Saturday, March 30, 2013

I had the pleasure of camping this past week with fellow SIR investigators.  Winter still has a grip on the mountains here in Colorado.  Not a lot of snow but still cold.  It was great to go out exploring and having 6 pairs of eyes looking.

My first day there was great.  I found a track of snow prints, heard steps walking around me while in the facilities tent after dark, saw eye shine and woke up to hear a series of wood knocks.  Not bad for clueless person.

My learning curve continues to expand when I am able to network and spend time with more experienced researchers.  Now I know what eye shine looks like.  Hearing clear distinct wood knocks close by helps you discern the difference between them and rock clacks.  The wood on wood sound is very different from the sharp twang of rock clacks.

As I continue to learn it is still apparent that being clueless in this endeavor will be a lifelong one.  The more I look the more questions I have.  It seems like I ask more questions than anything else.  This keeps me searching for the answers even though after 1 year it is still more questions than answers.  What an intriguing mystery I have embarked on.  I love it!

So we continue on the journey to unlock the hidden answers to this mysterious being that we call BigFoot/Sasquatch.


There will be a more detailed report of this camping trip on the SIR website soon. You are welcome to check it out.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

When I am out investigating and come across a ravine such as this one.  I get all excited and my sense of squatchiness comes alive.  It is areas such as this that grabs my attention.  This ravine spills into a year round creek.  It is close to where I have found hand and foot prints.  Also I found a big double tree break close by.  All of these factors makes my squatchy feelings go on alert.  There is something up there just waiting for me to explore.  Once it is warmer and I can wade across the creek I will be venturing into this intriguing spot.

What is so amazing about my main research area are spots such as this one.  The family of BigFoot who live here have a beautiful and rugged spot that they call home.  It calls me to come and see what else I will find. 

So my friends it is Squatch On!

Onward we go.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Truth only reveals itself when one gives up
all preconceived ideas.  ~Shoseki
I have been very lucky with trying to find spots where our forest friends may be located.  Since I know nothing and ignorant of the Big Foot community it has made my methods a bit outside of the box.  My cluelessness actually has made this a blessing since I don't know better.  I have previously told you about finding clues of BigFoot activity in campgrounds and forested areas used by people.  Most people assume that majority of BigFoot is found in the most remote spots.  I tend to think otherwise.  I am not saying that they are not in the remote spots.  I am saying that they are everywhere with the right conditions and to not write-off areas you would think are too urban or heavily used by people.  This is the criteria I use when looking for spots :
  • Use data obtained from sightings reported to well-known sites.  I would look at maps when reading the sightings.  I have all the detailed maps of the National Forests here in Colorado.  I also have topographical maps of favorite spots too.  It helps if there are at least 3 sightings within a few miles from each other. 
  • How urban is the area?  How the properties and homes are located in the area and how they are situated to forests and water source is important.  Is there an opportunity to stay hidden?
  • Is there a place to go to that is a safe haven?
  • What type of terrain?  Hilly?  Steep?  Are there ravines that naturally can be used to navigate the area?  Is there a water source within the ravine or next to it?  I feel that a major factor in locating BigFoot is looking at ravines and how they are situated.
  • If I was a BigFoot would I be comfortable being there?  Would I feel safe and have enough to eat?
  • Where is the food source?  Here in Colorado many of the outlying suburbs is teeming with deer.  We have a mountain lion that lives in the open space that is located right next to my neighborhood!  It has been spotted and I personally have seen its tracks while out walking my dog.
  • Does the place seem "squatchy?"  I know this sounds a bit off the wall but with me it works.  It is hard to describe.  When I look around I am trying to read what the forest is trying to tell me.  If the signs are there then it is squatchy.  Other investigators who have gone out with me will say that I do this all the time.
I have used these criteria with great success.  It helped me find evidence in my main research and also to find my new research spot.  I have used it to go into areas while out exploring and able to find good evidence and to cast a couple of prints. 
What is fascinating about doing this is trying to use my intelligence and imagination to figure out this human smart being.  I am banking on the humanity aspect of this bipedal primate to forge a curiosity that compels them to reach out to me.
Squatch On my Friends!  Squatch On!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The first weekend of March I had come across a tree break that I call a fence posting because it reminded me of a fence.  I know I came across in my last post that this find was not a big deal but in fact I think it is.  I would like to explain why.

In the first photo you can see my husband standing by this break.  You will notice how big this tree was.  This is no sapling tree.  It is tall enough to span the ravine.

In the second photo you can see that one part was pushed to the left and another part to the right and then down.  There is no evidence of twisting from the wind or another tree falling on it.  It literally looked like something grabbed it and pushed it apart and then down.  It took a tremendous amount of strength to do this.

As my husband and I walked around it we were shocked at the power of who had done this.  There were 3 tree breaks behind this fence posting.  All about 9-10 feet tall.  If this was a message of how big and powerful of who did this then I get it.  I may not understand all of it but I get it. 

I'm telling you that no bear or mountain lion did this.  No way a man did this without tools or equipment. 

It is these signs that I have come across that hits home that they are BIG.

Squatch On!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last weekend we had a major snowstorm and was unable to go to our research spot.  Well, we were able to go this morning.  It was a good sunny day to go.  The only flaw was the knee deep snow.  We decided not to venture into our gifting area until late spring.  So we decided to go look at areas that we haven't seen for a couple months.  One of the advantages of having an ongoing investigation is when you are able to spot new evidence.  I have walked this spot many times.  This morning I noticed some new tree breaks and a double fence posting.  We were able to get in there and take some new pictures.  Even though we did not find any prints we consider it a good day.  Anytime you are able to find new evidence no matter what it is, it is a good day.

Next weekend I will be out of town.  I will be going to Frozen, Dead Guy Days at Nederland, CO.  Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies will be there.  If you are in the area come and hear us.  Meeting new people is always fun.