Saturday, July 20, 2013

As I was walking into my research spot to continue my new approach, I spotted this 14 inch print in a ravine.  There was another faint print a little farther away about 5 feet going up.  In the past I have spotted several similar 14 inch prints.  This is the game trail I now use.  It is harder to get to and more remote.  I took this as a good sign that they are using the same game trail as me.  They have been very careful so far this year about leaving prints.  This is a lucky find.

I have for 2 weeks now used my new approach.  The results are mixed and what I expected.  I have seen signs of them around me.  Their knocks and clacks indicate they are watching.  I am still trying to find the perfect spot.  The first 2 places were OK but I felt that they were not perfect for what I am wanting to do.  I am hoping this weekend to find it.  A secluded, open spot for me with enough cover/foliage in close enough for them.  The first spot was good but not remote enough and the other was too open.  I will keep looking.  I may go over closer to where I had glimpses of them last year.

This endeavor will be what I consider the tortoise and the hare story.  I will be patient.  I know this will take time.  They are shy, elusive and naturally suspicious of humans.  This will not happen over night or in a matter of days.  The 2 positive things going for me is that I am female and a known person.  What I have to do is to get them to cross that divide and risk what their instincts are telling them not to do.  Their humanity and primate sides will have to be reached by making it irresistible.  In other words I am banking on their curiosity. 

So my friends onward I go.


Friday, July 5, 2013

New method of discovering Big Foot.

I have stated in previous posts that I have changed my way of doing things at my research spot.  I can keep looking around and find more physical evidence but in many ways it is wasted time on my part.  I know where they are and where they live.  This group has shown their willingness to let me in their territory and explore their nesting area.  I have returned this willingness with keeping my distance and respecting their space.

So what more can I do? 

That is what had me in a pickle.  Do I find somewhere else to explore or what more can I do?

This is where my love of searching for all facts have been a blessing.  Since they are primates and related to great apes and possibly humans I have done a little research on both.  I read about great ape facts and behavior along with primitive human facts and behavior.  In many ways they are similar and quite different.  After reading about both I can see a lot of each in Big Foot.  I have decided to reach out to this family of forest beings as a human and use innate primate information and behavior to draw them to me. 

How will I do this? 

I will be honest with you.  I will not divulge my methods.  There are people out there who would use this to hurt or kill these elusive primates.  I know most people are like me who have no evil intent but what if my methods reaches that one person?  I could not live with myself if this happens.  My intent has never been to hurt or put them in danger.  My hope is to have them "discovered" and put under protection from our society to live like they have been doing for hundreds of years.  My love of puzzles and mystery had started my journey of discovery.  Now my fascination of this elusive bipedal primate compels me.  Nothing else.

I tried my new method today.  I had some positive results.  I had some knocks, rock clacks and a possible glimpse of one for about 2-3 minutes.  I suspect that there was 2-3 of them watching me for about 2 hours.  I think the knocks and clacks were used to get a reaction from me.  They were probably trying to figure out what in the world I was doing.  I enjoyed myself.  I will be returning to my spot tomorrow.  Can't wait.

How will I tell you my results if I don't disclose my methods or worry about inadvertently doing so?  I have no answer to this.  I will tell you this, I started this clueless journey with you in this blog and I will continue.  I will figure this out as it unfolds.