Saturday, January 19, 2013

My husband and I met with 2 other SIR investigators today.  We met at a spot where I had found 2 tracks of prints almost 2 months ago.  I was by myself the first time there.  I was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer number of prints at this location.  There was literately thousands of prints of anything and everything going down to the edge of the water.  I took a deep breath and divided the area into a grid.  I spent well over an hour walking my grid.  It paid off.  I found 2 sets of tracks.  I did cast one of the prints.  It did not come out as well as I was hoping because of the soil conditions and it being my first cast.  Still it shows toes and is a good size.  Not bad for a rookie.

It was nice to go to this location with 4 set of eyes instead of only 1.  We wanted to explore a spot that looked interesting but could not because of the snow and ice.  We will do that later in the year.  We went back to the spot where I found those 2 tracks of prints.  Pay dirt!  My husband and another fellow SIR investigator each found a track of prints.  I cast one of the prints.  Since we had to wait for it to firm up we decided to check the another area.

It was beautiful but we did not see anything of interest like we did at the first spot.  This second spot was more out in the open whereas the other spot was isolated and a little bit more remote.  So we went back to the first spot.  The snow had melted a bit more and my husband started to look where the snow had melted.  He found another track of prints.  As I was working with the first print and digging it out of the ground the others documented the new prints found.  They decided to cast another print.  We ran out of casting material!  We could have cast 8 prints today!!!!!

This spot is so amazing.  For us to have cast a total of 3 prints on 2 separate occasion is great.  We plan on going back and camp there when it is warmer.  My mind just spins thinking of the possibilities that may happen when we do.  Of course I will keep you in the loop with this.

I am so blessed to live in this wonderful and wild state of Colorado.  Also to have made wonderful friends with other BigFoot investigators.  This makes my exploration addictive.  I keep wanting to find more.

Onward to more adventures!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have been physically searching for the evidence of BigFoot now for over a year.  I have been lucky in my adventures.  I have found many things in this time frame which had taken many researchers years to find.  I also have been lucky that I haven't been seriously hurt or killed doing this.  There are risks involved in this endeavor whether people want to admit it or not.  BigFoot is a BIG forest being that is a predator.  They eat other animals.  Like any other predator including people there is risk factors involved especially for a woman.  I am careful while out and try to keep my eyes and ears open for possible problems.  The main thing I try to do while out exploring is to keep my mindset positive and being respectful of my surroundings and others who are sharing the woods and forest I am in. 
While I am out I have come across many things.  I try not to think everything I find is BigFoot related.  I have come across some things that I know that are man-made and possibly made to look BigFoot related.  I still don't understand people's reasoning on doing this.  They are only adding to the public perception of hoaxes and its all a joke in regards to BigFoot.  There is enough real evidence out there.  This is not necessary and downright wrong.  People who do this need to stop.
I am hoping in this new year I will keep finding more evidence, establish a larger BigFoot network within the BigFoot community and to help others who want to learn about this bipedal primate that lives in our woods and forest.  When the DNA findings are published I am curious on how they will be categorized within our natural world.  The indications so far show they have human genes and may be a hybrid of great ape and humans.  Lets hope we don't repeat our history on how our society has treated animals and Native Americans in the past.  This is a great time for us to show the positive aspects of our society.  Greed, selfishness and fame should never be a factor in this equation. 
This clueless person will continue her adventure.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter finally came to Colorado.  It has been mild and dry until 10 days ago.  The good thing about that I was able to go in and explore the steep and rugged areas while there wasn't snow.  There wasn't much action going on at the gifting rock until recently.  I was thinking maybe they have moved to another location.  But every time I left food for them it was taken.  I'm thinking they were getting ready for winter. 

This past 10 days when I went to the gifting rock I heard movements, knocks and even had one growl at me!  Before the snow came I found some impressions around the rock.  When I was getting ready to leave the other day there was a distinct knock my husband heard across and down past the creek.  That was the loudest one heard in over a month.

10 inches of snow is now on the ground in this area.  I have found some snow impressions but they were not distinct enough for me to make a clear determination of what made them.  Multiple types of overlapping impressions make it hard to figure out.  Two were possible BigFoot but I'm not real certain.  So I will say they were a maybe. 

I have been excited about the snow coming because I was hoping this will make tracking easier for me.  I did not take into account that they are human smart and will make this hard, almost impossible.  I expected to find their snow tracks around the gifting rock but that was not the case.  The food was taken but not where it went.  There were 2 impressions that looked like bare feet at the base of the gifting rock but nothing else.  I am surmising that they stood at the base and reached up carefully without touching anything but the food and then walked back on the tracks around the area and made no new tracks.  Where they go from this point I'm not sure.  It doesn't make sense but that is the way it is.  I have tracked a person's tracks that was not too far away wondering if they discovered the gifting rock area.  I had no problems following them and followed until the tracks left the area.  Never did go near the rock area to my relief.

What I'm trying to say is that I can track prints and movements but I have not been able to track the family of BigFoot coming in and out the gifting rock area.  The only thing I think is that they are climbing the trees.  Which makes sense if they don't want to be found.

For this winter I have decided that I will only go once a month to visit the gifting rock and not explore the surrounding area which includes the nesting area and where I had glimpses of them.  The reason I am doing this is that they know I know where they are and what areas they have marked off as theirs.  I will respect their privacy and need to hide.  I do not want to add stress to them during the long cold winter.  They have enough to do in order to survive and don't need me to add more to their plate.

So are you wondering what will I do now?  Remember I have found other spots within a few miles of this research area that may indicate more activities.  So I will go explore the other areas to see what I will discover.  One of my plans for this winter is to go back to the area where I found that clump of hair, rock stacks and the 17 inch print.  I also have another area I am interested in and may start looking into.  Our forest friends are all over Colorado.  I won't have a problem of not finding a place to explore.

I would like to thank you for allowing me to share my clueless journey.  I wish you and your family a safe and Happy New Year.  My wish is for peace and protection for the bipedal North American Primate known as my forest friends for the 2013 year and beyond.