Saturday, September 29, 2012

I know it is hard to see but there is a strawberry on the ground between the 2 boulders.  Why would I post this picture?  In the past I have stated that I think Big Foot watch my husband and I when we come.  This is another instance that corroborates this.  We had gifted some strawberries and grapes on this day when we first went in.  A couple of hours later when we were leaving, we decided to swing by the gifting rock to see if they had taken the fruit.  Remember I had posted about them leaving a marble for us a few months ago.  This time when we were almost to the rock I had been talking loudly and making a lot of noise to announce our presence.

I found one of the strawberries out of the bowl, on the rock in front of the bowl.  There was another strawberry missing.  We looked around and there was the strawberry on the ground.  No teeth marks or bites.  It looked like it was dropped.  When we looked around it looked like it dropped when we arrived.  We put the 2 strawberries back in the bowl and said loudly that we were leaving.  Then we left.

On this research venture we had climbed around the area for 2 hours.  We found some new arches and tree breaks.  Up behind some huge boulders by the cliffs we saw a stick placed against a rock.  There was another stick that looked like it was used for something because it was peeled and sharpened lying under the rock next to the stick leaning against the rock.  I looked at the top of the rock and found an impression!  I was stumped.  I knew it wasn't a footprint.  I thought perhaps  knuckle but it did not look right to be one.  I walked around it and looked at it from different angles.  Then I put my left hand over the impression.  It was a hand print!  At least 2 inches longer than mine and 2 inches wider.  The thumb was lower and much longer than mine.  It reminded me of the hand print I found by the stream in early spring.  Just bigger.

I found another stick leaning against another huge boulder.  I climbed a boulder next to it to see if there was anything up on it.  I could not get onto the boulder.  I could see another impression but could not get close enough.  I used my binoculars but still couldn't tell what it was.  All I know that it was an impression.  Very frustrating!

Off and on we had been hearing some movements around us and I heard some knocks and rock clacking when we were looking.  This is usually occurs when we look around.  We decided to follow a game trail down.  My husband found some feces!  They looked human but huge!  They were buried in some soft soil next to the trail.  It was not mountain lion or bear feces.  It smelled bad.  As we were going down the trail when the wind blew towards our back my husband kept commenting on smelling something foul.  I couldn't smell anything because I had broken my nose a few weeks before and can't smell anything.

This is the first time one of us could smell something that may be Big Foot related.  The feces we found wasn't bear, mountain lion, coyote, fox, bobcat, deer or elk.  It looked human but was too big. 

This trip was very interesting.  It was one of those times where we suspect what it is but not experienced enough to know for sure.  Thank goodness for cameras and audio recorders.  They help  keep a solid record of what we are finding.

I will continue my education of this bipedal primate.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

From the middle of June through the third week of September, it was HOT here in Colorado.  The research area is very rugged and steep.  I only went a few times.  I also think Big Foot was not in the area too much because of the hot weather.  There was not much action happening when I did go.  Even though I was not there at the research spot much I did learn some new research ideas and techniques.  I will be applying these this fall. 
In the pictures I have posted you will notice double tree breaks.  Show of force?  Boundaries for the nest?  Keep out?  FYI-the breaks are located not too far from the massive nest I found.  There were other breaks on the other side of the ravine but not like this.  The big break is about 10 feet tall.  The smaller one is about 5 feet tall.  
Now that it is getting cooler I will be researching more.  I am hoping to figure out the purpose of these breaks.  My plan is to map out the location of the breaks with the massive nest.  I think it will show the nest in the middle and a pattern of types of breaks in correlation to the nest.  I will need to do this before we get too much snow.  I can't wait to see what it looks like. 
The one thing about this research is the guesswork involved.  When I have made some deductions on my research it is gratifying to find out from other researchers that I am on the right track.  It is important to have a network of others so you can compare notes and see if there are similarities. 
I have a long way before I feel competent in my endeavors.  I have so much to learn.  The mystery of Big Foot is not easy.  It would be nice if they were not so hard to find and watch.  They like to stay in the shadows and out of sight. 
Oh well, any endeavor that is easy is not as fulfilling as when you have to work hard at it.  The thrill of finding and discovering is additive and keeps you going. 
Onward I go! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have read reports about Big Foot visiting campgrounds.  I wondered if I could find one and see what happens.  For Memorial Day Weekend, my husband and I took our 2 daughters camping at a campground in the Pike National Forest.  The campground was selected because of its location.  It was filled with families.  We explored around and behind the campground.  We found evidence of Big Foot activity!  We decided we needed to come back.

I had talked to another female investigator about this spot.  Just the 2 of us decided to come in the middle of July.  About 2 weeks before there were many fires in Colorado.  The campground is not too far from one of them.  Thankfully not too close.

We had multiple activity while there.  Knocks, whoops and a rock thrown.  We were so excited.  Who would have guessed that this would happen in a campground and not in the middle of nowhere.  People are so unaware of their surroundings.  No wonder Big Foot is able to hide from us.

This clueless person has decided that the campgrounds in Colorado need to be explored for signs of Big Foot.  So far we have visited 2 and found signs at both.

I will continue my journey of discovery at the research spot but will also explore the many campgrounds in Colorado.  I have a busy and full schedule ahead.

Clueless is excited about what she will discover next.  Squatch on!!!!!!!!!