Saturday, May 21, 2016

OMG! At Roo's Place

September of last year, I had invited my friend Sumer to go camping with Roo and I at Roo's Place.  She had always shown some interest in Bigfoot.  I was not sure what to expect since we had unexpected results with other friends on Labor Day weekend two weeks before.  So I got there during the day on a Friday to set camp up.  Sumer came later after work.  What I am going to share with you is what happened with no embellishments or additions.  

Friday night after we both got ready for bed, we laid down on the cots in the tent.  We talked for a while and then suddenly we heard something pee right by the tent.  It stopped and then something else peed too.  It was very close and loud.   It sounded large.  Bigger than what we would expect from any forest animals.  The next morning I got up early to let Roo out and found a very large wet spot by the tent.  There was no way it was deer or elk.  It would have tripped on the tie down.  I am not sure what peed but I have my suspicions. 

I also noticed some hand prints on Sumer's vehicle.  She had parked where I normally park.  In the past while camping there I have found hand prints on my back window.  In fact I always check the windows every night there and then in the morning.  After talking with her we are pretty sure they were not made by her and were recent.  The first one was much bigger than her hand and the other was smaller.

A little later while I showed Sumer where I had found marbles by a cool structure I found a 14 1/2 inch print!

BUT!  This is not what I would call the most exciting thing to happen there at Roo's Place.  Before I get into that part of the story I want you to look at the pine litter in my pictures.  It was very dry and we have had no rain there for several weeks.  When you walked, it had a very loud and crisp sound to it.

When Sumer got up Saturday morning she had shared with me something she was not sure of and not sure what to think about it.  She wasn't sure if she dreamt it or not.  So I asked her to share with me what it was.  During the night she had laid right up against the side of the tent with her face on the tent.  She said something grabbed her cheeks like people do with baby's cubby cheeks and squeeze them with both hands.  Then she said that she heard SOMETHING WALKING AROUND THE TENT ALL NIGHT!  I told her I also heard foot steps several times during the night.  I had her show me how she was sleeping on the cot and then outside where she was grabbed.  I told her I wasn't sure it was a dream since she had so much details to this.  I told her maybe she was half awake and that is why it seemed dreamlike.  I told her how I was impressed with how she did not scream when it happened or fall apart when she talked about it.  I then told her that is why I sleep closer to the middle of the tent when I camp.  I pointed out how my cot was about a foot from the side of the tent.  LOL  My impression of what she told me and how she was able to give me so much details makes me think it happened.  The following picture shows Sumer showing me where she was grabbed.  I had her go in and laid down exactly how she was and then I tried to grabbed her cheeks with both of my hands.  I had no problems doing it and she said that was how she was grabbed.  I did check for prints before I did that but couldn't see anything.

The next night I had put up a LED lit balloon just outside of the campsite but close enough for us to see.

Sunday morning I checked the balloon and noticed it was moved.  The bottom of the balloon may have been licked. 

It was quite the weekend. 

This place has not disappointed me.  We had a tough winter here in the mountains of Colorado.  I have not been able to get in there and explore until recently.  So I feel like I am starting all over again there.  I know Roo had a hard time there when we camped last weekend.  I will share that camping trip next.  It is not as exciting as this one but you should not expect things to always happen when you go.  That is one of the great things about going to one spot frequently.  You can see when they are most active and when they are not.  I see a great summer for Roo and I.  We will be enjoying the forest.  If some 8 foot tall hairy bipedal primate wants to visit with me then it is even better.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2015 at Roo's Place

I had invited a friend and her husband to come camping at Roo's Place on Labor Day weekend last year.  The structures were close to the campsite so Dick would be able to walk there.  Also I was curious to see what will happen if we had others there besides us.  Well, it turned out to be a fantastic weekend.  Dick had an Aha moment and now has a different perspective of Bigfoot.  An active Bigfoot location will do that.

Harriett and her husband arrived at Roo's Spot just as it got dark.  I think they felt like they were never going to get there.  LOL  I did warn her that it was in the forest.  Harriett and her husband drove their camper van.  We were relieved when she was able to get it back to the camp spot when she turned off the forest road.  I only heard a few loud scrapes as she drove in to park.

This location I would consider new and was prepared to not expect things to happen like they do at other locations due to some factors.  One of the things I was not expecting to see there yet was eye shine. I know many consider eye shine to be too weird and not possible but if you have read my other posts I have seen eye shine in other locations.  Plus there was no way it could be any other source.  I had ruled out other possibilities AND on 2 occasions seen their outline.  I can't explain the how or why but they are able to emit light from their eyes and they can change colors.  When I first started in Bigfoot, when I had heard about eye shine I did not believe it could be possible.  Now 4 years later, I have no doubt and have learned to say, "Never say never" about them.  Anyway on with the story.  On Saturday night we got ready for bed as I walked towards the tent I saw a light down past the tent towards the west.  I stopped and looked.  It was white and moving towards our campsite.  I moved around the tent to get a better view of it.  I wasn't sure if I would see it again since I moved.  I saw it right away and it was much closer!  Then I saw it turn yellow!!!!  I stood and watched it come closer and then move across in front of me, northward, stop and then disappear.  I was so excited.  This was the first time I had seen eye shine there.  I do want to point out to skeptics that there was no lights on and I had not turned on my headlamp.  I was walking around without any lights on and the others were opposite of where I was looking or already in their van.  Too low for the horizon and no other people besides us. 

The next morning I told Harriett what I saw.  Well she had news for me too.  Her husband Dick was not a believer and I think just tolerated the subject of Bigfoot because he loves Harriett.  Much like Jon 4 years ago.  Evidently about 1-2 hours after we all went to bed (us in the tent and them in their camper van) Dick sat up and something made him look outside the window where he was laying down.  It faced the fire ring and to the north.  He saw a light!  It was close too.  He then laid down but then sat up again to look out.  He saw another one but taller!!!  He asked us where we were and if we put a light on or had a head lamp on later on in the night.  We told him no.  We stayed in the tent the whole night.  Harriett and I recreated with Dick's help where he saw the lights and how tall they were.  Below is the pictures of what we figured out!

The first picture with Harriett holding the fly swatter was where he saw the first eye shine.  The second picture was where he saw the second eye shine.  We measured where Harriett stood in the first photo and she was 10 1/2 feet from the van!  That was very close.  We used the eye swatter to determine how tall the eye shine was for both.  The first was 7 1/2 feet and the other was 8 feet.  Mind you that was the height of where the eyes were and not the top of the head!!!  Dick asked me what could have the light have been.  Our tent where we slept was to the left of the photos.  I suspected what it was but was he prepared to listen to the possibility?  We talked.  We went through what the other things they could have been and then I let him decide what it was.  His face was a classic face of someone having an Aha moment.  He also was surprised to hear I had seen some eye shine about 1-2 hours before he did.

In the next 2 pictures Harriett and I explored where I saw the eye shine.  Where it stopped and watched me.  We measured where it stopped and it was about 45 yards away.  We also found impressions there.

Harriett and her husband left on Sunday.  I was sorry to see them go but what a fun time we had with Dick seeing his first eye shine!  Now there is another person thinking about a bipedal primate living in our woods and forest.

This location is a great spot.  Its so funny because we picked it for Roo and not for Bigfoot activity.  It has been a great spot for us.  It has taught Roo how to behave in the forest and for us to interact and hopefully get to know a group of Bigfoot. 

My next post will be about me bringing another person to this location.  Its even better!  So until then...