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2013 Possible Bigfoot Report that scared 2 Girls

While I am waiting for my camping season to start at Roo's Place, I will tell you about a report I received in 2013.  What is amazing about this report was that the mother did not know I have been investigating this location.  What a small world we have sometimes.  Lets just say I was not surprised it happened.

I work at an Elementary School.  One of the EA's (educational assistant) who sometimes would work for me at the Before/After care at the school approached me.  She has 2 daughters who at the time this happened was 12 and 9.  This happened just a couple of months before.  She asked me if I thought there were Bigfoot at this location.  It surprised me that she asked about Bigfoot.  One note is that this family camp and hike all the time.  She had something weird happened that scared her daughters and was puzzled because she felt it was in an area that seemed wild but thought it wasn't.  I asked her where it was and she told me.  I tried not to react since I am in this area all the time and very familiar with the location.  I knew exactly where they were and to be honest not surprised it happened.  The group there were very mischievous that day.

The mother and her 2 daughters decided to go to an area to enjoy a nice afternoon.  She had picked this area so the girls could play while she would read a book.  The weather had been chilly and this was the first warm day in a while.  It was not too far away and an easy drive.  FYI-They have not been back since then either.

This is her story:

While she sat on the bridge reading her book, her daughters were playing in the creek.  The girls were having a wonderful time and all were enjoying the warm weather.  A little while later the 12 year old went to her mom and asked her if she is hearing some murmurs or mumblings.  Mom then told her no and said to go play in the water.  She came back a while later very upset and looking all around.  She then asked mom if she was now hearing the murmurs/mumblings.  Mom told her no.  Then the 12 year old pointed to the willows and said she was hearing it from there and asked her what it could be.  Mom then was a bit impatient with her and told her that where they were was a safe area and nothing will hurt her.  She then told her to ignore it and go play with her sister.  Then a while later the 9 year old came up to mom all teary eyed and scared.  She was looking all around her and was visibly ready to run.  The mom then asked her what was the matter.  At this point she was thinking her suburban girls were acting a bit fearful of what she would consider common natural things.  The 9 year old tearfully told mom they had to leave right now.  There was something in there that scares her and they needed to go.  At this point mom was thinking coyote or something like this but they have coyote at home and the girls were very familiar with them.  She begged mom that they need to leave.  The 12 year old came over and agreed.  She said that every time she heard the murmurs she would stop to listen but heard nothing until she started to play again.  Because both girls at this point were on the verge of hysteria she decided to pack up and then they left.  The whole way back the girls were watching the willows and hanging onto their mom.  Mom felt like it was a long walk back to the car.

Here is a picture of where this had happened:
Notice the willow all around.  I took this picture when there were no leaves and it was very hard to see into there.  Now imagine this with leaves like when they were there.  No one can see in there.  It is that thick and dense.  

Let me show you something that was found a few months before:
 This is a 14 inch print with toes.  This was found not far from where the girls had the weird experience.  I have found several prints in the area including handprints.  I also had a sighting 3 years ago of a reddish brown one close by.  Am I surprised when the mom came to me?  No.

Is this a Bigfoot related experience?  In my opinion it was.  This whole episode happened over a couple of hours.  Was one seen?  I am not sure.  I suspect the 9 year old saw one but she refuses to talk about it.  Both girls were adamant that there was something in the willows watching them.  They felt it was not something they should have seen/heard there.  For me to receive a report like this out of the blue was so fascinating and is one of the reasons why I am on this journey of discovery.  Would the group there do something like this and I will say yes.  Over the years many unexpected and sometimes scary things has happened.

What an amazing world we live in.  Sometimes a little scary for some but still a fascinating world.

SQUATCH ON My friends!


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