Monday, September 30, 2013

This endeavor has been a major labor of love.  When I first started out, my family did not know what to think.  My husband started going out on some of my investigations so I wasn't by myself all the time.  When he found the 17 inch print over a year ago he was more enthusiastic and open to this idea of a possible bipedal primate.  Now he has no doubt.  The evidence and our investigations have convinced him.

With this in mind, we went exploring for a new investigation spot for this winter.  We wanted a spot that we both found and will research together.  Where do we look?  How will we know it is the spot for us?  If you have read my earlier posts I have outlined several criteria that I usually use in my investigations.  So far they have not failed.  I will briefly list how we found this new spot.  I added a couple of new criteria due to my factoring in the Colorado winters.

  • I used locations of reported sightings.  I know of 3 in this area.
  • Geography of the terrain.  Ravines?
  • Food source such as deer or elk in area.
  • Relatively easy accessibility for vehicles.  Is the road maintained during the winter?  How steep and rugged is the road?  How close to the main highway and is there a town somewhat close by?
  • Signs of their presence in this location?
The above picture is at one of the spots we explored.  It had all of the above criteria and had many signs we were looking for.  It shows a lot of promise.  Hopefully it delivers.

So my friends I will keep you posted with this spot and my first love, my original spot.  I hope this winter while you are toasty warm reading my posts that you will remember that I am out in the cold, wintery conditions continuing my grand adventure.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Almost 1 year ago I had joined a group of fellow Sasquatch investigators called SIR (Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies).  There were several main factors on why I joined this group.  The 3 factors that I liked about SIR-why they investigate, how they do their investigations and their intent.  Egos and hidden agendas are not for me.  Life is too short and I don't have the time or patience for that.

SIR's approach in their investigations is a more respectful and gentler way.  The intent is not to be portrayed in a negative manner to Sasquatch.  Since SIR is willing to use patience and time at their spots, the Sasquatch groups there will interact with them.  It is this mindset that had me join SIR.  Mike, one of the co-founders have repeated many times, "Would you like to have someone come to your house and behave in a negative manner?  The same thing applies to Sasquatch when you go to their home in the forest."  Screaming, howling, shooting guns, big bad male egos, hunter mindset and dogs all are negative factors to Sasquatch.  The concept of "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" should be used when investigating Sasquatch.

The reason I bring up SIR's mindset is to explain how I and SIR operate when we out investigating.  I want to be a respectful friend to Sasquatch and not a hunter of one.  Your approach and intent is conveyed through your body language and persona when you go out.  If you go having a he-man and a hunter mentality then they will avoid you.  They are almost impossible to find as it is.  Why make it even harder?  I wonder if that is the main reason Sasquatch gravitate more towards women and children?  It make sense.  That is why I have an advantage over some of my fellow investigators.  Being male isn't wrong but it helps being female.

One of the gentle techniques used is offering a friendship plate of food.  This usually takes a while before they trust you enough to eat what you leave them.  Would you eat food that a stranger offers you?  The same thing applies to them.  By going back consistently and offering the friendship plate of food will have them get comfortable enough so they will come and eat.  In the case at one of SIR's research spots you can see them come in with them using their eye shine.  It is amazing and something special.

This approach was used at a friend's spot this past weekend.  Two years ago a "baby monkey" was spotted in a large pine tree.  Since then the friend and his wife have been trying to establish a positive relationship with that group of Sasquatch.  Saturday afternoon, four of us went to the friendship spot to leave an offering of food.  While there, I had walked a little bit away from the others and was scanning around.  I saw 3 black shapes watching us.  They were big.  The one in the middle was swaying sideways back and forth on its feet.   I called the others over and showed them what I saw.  One of us decided to move closer and he saw the face and noticed the brow line and cone head shape.  I told him not to move any closer.  I had seen the big one in the middle turned its head to watch him.  I thought at first they would take off but they stayed where they were.  We left a few minutes later.

If we had been screaming, yelling or doing other negative actions the chances of 4 people seeing 3 Sasquatches would have been zero.  Those Sasquatches would have left and avoided us the whole time we were there camping.  By being respectful, offering friendship and doing human things had this group curious enough to come in to watch and stay.  Starting on Friday and going through Sunday we saw and heard them.

I hope I explained a little of my mindset in this endeavor.  This is a labor of love.  I am on a voyage of discovery.  This journey has been surprising and helped me grow to be a better person by learning from my mistakes and using a lot of patience.  This bipedal primate is an amazing being.  I hope I have shown them the better side of human nature.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The adage that when it rains it pours could be applied to me.  I really do need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.  My journey is so unexpected and exciting.  I had another visual this weekend.  This place was over a hundred miles from my research spot and about 50 miles from the other one I had a couple of weeks ago.  I consider all of my recent sightings lucky but this one was truly a chance encounter.  If I wasn't being diligent about looking up and scanning the area then they would have stayed hidden while watching us.

They were black and very big.  One was swaying back and forth on its legs and turned its head to watch one of us as he walked a little bit closer.  He said he could see the face and the cone head shape of its head.  We stayed and watched for a couple more minutes and then left.  We went back the next day.  I found an impression on the game trail that goes right to the spot.

I have no doubt on what I saw.  There were three of them.  All a different size.  The one in the middle was the biggest.  I went from wishing to see one to seeing several in a few short weeks.  WOW!

Ya gotta love it!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last weekend was one of my favorite things to do.  I combined my love of Sasquatch with the joy of a child.  A friend of mine has a 9 nine year old son who is fascinated with Sasquatch.  I had taken him out several months ago and had so much fun that we went out again to a different spot.  One of the advantages of living here in Colorado is the choice of where to look.  This time I picked a spot purely on how squatchy it was.  It just called out to me.

Jordan and I started out on designated trails but there was nothing of interest.  I noticed up on top of a hill some aspens and pines that may have a ravine with a stream nearby.  I climbed up and sure enough the area was showing some promising signs.  I had Jordan join me and we went down into the spot.  As we went down to the stream, we came across a game trail.  I found 3 tree breaks in a row.  I found some tree structures too.  We did not find any prints but maybe next time.

We explored another spot that goes directly up from this spot that pointed to even more signs.  They are in the area.  I'm hoping to see signs that they are in there often and may even live close by.  I had to curtail the investigation because poor Jordan was worn out.  He keep wondering why our forest friends live in such hilly and hard to walk places.  I smiled and said that is why they do.

Children are unpredictable and impulsive.  Their joy of exploring and openness to possibilities make them the perfect squatching buddy.  Jordan played with his whistle.  He picked things up.  He examined just about everything and his drive to figure things out is the perfect partner.  I absolutely loved it.

The best part of my day was when Jordan was eating his ice cream and asked when will we go out again.  I couldn't ask for a better partner.