Sunday, July 8, 2018

First Camping Trip to Roo's Place the Weekend of June 8

Three of my friends from Nebraska came to spend the weekend with me at Roo's Place.  They had such a fun time that they were wanting to come back.  I am glad they did.  I did warn them that usually the first camping weekend there are typically quiet.  It ended up being a good weekend not as busy with Bigfoot activity we sometimes get there but we had some action.

This was Cassie's first trip to Roo's Place so we showed her some of the structures that are very close.

We also found a print.

We had some knocks and eye shine each night.  We found a quartz bed not too far from Roo's Place.  Cassie loved the quartz!  In fact the last night they were there I wasn't with them.  I had to go home because I had to go to work on Monday.  It was hard to leave them there.  I have never had others stay without me there.  They were a little nervous but all was good.  When they got up in the morning there was some quartz left for Cassie!  I guess the group there thought she needed more and had gifted her with some.

She wasn't the only one that was given a gift...

As I came up from the structure where most of the marble stuff has happened, there was a feather right on the pathway.  It was not there 30 minutes before when I went down to the structure and I went the exact way.  This is the first for me to receive a feather from the group there at Roo's Place!  I have received feathers over the years from the group at my special spot.  But that is another location and another group.

So for the first 2018 camping weekend at Roo's Place had turned out to be more active than I had anticipated.  I even warned my friends not to expect much.  LOL  

So my friends 


My next camping trip was about 10 miles from Roo's Place where a friend's daughter had a sighting when she was about 11 years old.  This place has the potential to be as active as Roo's Place.  I can't wait to share that weekend with you.

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