Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bigfoot Camping in Nebraska

Did you know how cold it is in Nebraska in March?  Nebraska was having mild weather until the weekend we go to camp there.  That is what I called the "Robert's luck".  LOL  I had a heater in my tent, a fleece liner in my sleeping bag and 2 blankets and I still was cold.  When we checked the temperature mid morning is was 30 degrees!  It also rained and sleet very early.  Thank goodness our tent was dry when we packed up.  It started to rain/sleet at the very end.  Let me just say that my new sleeping bag was a big disappointment.  It was rated for much colder but it did not keep me warm.

Well, despite the cold it was a lot of fun.  Some of my Nebraska friends camped with Jon. Roo and I.  We even had a young man we met at the conference come and camp with us with his older brother.  It was great.  Brats always taste better cooked over the campfire.  It does get me to think a camper may not be a bad idea sometimes.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the sighting from two 17 year young men.  That was where we camped.  In fact we camped right where they saw the red eye shine.  We walked around and explored this location.  What is great about this spot was the location.  Lots of trees, deer and the Platte River.  Easy in and easy out.  Do I think they live here?  No.  I suspect they use this place to hunt and to move around.  We did find some prints down in the cattails.  Perfect place to hide to ambush ducks and other water fowls.  It looked like they dug some up too.  They weren't real big prints but we know they were fairly recent since we had a hard rain with several inches the day before.

Cassie has a good eye and was the one who found the 2 prints.  

It was pretty quiet for the evening and night.  Tammie and Janice said there was the sounds of soft pings hitting the side of the camper.  Much like small pebbles hitting the sides.  I suspect they do that to see if we are awake.  They may have been there but didn't do anything since we just announced we know they are there with my whistle and calls.  I did not see any eye shine or hear anything.  I expected that.  It was our first time in there.  I am going to try to go in there around the same time of year the boys had their sighting.  Maybe I will be lucky.  Finding those prints with toes in the cattails was a great find!  I want to go back again.

SQUATCH ON my friends...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

What is it about marbles?

I took my dog Roo hiking at my special spot about a week ago.  I take her with me when I go down into the creek area.  I like to check several spots along the creek for prints.  I have found in the past prints during winter time.  So when it is too slippery and icy up by the cliffs I go down to the creek area.  There seems to be about 3 miles of the creek where I find most of my prints.  This morning I checked some areas along the creek that I don't check so closely but had decided to take some pictures of the ice on the creek before it melted away.  I came  across a couple of prints that made me think Bigfoot but I have some reservations.  I will share them so you can look at them.  One had someone stepped on it but missed the toes.  LOL  The toes were wide and big.  The span was about 6-7 inches across.  Much bigger than a bear and straight across like you would expect for a Bigfoot not a human.  The other was a slid mark and I could see no treds from a boot.  It looked like toes marks.  Plus there was some mud that was thrown to the right of the slid mark like the toes had grabbed the mud and when it picked up its foot the mud was released to the right much like a bare foot would do versus a booted foot. 

These were the only prints I found on this day.  I was excited by my finds.  They really stretched my knowledge and made me think.

So about 1 1/2 hours later I decided to walk back to leave.  I prefer to go early in the morning because I seemed to find more stuff when I do.   Roo was getting tired and I wanted to check my pictures when I got home.

Guess what I found on the trail?  A white marble!!!  It was not there 1 1/2 hours ago.  

This is something new for this spot.  The whole marble sharing at this location was always up by the cliff area and also at another location called Roo's Place.  Not here down by the creek.    

FYI-A couple of weekends before when I was in there with Roo, it was a difficult time for Roo.  She was nervous and indicating that there were Bigfoots close by.   In fact we smelled the skunky dead smell as soon as we started on the trail.  We heard knocks, some type of calls (not sure how to describe them) and we had some rocks thrown at us.  The last rock was about 4 inches long, white and landed about 10 feet to my right as we left the tree line. Lets just say Roo was very happy to leave that morning.

A bit of history:

I have been at this location since 2011.  I am a known person but I was not at this location much last year.  Due to many reasons including my health and spending time with my family.  So I had decided for 2018 I was going to make an effort to be at this location as much as possible.  This place holds a special place in my heart.  I had my first sighting, whoop, whistles, grunt, growls and prints at this location.  I also had found a massive shelter in 2012 up by the cliffs.  Plus I had learned to gift and share glyphs.  One of my favorite memories was being whooped in as I climbed up towards the cliffs.  They were ahead of me and far enough ahead in the trees that I could hear them whooping but not see them.  This location is a wonderful spot and I am quite protective of it.  You are welcome to go back and read my early posts about this place.

So why the rock throwing and the marble?

They know who I am.  I always announce myself when out exploring.  I do my whistle and my calls.  Much like someone ringing a doorbell when visiting.  I figure I am the one visiting and need to let them know I am there.  Plus if you go enough they will recognize you when you have the same routine.  I know that I haven't been in there as much as before so it is what I would call getting reacquainted time.  The smell, calls and rock throwing was to gauge my reactions to see if I am still the same and also to remind Roo of who lives there.  So when I went back and found the prints, it was letting me know they are still there.  By using the marbles I feel was their way to let me know they are there and know who I am.  I know there will be many who may scoff at this but I don't really mind or care because I am the one who has history with this group.  I have many memories both full of wonder and some scary ones.  I am not one to think everything is Bigfoot but some of the stuff does point to them because of what I have experienced, seen and found.  I am secure in what I know.  What I find interesting is when good friends who I trust who are experiencing the same things or similar experiences.  That points to me that I am on the right track.

So what will happen next?


Sunday, March 11, 2018

2017 at Roo's Place-We never know what to expect there!

We started our camping season at Roo's Place at the end of May.  Not much really happened but we have found that May and early June seems to be quieter there.  It tends to storm quite a bit during this time of year.  Even though it was quiet it was good to start our camping season at Roo's Place.

The next time we went camping at Roo's Place was in June. 
It was a little different. 

I had decided to go camping with just Roo and myself.  At the last minute I grabbed the camping gear Saturday morning and went up.  Once there I did my normal routine.  Every time I camp there I always do this same routine-Whistle, whoop and then one of my special calls.  I figure it is my way of ringing the front door to let them know I am visiting.  What I find interesting-Roo is fine until I do this and then she wants to get back into the car or hide in the tent.  LOL 

Then I had set up camp.  Once I was done I sat down to do some reading.  In the past when I would do this some interesting things would happen.  This time was no different.  I sat down close to the tent facing it under the giant pine tree that I love.  While reading I noticed that Roo was very restless and kept moving and positioning herself after looking into the tree line several times.   She would look at a certain spot and then move herself to be between me and what she looked at.  At this point I figured we may have a visitor.  I told her to lay down and relax.  Except she wouldn't relax.  She kept watching the trees.  Then she was watching to my right very intently.  I kept reading.  Then Roo got up and laid to my right, next to my right foot.   I would say a couple of minutes later to my right as I was reading my book, out of the corner of my eye I saw a large black upright shape race by!.  About 15-20 feet away!!  I did not hear it until it went by me.  It was quick and then it was gone.  Roo jumped up and I grabbed her and told her to sit down.  I sat there until my heart quit racing.  At this point I realized it was probably gone because Roo was more relaxed and not watching the trees.  So I decided to keep reading.  A while later Roo got up and sat to my left almost behind me watching the trees again.  Then I began to hear some primate sounds much like holler monkeys and also some that sounded like chimps when they are loud.  At this point I was nervous.  Trying to decide what to do.  It was just Roo and me.  If we had not had the run-by then I would not be so worried.   I walked back up to the forest road and walked until I had enough bars to text Jon.  I asked him to come camping.  I wasn't going to leave but wanted Jon there with me.  If he did not come then I had decided that Roo and I would sleep in the car.  Jon did text me back and said he would be there in a few hours.  So I had the rest of the afternoon to myself.  So I did some exploring around the ravine on the north part of the campsite.  I did notice how one of the tree breaks was pointing to a giant X.  I had not noticed that before.  I also looked more carefully at another structure and realized that from the angle of the break, it could not have been broken by another tree.  Plus I also noticed that many of the structures here at this location had a tree break either as part of the structure or was very close to it.  I will keep an eye open to see if this can be found at other locations.  

 This tree break is not completely broken but bent so that the tree is still alive.

As you can see the break is pointing to this giant X.

This structure is very close to the tree break that is pointing to the giant X.

What a weekend!  It seems like when I relax and start to read, I have activity.  Another detail is that Jon is not there.  Either he is off exploring or haven't arrived yet.

We had invited some friends to come for the long July 4th weekend.  I had gone up early with Jon and one friend.  I got there first.  The first thing I noticed was Roo's collapsible water dish was in the middle of the pathway to the campsite.  That was strange.  It should have been in our camping equipment.  If not there it would have been by the pine tree where we kept her bowls while camping.  I must have forgotten to pack it away when we left about 10 days before.  Side note-I always pack her stuff in her own duffle bag.  It should have not been there on the pathway. 
After taking pictures and checking all around the campsite, I decided to keep the bowl there so Jon could see it when he arrived.  

Later on, Jon and our friend Paco went to do some exploring and had found a print on an ant hill. 
It was already getting erased by the ants but we could see the toes in the print.

It was hard to see in our Colorado soil which is decomposing granite. 
We were very lucky to find this print.

The next day when my Nebraska friends came...

They slept in my tent with Roo and I.  My daughters had set up a tent to the right of the my tent and we have never set one there before.  It was not too far from where the year before I had the quarter-sized rock thrown at me that my daughter saw come out of the trees towards me and hit my chair I was sitting in.  You can read that in one of my earlier post from 2016 year.  Jon's tent was set apart and back from us.  There were trees all around us and a massive one between my tent and my daughters' tent. 

Later that night, I had decided to go into the tent to go to sleep.  Roo is my shadow and was coming with me.  Jon, my daughters, and Harriett were already in their tents.  Roo was acting weird that whole evening, anxiously looking at certain points around us.  I knew we had some visitors that probably came in for a peek.  We haven't had this many with us before and there were a lot of women.  As I approached the tent, Roo was not too keen to come with me and then made a weird whimper.  I happened to see something large upright move from the back of my tent over to the back of my daughters' tent.  What was interesting was that one of the my Nebraska friends was close by and saw it move too.  

 When Jon and my daughters left the next day it was just the 4 women there with Roo.  We did some exploring and I showed them some cool things that I knew they wanted to see.  At night we had some eye shine and small rocks thrown at me.  I had set up my screen tent for us to sit in because the black flies were bad.  I warned them that they like to throw stuff at me.  So off and on all evening every night a small rock or small pine cone would hit the screen right by my head.  LOL  We all laughed about it.

Then the last night...

We stayed up late except for Harriett.  She can't stay awake past 9:00 pm.  We had some eye shine behind us then a few minutes later Connie saw an arm with long hair put something that was also dark in a branch much higher than us.  Her impression it was a baby.  Then we talked and laughed.  Around 1:30 am we could hear some whistling coming from the bottom of the ravine in the direction where I had heard rhythmic knocking 2 summers ago.  We heard it come up and we were wondering what bird besides an owl would be out and whistling at 1:30 in the morning?!?  We could tell it stop but was still whistling.  Then we realized it was not a bird and it whistling my tune!  This tune is my special tune I do when I go there.  I use this tune to announce myself everywhere I go squatching.  I just never heard it coming from something else!  I decided to take a picture of Roo while the whistling was going on.  She just sat there and watched much like she did when we had the rhythmic knocking.  I then decided to try to record part of the whistling but it stopped as soon as I turned my camera to record and faced it to where it was coming from.  This lasted for about 4-5 minutes.  

I do want to say that when I had first got to the campsite that weekend, Roo did something she had never done before.  EVER!  She charged something that was in the trees/brushes.  I could not see what it was.  I quickly called her back.  I am not sure what it was.  I did not see or hear anything run off like a bear or mountain lion or deer.  I told her not to do that again just in case it was a Bigfoot.  I had done my whistles and calls several minutes before and had looked around for prints because I was wondering about how Roo's bowl ended up on the pathway.  This is one of many things that makes this place interesting.

I love Roo's Place.  LOL  I never am sure what and could happen when I camp there.

The last 2017 camping trip I will be talking about happened in September.  We had invited some friends from Utah.  They had camped with us a couple of years before and wanted to come and camp with us again.  They brought their young adult son with them.  It was a fun time.  Again we had eye shine watching us and Roo letting us know when they came too close.  We took them over on the other side of the ravine where there are some structures and also where we heard the rhythmic knocking 2 summers ago.  Rob had found a 13 inch print and then I spotted what at first I thought was a really weird foot print.  Then I realized it was a knuckle print!  In my picture I put my hand above it without touching the ground to show how similar it was to my knuckle.  In reality it was much bigger than my hand.

Then I found a 13 inch print almost exactly where I had heard the whistling in July.

When I had planned this weekend with Maida, I told her to bring a book to read.  That I was going to send the guys off while we read and see what happens.  Well...we did this and...

I was facing the ravine where I found that 13 inch print.  So we sat and read.  After a while Roo got restless and started to look around.  I nudged Maida and told her to keep reading but watch from the side of her eyes for movement.  I got Roo to laid back down but she was watching the tree line again.  In fact she was watching to the right of Maida.  I glanced up and saw a black upright figure watching us.  It was right next to a tree.  I told Maida what I saw and she was so upset that she could not see it unless she turned her head.  It quickly left and then we talked for a while.  We waited a while before going over there.  From what we can figure it was about 40 yards away and about 7 feet tall.  The photo is where I saw the figure.  No, there is not one in the picture.  It was taken after it had left.

Remember the marble thing we had going on at Roo's Place? 
We did not receive any in the 2017 year but...

We had something interesting.  My daughter Jennifer had started to go camping with us.  She says she is not really interested but she had seen the rock fly out of the tree line and hit my chair.  She had heard some howls one night that Jon and I did not hear.  She said it was not a wolf or coyote.  It was deep and very long.  It kept going on and on.  She said Roo got up and was listening to it too.  She had seen the structures which without me saying anything said they look purposely made.  She had made a glyph the summer of 2016 where we had found an asterisk.  During the summer of 2016, I  had some exchanges of glyphs.  Which you can read in my earlier posts.  Nothing happened after Jennifer had made the glyph in 2016 but I always checked it when I went to Roo's Place.  You never know.  She had made a triangle and over time you can tell it had been moved a little from weather and deer but it was still there.  So the weekend we had our friends from Utah visit, something was added next to Jennifer's glyph.  You will see in the picture the new glyph.   It is something I have never seen before...

 It was to the right of Jennifer's triangle.
I also took a close up of the glyph. 
See how careful it was to put it together? 
This was purposely made!  It was not there a month ago.

What do you think?

I never know what to expect at Roo's Place.  There are several points that I have learned from Roo's Place:
  • Don't expect anything.  Go to enjoy camping and being out in the forest.
  • For some reason they are tolerant of Roo.  They scare her and make her uneasy but they haven't tried to hurt her.  I think they let her know who is in charge.  We do not allow her to bark or chase wildlife.  
  • They seemed to be curious of people we bring.  Especially women.
  • They are curious-several times at night once we are in our tent when some of us are asleep, we have had our containers opened, they have touched utensils that are hanging up (we could hear them doing this), after a storm trying to peek in the tent (that is in one of my earlier post), them looking in our cars (hand prints on windows) and a lit up balloon licked.
  • They will approach the campsite when we are there.  Especially when I am alone and occupied such as reading.
  • Don't try to go after them or react.
  • Our mindset is go there to camp and if they want to visit they are welcome to come without fear of us trying to trick them or get something from them.  I am a visitor in their home and will respect their right to be there.
  • I truly feel that the key with our forest friends is not the technology or tricking them or trying to hurt them but to establish a mutual respect where they may be curious about the weird hairless people without fear.  I want nothing from them.  I just want to learn more about them.  This takes time and patience.  Not many are willing to do this but I feel this is the key.  
I have another post I will be doing and you won't believe it has to do with marbles!  I will share that next time.

SQUATCH ON !  My friends!!!!