Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Unexpected Results at New Location called Moonshine

Have you ever had an unexpected result 
when you were not expecting it?

In the middle of June this had happened when I was asked to go camping with a friend and his daughters at a location near where one of his daughters had a sighting.  We had explored in that location last fall and wanted to camp there.  This was our first chance to do so.  Any time someone asks me to go camping and do some Bigfoot exploring, I'm in.  LOL  So Jon, Roo and I joined Bryan and his two daughters.

It was love at first sight with Roo and the girls.  I think Roo would have brought them home with us if she could.  This weekend was a few first for the girls in regards to experiencing Bigfoot stuff.  They had an interest in Bigfoot because of their father Bryan.  They were eager to learn and had some good questions.  My kind of people.  Plus they knew how to play Phase 10. 

Friday night not much happened except for someone or something opening one of the plastic tubs.  Then walked around the tents and the campsite.  We had no damage and nothing was missing.  Also we were under a fire ban.  So we did not have a campfire.  That was OK.  We still talked Squatch and about other things.

Saturday we did some exploring and then played some Phase 10.  It was the nighttime that was very interesting.  In this next picture look closely.  I thought our campsite was on a ridge and it went down to a ravine behind the campsite.  It does but it had something else I did not realized until later.  It made me realize how much our hairy forest friends use the environment to their advantage and we humans are very clueless.  LOL

Do you see the ridge?  It is close and almost the same height as our campsite.   
It is about 40 yards away.  Remember that.

 The moon was very pretty that night.  It was a very bright crescent shaped moon.  As we walked around on the forest road in the dark, I was trying to use my different settings to take photos in the dark.  I have not had much success but I liked to try.  One of the settings uses a flash before going off and it is a setting for taking pictures in the dark.  I tried to take a picture of my tent showing the glow of the small light I had turned on.  I wasn't able to take any good photos.  When we walked back to the campsite I told everyone how the moon looked cool and wanted to try to take a picture of it.  It was positioned at the back of the campsite to the left and 3/4 of the way up in the above picture.  

I took a couple of pictures but they were blurry so I decided to try to take a picture of the moon with the dark setting that had a flash.  Mind you, all I was thinking of was trying to take a picture of the moon.  I did not think about if there were any Bigfoots watching us from that direction.  Earlier we had seen some white eye shine back across the forest road and behind the cars.  Not in this direction. 

So I took a picture and was upset I did not have a picture of the moon!  So I took another one.  When I looked at what I took, I thought I got something that may have been eye shine!  So I took some more.  Then there was nothing in my last picture.  I was thinking we had one possibly 2 in the trees watching us.  I was pretty excited.  Then suddenly we had some red eye shine right in front of me.  Then it flared up and I saw both eyes.  One of the girls and I think Bryan were able to see the eye shine before it went away.   I personally think it was letting me know it was not happy with the flashes from my camera.  I told them I was sorry and will not do that again with my camera.  That red eye shine is in my top 5 of the best eye shine ever.  Again I was thinking they were in the trees.  

We were pretty excited because both girls were able to see eye shine that night and one of them saw the red eye shine too.  They were perplexed because what would have made this eye shine?  We went through all of the possibilities and there was none.  I knew because I have seen it many times and does have a distinctive look to it.  Much like LED lights but twinkles and can flare up when you talk to it or go closer.  It is even more distinctive when you see it blink.  The girls were excited because they have now seen eye shine.  We were all excited about what we saw and I may have caught the eye shine on camera.  I would have to wait until I get home to check my photos on my computer.

We had a young small bear come into our campsite Sunday morning.  That was a first for me.  Bryan was able to scare it off.  It was behind my car.

It was Sunday morning when I realized that Bigfoot were not in the trees watching us with their eye shine!  There was a ridge about 40 yards away and a perfect spot to watch us or any campers there.  So we talked about coming back and named the location Moonshine.  Because I was trying to take pictures of the moon and got Bigfoot eye shine instead.  LOL  

This will be the only time with me trying to get pictures like that.  I am not into trying to capture a photo of them or tricking them to get one.  The main reason is that I know they are real and my journey is to learn more about them.  Not to prove or make a circus out of them.  I want experiences with them and if lucky to build a positive relationship with them.  Unfortunately with me taking those pictures I have put myself at a disadvantage with them.  It will be my intent to NOT carry my camera around at night and to keep it in my pocket at the campsite.  I will take pictures of the beauty of Colorado and my beloved Roo or any physical evidence such as prints or structures.  I will have to make amends and hopefully I can do this correctly in their eyes.  I truly believe they are a wild human with human intelligence.  So I will have to appeal to their curiosity and their primate/hominid characteristics.  Make them realize that I am not a threat to their family.

If you want to see the pictures of the red eye shine they are not on the blog.  I did get 3 photos of red eye shine but I am choosing to keep them in my collection of evidence.  Why am I doing this?  Partly to show my intent of what I am about in my journey of discovery.  It is my personal journey and I am not doing this to prove anything.  Even if I had managed to get a photo of one, I would not share it.  I feel if I do share it then my intent and the direction of my journey will be not be what my heart says and what I want to accomplish.  My actions and the choices I make does color my intent.  How can I go back and try to establish a positive relationship with that group if I am secretly publishing the photos when they have no say over them?  I would not like that myself, so that is why I am choosing to keep the photos and not to publish them.

In my next post, I will be telling you about my next camping trip at Roo's Place.  On this camping trip, Jon did not go and only Roo and I was in my tent.  I think the group there had decided to take our relationship to the next level.  I am not sure I am ready.  Until the next post...



  1. Too bad more researchers/explorers don't have your mind set. ♥

    1. I agree but there are many with this mindset. I have been privileged to have met some of them.