.  The location of the farm to rivers, creeks and the remoteness is one possibility and some weird things that have happened may point to a group coming to this farm.  During my presentation I had talked briefly about marbles.  At this farm this is happening too along with pieces of mirrors and feathers.

If you hear people scoff about Nebraska not being squatchy enough for Bigfoot and are only in a couple areas then they have not looked closely.  I have changed my stance on this when I started to look more closely at Nebraska.  There are strong indications that my original thinking and of many others are wrong.  Very wrong.  I have learned over years that what I assume of many things about Bigfoot is wrong and usually the opposite of what I was assuming.  You would have thought I would have learned from this but no.  I am still learning.  LOL  I have to remember that they are primates who are highly adaptable.  What does Nebraska have that they would adapt to?  Water-there are many rivers and creeks that crisscross the state; Food-farms and lots of deer; places to hide-there are places for them to hide, maybe not what we traditionally think of but there are places; Not many people-there are wide open spaces with farmland.  Plus people don't traditionally talk about stuff like this with others.  Since Bigfoot is considered not real, any stories or reports will not be taken seriously.  Which helps Bigfoot.

So if you want to continue not to believe they have a strong presence in Nebraska and I also suspect Kansas then go ahead and continue.  Bigfoot has no problem with you having this stance.  To the ones who have had Bigfoot experiences or activity in Nebraska, I believe you because what I have been finding does support what you have had happened.

NEVER SAY NEVER in regards to Bigfoot.

So my friends


The Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings


February 17 & 18, 2017 there was a Bigfoot conference in Nebraska.  Harriett McFeely was the person who dream and then made this happen.  She had been scoffed at, laughed at and many tried to discouraged her to not have the conference.  Well, guess what?  We had at least 250 people on Friday night and well over 400 people on Saturday.  That was at least 650 people!  In Nebraska!

Where there is a will there is a way.  In this case a wonderful woman who had a dream and made it happen.  Now we have the community and others approaching us for next year.  Yes, we are having another one next year.  We are already planning it.  Just one thing that is a slight problem-we need to find a venue big enough for us.  LOL

So look at the link to see some pictures.  The pictures and video was from a reporter from the newspaper in Omaha.  We had several reporters there.

Guess what?

There are Bigfoot in Nebraska and there is a lot of interest from the locals too.  I am getting ready to write another post for this blog from a woman who may have Bigfoot activity on her farm.  You will want to read it.  I am still amazed about it.

So my friends


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bigfoot on Native American Reservation in Nebraska

Some friends and I were invited to go to a Native American reservation this weekend in Nebraska.  I got off of work a little bit early to drive to there on Friday so I could spend all of my Saturday there.  It was a long tiring drive but well worth the trip.  It is always a pleasure to see Harriett.  Then you add the new friends I made this weekend and it was even more enjoyable.  Meeting Jimmy Lee, Joyce, Barry, DW and Richard was wonderful. Whenever I can expand my circle of Bigfoot friends it is always fun and makes my journey of discovery even more endearing.

Let me tell you of our weekend:

Harriett, Jimmy Lee and I went to the Lincoln area to meet up with Joyce and she drove us to Macy to meet up with Barry and DW on the reservation.  We had a cabin reserved there for Saturday night.  Barry, Richard and DW had made plans with the rest of their group to take us out to explore their active Bigfoot areas.  There was even a night walk planned for 1:00 am. 

During the day they took us down by the Missouri River where there has been a lot of Bigfoot activity.  We found some structures and maybe a half print. 
What was interesting with the arch was the top of the tree was rammed into the ground.  In fact all three branches of different lengths were rammed in.  I have never seen this before.  Very, very interesting.  And it was by a couple of other structures.

Then we went back to the cabins.  Then we went out to eat.  We got back later and some of us (me especially) went into our cabin and slept for a couple of hours before the late night walk.  I was still very tired from the drive and lack of sleep.  For me to chose sleep over talking Bigfoot means I was exhausted.  I wanted to be ready at 1:00 am and then still be able to drive home on Sunday.

I am going to say that my day time investigations are fun and intriguing but the real fun is the night time investigations in an active Bigfoot area.  The group there did not disappoint me.  Now I want to go out here in Colorado but there is over 6 feet of snow and no way to get in there.  LOL  The whole thing of going out exploring with no lights on and with limited vision gets your adrenaline going.  Especially when things start to happen.

We were divided into 2 groups.  Young sweet Jimmy Lee and I went with DW and George.  They were taking us to a spot that is haunted AND an active Bigfoot location.  COOL!  I was ready.  Jimmy Lee who has never been out before was a bit nervous but ready to go.  I think I was not what the men were expecting when they knew that 4 women were coming.  I know Harriett told them that I have been out in the field and have been actively investigating here in Colorado and other states but I don't think they were prepared for how much I knew and how to act.  My calm presence helped Jimmy Lee and also helped her to move pass her fear.  I feel lucky to now call her my friend and plan on taking her out in the future there in Nebraska and here in Colorado.  She got a taste and now is hooked.  LOL

I will tell you that I do have fear out there but I have learned to control it and to stand my ground when I can.  Running and freaking out will have you lose out on an opportunity and the experience if you let it rule you.  I just stand my ground and swallow my fear.  This night though I wasn't fearful.  But my adrenaline was in high gear and made me wish it was warmer and no snow in Colorado.  I want more. 

Usually when I am in a group especially when it is a new location for me, I try to separate myself from the group a little and make my presence know in a low key but friendly way to let the group there know I am aware of them but respectful.  Any location I go to I use my special whistle along with my voice and whoops.  At this location I don't think whistling has been used before and it definitely attracted their attention. 

The guys announced us and introduced Jimmy Lee and I.  When I had walked away from the group and did my whistle there was movement and sounds indicating they were coming towards me.  After I heard some noises that were not quite whoops but not growls, more like a soft huffs, I called Jimmy Lee to me so she can experience the sounds and movements.  She came over and stood there with me and we both watched the shadows moving around and hearing I am thinking 3 with 2  in front of us and one behind us.  At one point she grabbed my hand but I was proud of her.  She stood her ground with me and experienced all that was going on.  Then we walked closer to the guys.

I asked for some eye shine and I saw several come on and off.  I was able to show Jimmy Lee where they were and how to move around a little to try to see more.  They were moving around and flashing quick eye shine towards us.  At one point I wanted to go down into the area where the eye shine was so I asked the group if they were OK for me to walked down there.  As soon as I took a step down, a medium sized branch was thrown towards me and landed just to the left of me right by the tree line.  I backed off and then walked some more back where I started and then walked over past where the guys were.  Then I did my talking, whooping and whistling.  When I saw more eye shine I was able to show everyone where they were.  Jimmy Lee watched and would follow me when I wanted her with me.  Then I went down the road into where the eye shine was.  I did not go too far but was hoping to get to the curve and go back behind where the eye shine was seen but I think they figured out where I wanted to go.  So I stopped and whistled and talked.  Jimmy Lee followed me.  The guys were behind us and not as far down as we were.  Then there was a dark tall shape that moved towards us with eye shine.  At that point I realized I should not moved further down, closer to the curve so I just stood there.  Jimmy Lee stood with me.  The others moved back up and stood by the car.  We watched the eye shine and then saw 2 other sets go off and on.  One was showing red the whole time and the other went green and white.  At this point I thought it was an impasse and I should be the one to move back up.  As we moved back up we had one right up on the road to our left.  It was close and was showing very bright green eye shine!  We saw it blink and you can tell it was moving its head to watch all of us.  It just stood there and did not leave.  Jimmy Lee was so excited to see it.  As soon as I approached it, it moved and we did not see the eye shine again.  We heard a howl off in the distance and then the coyotes started up.  The guys wanted to take us to another location so we got back into the car and left.  This was a perfect experience to show how eye shine looks and how they use it.  For them to use it with 2 strangers there was impressive to me.  I think being female and respectful but approachable may have made them curious of the 2 females that knew they were there and knew what their eye shine was.  I also think the whistle helped too.

We did not have any more experiences but that was OK because the first location was great.  The other group did not have anything happen.  But you should expect that this will happen.  We were lucky that the group was where we were.

I will make a disclaimer here and say we did not have our flashlights or head lamps on so there was no reflections.  I walk around with no lights on.  If you don't believe me you can ask the ones who have gone out with me before.  Also we were below the skyline.  Plus the eye shine did not stay in one spot but moved around.  Several times we were able to see 2-3 sets at the same time.  The bright green eye shine by the road we saw blinked.  I also saw the dark shape with the eye shine move its eyes around and blink.  We were in a deserted location with no one else around.  What else could it be?

So when Barry asked me if I want to come back, guess what my answer was?


This is another example of how an active Bigfoot location will make someone go from wondering to believer with one experience.  Jimmy Lee has no doubt now.  Locations like this will do it without someone trying to convince.  Its better this way.

So my friends:


Saturday, January 21, 2017

"I have always believed you but didn't really think about it."

You don't have to convince someone if you are in an active Bigfoot area.  You let the evidence and experiences do the talking.  Especially if you know the group there uses the creek.  This was found on a very cold February morning in 2015.  The water level was low enough to have a sand bar.  One Bigfoot decided to cross the creek earlier that morning.  In fact the water was starting to fill in the print when I found it.  If I was there an hour later it would have been washed away.  I was very lucky.  In the past, I have found several prints very close to this spot including a handprint on the bank.

What is funny was that we were there not to look for Bigfoot but to see if a new fishing spot was an option for my friend.  He had asked me if I wanted to go explore there with him while he scoped the place.  He knew I am in there all the time and wanted me to go looking with him.  He does know why I am in there.  He just did not figure that there would be evidence of them right there for him to see.  I reminded him later that there was a reason why I am in there all the time.  LOL

Let me tell you what happened:

Marc had called me earlier in the week to see if I wanted to go hiking and explore this location during the day in the middle of the week with him.  He said he had read an article about this place and how it was a good place to fish.  He knew I was in there and knew the place.  So I agreed.  I very seldom turn down a chance to go into the forest in an active Bigfoot place.  Even if it is to look for a fly fishing hole for a friend.  He would be looking at deep pools in the creek while I kept an eye out for prints.  So it was a win-win for both.

We got there mid-morning.  It was cold but sunny.  I showed him the creek and where there may be spots that the fish would like.  Then he started to show me what he looks for in a creek.  About 1 1/2 hours later we came to a spot where I have found prints before.  I told him I wanted to check the spot to see if there was any prints.  He agreed but you can tell he wanted to continue.  To be honest, he has told me in the past he believes me but I  felt he thought I was out there looking for shadows. He had no reason not to disbelieve me but didn't think beyond that it was my weird hobby. 

There is this flat boulder that juts across the creek a little bit.  There is a vantage point on this boulder to look up and down the creek.  So I got on the boulder and immediately noticed that there was a print in a sand bar in the creek!  It looked big.  I exclaimed to Marc that there was a print in the sand bar and it had toes.  You should have seen his face.  He was puzzled and looked at me with disbelief.  I pointed it out to him.  He stopped and looked at it really hard for several moments.  I reminded him that there was a reason why I was in there.  He had only heard me talking and had never seen any of my pictures or my casting.  I told him I wanted to go measure the print.  He thought I was nuts.  It was in the low 30's and the water would be icy cold and deep in one spot.  I rolled up my pants, took off my boots and socks.  It was bone chilling cold.  I could not feel my toes halfway there.  I get there and it was 14 inches and very wide.  I have found several 14 inch prints before at this location.  Also at least 3 other larger ones.  I looked around to see if there was more prints but I could not find any.  Either they were washed away or it hopped from the boulder to the sand bar and then to the other side.

So when I finished measuring and taking pictures I put my boots back on and asked Marc what he thought about the print.  He looked at me and said, "I have always believed you but didn't really think about it."  I laughed and asked him what he thought about it now.  He said that hearing about them from me and now seeing the print makes it so fantastic and makes him wonder.  I asked him if he thinks about the woods the same now that he has seen the print and he laughed and said no its not the same now.  He is not sure what to think.  He does asks me more questions now.

He has not asked to go there again or has fished there.  I find it interesting of how people react to learning about the presence of Bigfoot.  Some are so scared, some just ignore and don't want anything to do with the location or with the subject of Bigfoot or there are ones like me that want more and keep looking because they can't get enough.

So what type of Bigfoot person are you?  

Marc just wanted to find a new fishing hole to fish but what he found instead was the reality that there are some type of being walking on 2 legs, bare foot with large feet in the woods and forest in Colorado.  That is one more person that went from 0 to belief because of one cold February morning.