Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The weather here in Colorado for the past month had been tough for someone who enjoys going out and exploring the forests.  The brutal cold with lots of snow had pretty much limited my explorations. 

I was able to sneak in one day of hiking with a friend.  The sun was shining and it was a balmy 36*.  It was nice to get out to smell the forest and enjoy being outside.  We had decided to follow a stream since the snow was too deep to go elsewhere at this location.  In the past I have had luck at this location of finding prints down by a stream.  Around the bend I noticed a sandbar in the middle of the stream.  There was a print right in the middle of it!  Of course I wanted to get measurements and check to see if I can find a track line with this print.  I had to take off my boots, socks and roll up my jeans in order to wade across the stream to the sandbar.  It was bone chilling cold!  It was worth it.  I had found a 14 inch print that was starting to get washed away by the stream.  That print was made earlier that morning.  I went back a week later and the sandbar was completely under water.  I am glad that I went exploring that day. 

I was not able to find more prints.  My guess was that the stream washed any other ones away.  It was a lucky find to find this one on a sandbar.  My guess if I had gone in the afternoon the print would have been washed away.  This spot where the print was found has dense foliage.  Even in the winter it is hard to see anything that is following the stream.  I am sure that is why I have been able to find prints there.  A good way to move about but with lots of cover to stay hidden.