Thursday, November 26, 2015

Roo's Place Continues with the first of the 2 orange marbles!

This post on Roo's Place was another perplexing and exciting time there.  I had talked about finding those 2 marbles at this location.  Well... there is more to this story that I would like to share with you.  I do want to say that I try to be careful and analyze what I find.  Trying to figure out all possibilities first before thinking Bigfoot.  There are many out there who may think people like me think everything is Bigfoot and that there are no other possibilities to what was found, experienced or heard.  But the fact is I am the opposite to this mindset.  Let me give you an example of this that was experienced here at this location:

     The camping trip before this one we were hearing a lot of knocks during the day.  These knocks were fairly close and had no rhyme or reason to them.  We were excited but puzzled because from past experiences from other locations the knocks were not quite like these we were hearing.  Plus they did not seem like the ones we heard at night and also a couple of them were completely different to these.  Some even sounded like something falling and hitting the ground.
     This camping trip we started to hear these knocks again.  We finally figured out what was these knocks!  The squirrels at this location were breaking pinecones off in the trees and dropping them.  They were loud.  We knew the sound did not sound quite right but they did sound like knocks.  Now we ignore those sounds.  This was another experience in the forest that you need to learn so your deductions are more accurate.

We did hear knocks several times later on in the day and then during the evening we knew were not squirrel related.  This weekend was a great weekend for us to learn and becoming familiar to the sounds.  I do want to say that the squirrel related knocks were only from about 8:00 am to about 5:00 pm.  We did not hear them outside of this time frame.  I got rather good at telling the difference between squirrel and our forest friends.

On at Saturday I had walked down to the spot where we had left the steak/bones for our friends.  They had taken a bite out of mine but they were there when we left the weekend before.  I was anxious to see if they were still there.  I wasn't expecting them to be because there are other creatures in the forest that would eat them after we left.

My steak/bone was gone but Jon's was still there.  I suspect this was Bigfoot related because why would a coyote, bear or crow leave one still there?  Plus it probably would have been knocked down to the ground when they had taken or eaten my steak/bone.  It was on top of Jon's.  I found it interesting that there was a bite taken out of mine the weekend before and now it is gone... BUT that was not all!

I found another marble!  I found it on the way back from checking the structure where I had left the steaks/bones.  Again on the pathway I use to go back to the campsite.  What are the odds of me finding the 2 marbles the weekend before and then finding this one the next weekend?  This marble WAS NOT there beforehand. 
Also this was not all that had happened this weekend either.

This next thing I would like to point out, I know the time frame of when it happened.  Which was between 9:00 am-5 pm.  It was in the day time and I it surprised me.  I checked this structure at least twice that day.  Once in the morning and then before it gets dark.  Now I don't try to check it too much because of this weekend.  I want this to happen again if possible and they may not do this if I am watching it.

This is a close up of what I found Saturday morning.  It was what I expected to find.  Thank goodness I take a lot of pictures.  This helps me to keep a visual track of what I am finding.  There are a lot of sticks when they fall that look like a glyph.  The key to being accurate and making sure it was not naturally made is to look at the whole area, take pictures from many angles and to check often.  That way you rule out other factors.  I had checked this area the night before and knew what I would see.  There was no rain or wind, so I knew what the conditions were.  I had found the top middle one before and made the bottom one.  This photo below is what I saw after 5:00 pm Saturday.

The stick to the right of my glyph and the bigger flatter one was not there Saturday morning.  I have an idea of what it means but it is a personal one and I will keep it to myself.  All I will say is that I suspect it has something to do with the orange marble.  I will leave it at that since it is my opinion and not based on anything more.

This place is amazing.  I had also found some more structures that ring our campsite.  I had invited my friend Harriett and her husband to come and spend a weekend with us here.  Boy, that was a GREAT weekend.  We had some great things happened and also something that I was not expecting to experience at this location.  Come back and hear what had happened on that weekend.  I am excited to share it with you.  So my friends until next time...


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our Third Camping Trip at Roo's Place!

We were late getting to our camping spot on Friday night but I forced Jon to stop so I took this pretty picture of the sunset.  For me it was worth being late even though we had to set up camp in the dark.  Thank goodness for headlamps and being frequent campers. 
As soon as we got out of the car Roo freaked out and tried to bolt.  She kept looking behind us in the ravine area and did her grumble, growl talk that she seems to do when they are around and too close for her comfort when she is outside.  I put her leash on her and kept her close to me and she seemed to settle down.  We set up the tent and then went to bed.  At one point during the night Roo did get up and followed something that was walking around the tent.  She did a small startle bark once also.  I did hear some walking around the tent but that was about all the first night there.
The next morning as I walked around the campsite there are two areas I always check while there at Roo's Place.  One low lying structure that is located fairly close to the tent and a tall structure that is down on the edge of where we are and close to the ravine.  There is something special about both places but that tall structure... 
I haven't figured out why but it seems to be placed there for a unique purpose.  As I was walking back from the structure I glanced down and found 2 marbles!  I was shocked to see them there.  Could they have been left there by a child?  There was no evidence of other people using the campsite.  In fact it looked like it hasn't been used for over a year or longer until we started to use it.  Washed down?  From where would it wash down from and if there was no evidence of use there?  It being washed down did not seem a likely explanation.  The marbles were not imbedded in the ground or even looked like they were there for a long time.  They simply were resting on top of the ground.  Side by side.  They were right where I walk when I walk up from the structure.  I usually go down to the right more and then come up another way.  Over to the left more.  Hmmm...who would know this unless I was being watched?  This is pretty consistent on how I check on the structure.
We decided to go explore about a mile from our campsite.  When we got back Jon cut and stacked our firewood.  Later we saw that there was going to be some thunderstorms coming in and cooked our steak dinner on the campfire before the rain came.  Barely.  I had bought big steaks.  We shared some with Roo and then decided to share some with our friends.  Finding the marbles down by the structure gave me the idea to gift some of our steaks with them there.  We took the steak/bones down to the structure.  We placed Jon's left over steak/bone first.  I took a little bite out of mine to show it was safe and good to eat.  Then we went back to the campsite.
The thunderstorm came.  It rained for quite a while.  Once it stopped the water in the pines kept dropping onto our tent to make it sound like it still rained.  Jon asked me if I wanted to go outside and I said no I would stay in and relax in my chair while Roo laid quietly in her bed.  
It was starting to get dark.  Jon had gone and sat in the jeep to listen to sports while I quietly sat in the tent.  Half of our tent door was zipped closed where I sat.  Roo sat to my right and closer to the opened part of the tent.
All of a sudden I heard something like a large person walk towards the tent from the direction of the low lying structure.  I looked down at Roo and she was looking towards where the steps were coming from.  Roo and I sat there quietly listening to the steps approach the tent on the side where the door is zipped closed and I was sitting behind it in the tent.  I then heard it walk on the tarp we had under our tent but had some of it extending out to act as a rug for the entrance of the tent.  It then walked over towards the opening of the door.  It then knocked something over by a tree by the tent door and took off back towards the trees. 
I stood up and looked outside but saw nothing.  About 2 minutes later Jon got out of the car and came to the tent.  I told him what had happened and that I heard something was knocked down by the tree by the door of the tent.  He looked and said his walking stick was down on the ground and he was sure he had leaned it against the tree trunk.  I left the tent and said I heard it walked on the tarp.  I found a 16 inch impression on the tarp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So from what I can figure out:

Jon had gone to the jeep which was behind the tent.  There was no noise coming from the tent.  So I am thinking a curious Bigfoot decided to try to peek into my tent to see what was in there.  When it got close enough to the middle of the tent, I think it glanced in and saw Roo.  It then knocked over the walking stick as it walked quickly pass the tree to go back into the tree line.


The next morning I got up and check the two structures.  The one that had the steaks on it had something.  The steak that I had taken a small bite out of had a large bite in it but nothing else.

So we packed up and left.

I told you this place gets better and better.  The next time we went I was floored again.  I will save that for the next post.

So my friends:  SQUATCH ON!!!



Saturday, September 19, 2015

3rd Visit at Roo's Place

I know I had said I would talk about the unexpected gifting that had started there but I had visited this location before the third camping trip.  I went through my stuff to make sure my accounts at Roo's Place was accurate.  My third visit was actually a day time visit when Roo and I did some hiking and exploring about 45 minutes away.  I had decided to go check the place out and to have my late lunch there.  Also I did do some reading/relaxing before going home.  I am glad I went.  I had found a print there.  Right where we usually pitch our tent. 

I could tell it was not a recent print.  The pictures did not really show the toes clearly but there were toes in that print.  I had found some lighter impressions about 4 feet in a clothesline track line from this print going back into the trees.   My guess was that one came looked around and then walked back into the trees. 

I also did some more exploring around the campsite and found some more structures.  What I found fascinating about the structures was the manner in which they were made.  They were made in layers with many of the logs upside down and made by natural means seemed impossible because of the angles and distance the trees were from each other.  They looked purposely made.  I was not able to find the bottoms to some of them.  Also what I had found here that caught my attention was how the X was situated to the structures.  Almost every one of the big structures at this location had an X above and sideways to them.  Many of these structures had tree breaks incorporated into the structure itself.  Ringing the area were tree breaks.  Many I would call trail markers.  The more I looked the more I found here.  I am wondering if this location has some significance to them.  As far as I can tell they do not seemed to mind us there.

As I looked over my pictures and pondered what has been found and when found, I am wondering if the gifting was started because of my day time visit.  I will be talking about the third camping trip in my next post.  This third camping trip started the gifting.  FYI-This gifting was NOT initiated by me or my husband.  I was so surprised at what I found when I walked up from a very cool structure.  This first gift from them I would have never expected.  I am in a national forest and you don't expect to find stuff like this there.  Getting this type of gift I would expect from the group at my special spot but not at Roo's Place.  The two locations are 1 1/2 hours away from each other.  I am not sure what to think.  I have some guesses but that is all.

So my friends I will be talking about the third camping trip in my next post.  I felt this day time visit warranted its own post.  I still am excited about that camping trip and can't wait to share with you what had happened. 



Monday, September 7, 2015

Second Camping Trip to Roo's Place

After the first camping trip to Roo's Place, it was a natural assumption for us to go back the next weekend.  Correct, we went.  It was one of those trips that if you compare it to the weekend before you would think a disappointing trip.  Not so. 

When you have been out in the field as long as I have and on a consistent basis of almost every weekend then it is NEVER a wasted weekend.  Your presence and consistent basis helps keep a record of any changes to the environment whether by natural means or by our friends.  The more frequent the trips the better record you are able to record of the area.

We had wood knocks off and on Saturday night but nothing like the weekend before.  We did have something approach us while we sat around the camp fire.  Roo did a growl, barky scared short bark that I suspect she does when they are too close for her comfort.  She also will look off into the night at the ravines ringing this location and then freaks out and tries to climb into our laps.  Not typical behavior.  She is usually content to lay in her doggy bed between our camp chairs.

This weekend is what I would call the Signs of Bigfoot.  The signs are what I look for while scouting for a locations that may point to Bigfoot activity.  Well unbeknownst to Jon and I the signs are here at this location!  We found the signs after camping here the first time.  I am not sure if our instincts for looking for Bigfoot kicked in while selecting this site to camp and did not realize it.  I do feel this location was meant to be for us and for our dog Roo.

Oh! The structures found were amazing.  I am still excited about finding them.   My plan is to grid them, make a map with type of structures, and where at this location.  Many of these structures have been found by me and others at other locations hundreds of miles away.  To find similar structures and the amount found at this location hopefully will help me find patterns.  Maybe this will help me figure out the big question of what they are saying.  I have already figured out they are used as communication like we do with our road signs but hopefully I can figure out a little of the meaning.

So this weekend may seem like nothing to you but in my journey of discovery this may become a major point of learning for me.  This elusive, shy and amazing bipedal primate is so intelligent and savvy in many ways.  I really think hiding in plain sight with our perception of them being a myth has helped them to survive in spite of humans.  I will be sharing many things on this blog about Roo's Place but I will not share some of what I may learn that could be used to possibly hurt or put them in danger.  With that being said, I hope you will continue this journey with me at Roo's Place.  Its a wonderful place.

The next post will be about sharing and what I had found there that I did not expect.  So until then my friends...


Monday, August 24, 2015

Roo's Place

The irony of this place was that I was not looking for a new research location.  Sometimes things happen for a reason and this location may be one.  This location has the honor to be named after my loyal companion by the name of Roo.  I had adopted her over six months ago from a shelter.  She was found as a stray who was abused, neglected and starved.  She has a gentle, loving and very loyal heart.  I am not sure what made me go when I saw her profile picture online but I felt I needed to see her.  Now she is happy, content and 15 pounds heavier.  I could not ask for a better furry friend.

The reason I mention this is because I was planning on traveling to the state of Washington to a campout that I have been planning on going to for over a year in July.  Now that I adopted a dog that needed to be socialized and to learn people are good, I needed to see how she would camp.  So my husband and I decided to go camping a couple of weeks before the campout.  We were not looking to find an active Bigfoot location but we knew we were camping in an area that they are known to be in.  In fact we did not investigate this location for signs of Bigfoot activity.  We only looked for a secluded and quiet spot to introduce camping to Roo.   Hmmm...

It was a good location.  A place for Roo to run and explore without too much signs of deer and other wildlife for her to chase and get lost.  We had explored an area across the ravine from us.  Much to our surprise we had found some structures we suspect were Bigfoot related.

Once it got dark we sat around our campfire and then Roo started to get nervous.  She is not a nervous dog.  Very laid back.  To my surprise I heard a couple of tree knocks.  Off and on until 10:00 pm, Roo began to try to climb into our laps and kept watching the edge of the ravine behind us.  She was so nervous and getting a bit freaked out.  I had reassured her and had her lay down between my husband and I.  I had put her leash on just before all of this started to happen.  Thank goodness.  I think she would have bolted on us and probably would have lost her in the forest.  At one point she turned and growled a little scared bark at something that was right there behind us.  It happened again.  I suspect one or two had approached us closely and Roo let them know that was too close!

Between 10:00 and 10:30, we started to hear rhythmic wood knocks across the ravine from us.  We heard them where we had found some structures earlier in the day.  About 1/2 way through the knocks I realized I had my camera on me and turned on the video to record the last few minutes of the knocks.  It had paused in knocking so I had my husband knock back.  The knocking started up again just before he knocked.  We sat there amazed at the knocks.  We knew exactly where the knocks came from.  Roo, my husband and I had turned and listened to the knocks. 

This is the recording.  I have not done anything to it except put it on youtube so I can share it with you and others.  You will hear Jon knocking loudly and the knocks from them that were quieter and from a distance.

Rhythmic Wood Knocks in Colorado

Pretty cool for not looking for an active Bigfoot location and found one any ways. 

So that is why this place is called Roo's Place.   Each time we go it gets better and better.  So until next time:


Sunday, August 23, 2015

My journey of discovery of the bi-pedal primate here in Colorado has been a road with many twists and turns.  When I go back and read how my journal here on this blog has been an enriching and life changing endeavor, I am amazed by several factors.  The people I have met who I now call friend and the places I have been has been incredible but the most profound aspect of my journey had me go from wanting to believe/prove Bigfoot to being what I would call a knower.  I know they are real and out there in our woods and forest because of what I have seen, smelled and experienced while on this incredible journey.  Now I am wanting to learn more about them.  That my friends is why I started this journey.  I went from wanting to believe something that you feel is true but was based either on my emotions or from another person to now as a knower.  I have the proof by experience and evidence.  Do you see the difference?  There is nothing wrong with belief but for me in this endeavor I wanted more than belief.

I would like to thank each of you who has gone on this journey with me through my blog.  Again I am at a cross roads with this blog.  I will continue my journey in this manner or will I concentrate on one aspect of my investigations?  I have decided to go with my gut and concentrate on one of my investigations.  I feel if I do this then it will be more personal for you and for me.  I hope you enjoy this new twist to my blog.  I am excited to start what I suspect will be a major labor of love.

My blog will now concentrate on what I call Roo's Place.  What is amazing about this place is that it had me change my perspective of our forest friends that I did not see coming.  If you go back and read some of my earlier blogs, I have been very emphatic about our forest friends and dogs.  I still think here in Colorado that it is not a good thing to have dogs with you while out in the field camping but life in general you will find there will be exceptions.  I may have found an exception here at this location.  I am thinking that the personality of Roo, my dog and being an experienced investigator may have played a major factor at this location.

In my next post, I will start at the beginning of how we found this place and why.  The irony is wonderful.  I still smile and laugh when I think about this.  I hope to have you with me with my next post.  Until then....


Monday, June 22, 2015

This past weekend Jon and I took our dog Roo camping to see how she does. We were not purposely trying to go out investigating but had picked an area that was known for Bigfoot activity. We found signs of them close to our campsite. As we sat around the campfire Saturday night, Roo freaked out a couple of times, was anxious, tried to climb into my lap several times and was watching continuously a few spots around our campsite. Twice she did a little bark at something close. Then at 10:00 pm we started to hear rhythmic tree knocking. About 1/2 way through I turned on my camera and recorded until it quit. When I turned on the camera there was a lull in the knocking so I asked Jon to knock back. You can hear the knocking started up again and then Jon knocked. Jon did some more and his owl call in this video. You can plainly hear the knocks that were across the ravine from us. 


Squatch On!  My friends.  Squatch ON!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I drove 12 hours from Colorado to go camping in Missouri.  I was almost to my destination when I had to run into a Walmart because of severe weather.  It rained all night the first night and had to sleep in the car because we were unable to set our tents up.  Spend one day investigating and then get up early on Sunday to drive 12 hours back to Colorado.  All by myself.

It was worth it!  I am in love with Missouri.  I am so glad I did this. 

I had made arrangements to go camping with another Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Investigator at his location.  I was there for one brief morning last October and I wanted to go back.  I was so impressed with the location and all that Shane has done there.  This spot continues to be impressive.

Shane and I arrived in the dark and steady rain on Friday night.  We had decided to sleep in our cars because of the rain.  In spite of the rain we decided to explore the area.  Within 10 minutes we had found a track way of 19 inch prints going down into a stream.  We also found where this Biggie had followed the tree line and then went into the trees.  Over by the stream we had found several prints that were 9 1/2 inches.  We then walked down to where we were going to camp.  We even had a game trail going to the stream from the campsite.  It was a great location that Shane had found for us.

The next morning we got up and then went exploring.  We had found several more prints and Shane noticed some new structures that were not there 2 weeks ago.  We then decided to go to the campsite.  Back behind our campsite right by the game trail was a 14 inch print with toes.  You could also see where this one had walked through the tall grass.  We decided to cast it but had to wait for another friend Matt to get there.  He had postponed his arrival until Saturday because of the rain.  Shane did a great job of casting the print.  It was a beauty. 

Yes, it was a great weekend.  You tend to forget the long drive and weather when you get into your tunnel vision of investigating and finding some cool stuff.  Plus the company was great.  You couldn't ask for more.

Thank you Shane Carpenter for a great weekend in Missouri.  I enjoyed meeting Matt Marston and look forward to camping with him again. 

Colorado is just waiting for the two to come and meet some Sasquatches in my mountains.

SQUATCH ON!  My friends!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On Tuesday it was a beautiful day here in Colorado. So I took most of the day off to go hiking with my dog Roo at one of my locations. What I am about to say is one of those incidents that I have no photos to back up what I saw today. Not even a print or tree structure. I have hundreds from this location but nothing today.

There is this ravine. It has been calling me now for over 1 1/2 years to go explore. I always stop and look at it when I go past it to explore further down. ... It is not one of those places that you can just go in there and explore. It is a very steep and rugged area. So I have been putting it off. Not any more.
I was looking up the ravine. About halfway up the ravine I noticed a brownish reddish what looked to be a head and shoulders watching me. This was about 75 yards away. I stood there looking at it wondering if it was a tree with maybe a rock behind so the shadows would make this look like one. I saw the head turn to look to its right and then looked back at me. At this point I am thinking this could be one. The shape, color and movement makes it a strong possibility. What should I do? Take a picture and have "ONE" of those that is not conclusive and also have the possibility it will leave when I try to take the picture? I decided not to take one. I stood there watching for about 1-2 minutes. I then decided to walk away and explore another spot and to come back to see if the head and shoulders were still there. If still there when I returned would tell me it was more than likely a tree w/rock with shadows. I came back 30 minutes later to check. As I started to come back I heard clearly a rock clack. When I was almost back to the location I heard another rock clack. I was getting pretty excited. I stood exactly where I stood 30 minutes before and there was NOTHING! I moved a little to my right and left to make sure. Nothing.

All I can tell you was that I saw a brownish red head and shoulders watching me up in a very steep and rugged ravine. How do I know it wasn't a shadow or tree? I did my due diligence. I left the area and went back, stood in the exact spot and checked. It was not there. I am confident of what I saw. I saw a Big One watching me as I explored this morning.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The weather here in Colorado for the past month had been tough for someone who enjoys going out and exploring the forests.  The brutal cold with lots of snow had pretty much limited my explorations. 

I was able to sneak in one day of hiking with a friend.  The sun was shining and it was a balmy 36*.  It was nice to get out to smell the forest and enjoy being outside.  We had decided to follow a stream since the snow was too deep to go elsewhere at this location.  In the past I have had luck at this location of finding prints down by a stream.  Around the bend I noticed a sandbar in the middle of the stream.  There was a print right in the middle of it!  Of course I wanted to get measurements and check to see if I can find a track line with this print.  I had to take off my boots, socks and roll up my jeans in order to wade across the stream to the sandbar.  It was bone chilling cold!  It was worth it.  I had found a 14 inch print that was starting to get washed away by the stream.  That print was made earlier that morning.  I went back a week later and the sandbar was completely under water.  I am glad that I went exploring that day. 

I was not able to find more prints.  My guess was that the stream washed any other ones away.  It was a lucky find to find this one on a sandbar.  My guess if I had gone in the afternoon the print would have been washed away.  This spot where the print was found has dense foliage.  Even in the winter it is hard to see anything that is following the stream.  I am sure that is why I have been able to find prints there.  A good way to move about but with lots of cover to stay hidden.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Urban Bigfoot in Colorado?

Today I decided to do some urban squatching at a location I found a little over a year ago. Previously I had found some structures and prints that indicated a group was using this urban area to move through from Pike National Forest to go more east where there are an explosion of deer and elk. This morning I found 3 separate small 9-10 inch prints in mud with toes. They were found in the same location as the other prints I had found over a year ago. One set was very narrow but with toes and a flat foot. This set was standing still. The other two were found to the left and right of the narrow set of prints. Normally when I find narrow prints with toes in the human size range I don't think Bigfoot but due to the time of year and the closeness of the other prints it may indicate Bigfoot. The print with the wide toes had someone walk on it to the right of it. You can see the shoe marks to the right and middle of the print.
Our forest friends will move through some outlying urban areas to go where needed.  As long as there are cover to move undetected  and an alternate escape route. 
I had talked with someone who lives close by to this location and they told me that someone had seen large dark shapes moving through this location and wondered if it was ghosts.
I will continue to monitor this area to see if there are any changes.  My hope is to find more prints that will indicate where they come in and exit. 
So for now my friends it is onward I go.

Monday, January 19, 2015

This past fall, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful state of Alabama for the Bigfooting in Alabama Campout. This wonderful Bigfoot group on Facebook has expanded my circle of friends to include Mary Katherine Scruggs, Martin Scruggs, Dorothy Sullivan and others. 

I would like to talk about what I had found and documented while in Alabama. I have no doubt about the presence of Bigfoot there.  It was a treat to be able to see and document what I had found while making and establishing new friendships.  I was pointed to an area in the tree line where Mary Katherine Scruggs had seen a Bigfoot stand and watch. So naturally I went over there to look and see. I had found a track of prints that stopped just in the tree line. The prints were 14 inches long. It was a great vantage point to watch.

Later on I decided to wander by myself to a spot that drew my attention. As I walked over there I spied a small tree break. This tree break was by itself and reminded me of tree breaks in Colorado that I suspect are used as markers. It had the same look and characteristics. I looked around in that spot and realized my first impression about the tree break seemed to be valid. It is right by a well-used trail. It also looked like it was made to point to an area. I suspect this spot may be used as another vantage point to watch.

Mary Katherine showed me another area that was used by hunters but she suspected our forest friends were in there. When I walked around a deer blind I realized that there may be some structures close by that could be Bigfoot related. I felt they could be a direct response to where the deer blind was located. I found 3 X’s ringing the deer blind on one side. I also found a structure/symbol that is similar to some I had found in Colorado. What the X’s and the structure/symbol means I am not too sure about. I suspect it is some type of communication. 
The conclusion I will draw from my experience there in Alabama and other states is the ability for me to see certain patterns and key clues that point to the elusive bipedal primate.  As a species this primate has some common characteristics shared with others within the species even across the country.  That is what you expect to see with a species.

There are many in the bigfoot world that discount or dismiss tree breaks, structures and symbols. I can understand why because this occurs naturally in the forests and woods. What makes some breaks and structures Bigfoot related are the manner in which they were made. They will be in layers and look purposely made. If you can put randomly made breaks and structures side by side with ones that are Bigfoot related, you will be able to see the difference. Bigfoot related structures have trees wedged and woven into other sticks and trees that could not be made naturally. They are purposely made.
I would like to thank Mary Katherine Scruggs for the invitation and the warm welcome I received while there in Alabama.  Southern hospitality at its finest.  I appreciated her willingness to show me some areas of active Bigfoot activity.  My stay there was much too short.
As my journey of discovery continues I have realized that this journey is still full of mystery and wonderful friendships.  What more could a girl from the wilds of Colorado could ask for?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

At the end of October I was invited to stop and explore a friend's location with him on my way to Alabama.  We met at day break on a cold Friday morning.  My intent was to go explore with him for a couple of hours and then continue on my way to Alabama.  Well, it turned into several hours and I did not get to Alabama until around 10:00 PM.  It was hard to leave when you keep finding physical evidence such as prints and impressions!  Tree Structures were found in key spots that you expect.  Plus the company was great.

This location reminded me of an active Bigfoot location in Colorado.  It was steep, rugged with tree structures in key locations.  And had ravines!  In several locations while exploring we came across prints and impressions.  Even in heavy leaf litter.  The steep slopes and embankments made me feel right at home.  The main difference between this location and Colorado was the thorns and the extremely dense foliage. 

There were many similarities found and validated my friend's investigations of his location to what I have found in Colorado:

  • Year round clean water source.
  • Steep and rugged terrain with ravines.
  • Plentiful food source such as deer and edible plants.
  • Able to hide with ease from people with good ground cover and trees.
  • Have an easy exit when needed.
  • High areas to view activities in the area.
  • Bigfoot is able to navigate the area with ease without detection.
  • Large prints found on a consistent basis.
  • Possible tree structures found in areas of Bigfoot activity.
  • Bigfoot seen or detected by my friend several times.
As I was exploring this jewel of a location I was able to make some deductions and find certain key elements expected in an active Bigfoot location.  All doing this without my friend pointing any of it out!  It was a day of validation for him and myself.  This location was over 12 hours from Colorado and I have never been there.  I was able to find and figure a few things on my own without him pointing it out.  There were many key things found that I would have expected to find in an active Bigfoot location in Colorado but wasn't sure if I would find in another location in another state.

The conclusion that became apparent to me was that certain key elements that I have been associating with Bigfoot may be a common element with them in other states. 

I would like to thank Shane Carpenter who was a gracious host and was willing to share his location with me for a wonderful 4+ hours on a cold fall morning.  I am honored he trusted me enough to share this wonderful location.  He is an excellent field researcher with great eye for details and finding key evidence.  I felt right at home there and did not want to leave. 

So my friends our forest friends have shared characteristics you would expect from a species even hundreds of miles away and in another state.  It just validated my premise that this is a real and living bipedal primate living here in North America.