Monday, August 24, 2015

Roo's Place

The irony of this place was that I was not looking for a new research location.  Sometimes things happen for a reason and this location may be one.  This location has the honor to be named after my loyal companion by the name of Roo.  I had adopted her over six months ago from a shelter.  She was found as a stray who was abused, neglected and starved.  She has a gentle, loving and very loyal heart.  I am not sure what made me go when I saw her profile picture online but I felt I needed to see her.  Now she is happy, content and 15 pounds heavier.  I could not ask for a better furry friend.

The reason I mention this is because I was planning on traveling to the state of Washington to a campout that I have been planning on going to for over a year in July.  Now that I adopted a dog that needed to be socialized and to learn people are good, I needed to see how she would camp.  So my husband and I decided to go camping a couple of weeks before the campout.  We were not looking to find an active Bigfoot location but we knew we were camping in an area that they are known to be in.  In fact we did not investigate this location for signs of Bigfoot activity.  We only looked for a secluded and quiet spot to introduce camping to Roo.   Hmmm...

It was a good location.  A place for Roo to run and explore without too much signs of deer and other wildlife for her to chase and get lost.  We had explored an area across the ravine from us.  Much to our surprise we had found some structures we suspect were Bigfoot related.

Once it got dark we sat around our campfire and then Roo started to get nervous.  She is not a nervous dog.  Very laid back.  To my surprise I heard a couple of tree knocks.  Off and on until 10:00 pm, Roo began to try to climb into our laps and kept watching the edge of the ravine behind us.  She was so nervous and getting a bit freaked out.  I had reassured her and had her lay down between my husband and I.  I had put her leash on just before all of this started to happen.  Thank goodness.  I think she would have bolted on us and probably would have lost her in the forest.  At one point she turned and growled a little scared bark at something that was right there behind us.  It happened again.  I suspect one or two had approached us closely and Roo let them know that was too close!

Between 10:00 and 10:30, we started to hear rhythmic wood knocks across the ravine from us.  We heard them where we had found some structures earlier in the day.  About 1/2 way through the knocks I realized I had my camera on me and turned on the video to record the last few minutes of the knocks.  It had paused in knocking so I had my husband knock back.  The knocking started up again just before he knocked.  We sat there amazed at the knocks.  We knew exactly where the knocks came from.  Roo, my husband and I had turned and listened to the knocks. 

This is the recording.  I have not done anything to it except put it on youtube so I can share it with you and others.  You will hear Jon knocking loudly and the knocks from them that were quieter and from a distance.

Rhythmic Wood Knocks in Colorado

Pretty cool for not looking for an active Bigfoot location and found one any ways. 

So that is why this place is called Roo's Place.   Each time we go it gets better and better.  So until next time:


Sunday, August 23, 2015

My journey of discovery of the bi-pedal primate here in Colorado has been a road with many twists and turns.  When I go back and read how my journal here on this blog has been an enriching and life changing endeavor, I am amazed by several factors.  The people I have met who I now call friend and the places I have been has been incredible but the most profound aspect of my journey had me go from wanting to believe/prove Bigfoot to being what I would call a knower.  I know they are real and out there in our woods and forest because of what I have seen, smelled and experienced while on this incredible journey.  Now I am wanting to learn more about them.  That my friends is why I started this journey.  I went from wanting to believe something that you feel is true but was based either on my emotions or from another person to now as a knower.  I have the proof by experience and evidence.  Do you see the difference?  There is nothing wrong with belief but for me in this endeavor I wanted more than belief.

I would like to thank each of you who has gone on this journey with me through my blog.  Again I am at a cross roads with this blog.  I will continue my journey in this manner or will I concentrate on one aspect of my investigations?  I have decided to go with my gut and concentrate on one of my investigations.  I feel if I do this then it will be more personal for you and for me.  I hope you enjoy this new twist to my blog.  I am excited to start what I suspect will be a major labor of love.

My blog will now concentrate on what I call Roo's Place.  What is amazing about this place is that it had me change my perspective of our forest friends that I did not see coming.  If you go back and read some of my earlier blogs, I have been very emphatic about our forest friends and dogs.  I still think here in Colorado that it is not a good thing to have dogs with you while out in the field camping but life in general you will find there will be exceptions.  I may have found an exception here at this location.  I am thinking that the personality of Roo, my dog and being an experienced investigator may have played a major factor at this location.

In my next post, I will start at the beginning of how we found this place and why.  The irony is wonderful.  I still smile and laugh when I think about this.  I hope to have you with me with my next post.  Until then....