Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bigfoot in Georgia

I have been very busy traveling around to other locations in other states these past few months.  One of the special and unexpected aspects about my journey of discovery is meeting and making friends with others from all over the country and world who have the same interests in this amazing bipedal primate.  I was invited to go camping in Georgia with some of these friends.  I flew there and absolutely enjoyed myself. 
One of the most amazing things while camping there was hearing the vocals of the local Bigfoot every night.  One night in particular stood out to me.  I was hearing one scream to the right and then another screamed back that came from my left.  They did this screaming back and forth for a couple of minutes.  The last scream from the left ended and then the one on the right do several deep W  W  O  O  P  P-W  W  O  O  P  P.  Then nothing.  This camping trip was very special to me because I had never heard screams or yells from them before.  I have heard mostly whoops, grunts, growls, whistles and a couple of howls. 
On my first day there I also had the pleasure of having one shadow me while 2 friends and I were exploring the woods not too far from our campsite.  A black one was seen coming out from the woods from the trail and walking over into the treeline.  Then I popped out a moment later on the trail!  My friends and I had found some prints and heard some movements walking with us while in there but had not seen one.

That to me explains how they can stay hidden from us.  To be able to move around and not be seen by the 3 of us while in the woods is amazing! 

In my next blog I will talk about my adventure in Missouri.  This location turned out to be very special to me because a friend trusted me enough to take me to his location.  It has the same look and feel as my special location here in Colorado.  I fell in love with the place.  I have plans on going back.

So my friends: