Sunday, May 4, 2014

I have talked in the past about seeing eye shine at a couple of locations that I go to.  I went one night this weekend to one of those locations.  Again the group at this location used their eye shine with us.  This is probably the best I have experienced.  I have had some great eye shine in the past but not this prolong and that many using eye shine at one time.

The large pine tree in the middle was where we saw most of the eye shine.  We believe they came up the valley behind the tree and came to our left.  They used this tree to keep an eye on us.  There was one always watching us from this spot.  What was unusual was that the other ones used their eye shine too.  We watched them with their eye shine move from behind this tree and move to the right where we had left them a gift of food.  We watched them move!  At one point we had 5 maybe 6 of them shining their eyes at us.  They had surrounded us to our left, in front, to the right and behind us.  They kept the eye shine on while moving around us.  We watched one at a time go to the food.  One would move across the open space and then another.  It was amazing.  No fear.

We were there for quite a while.  When we walked back to our campsite one walked to the right and parallel to us.  What was neat we heard muffled noises the whole time while sitting at the camp fire.  These noises were yells, howls, muffled voices and whoops.

Yep it was a good trip.