Sunday, April 8, 2018

Day Visit to Roo's Place

Winter this year here in Colorado has been pretty much non-existent.  When it did snow it was only for a dusting or a few measly inches.  I know you can see snow in the pictures but normally what you see would be under 4+ feet of snow with a couple of patches of the ground peeking out because the sun had melted it.  So far not this year.  This means that Colorado will probably have a long DRY, hot summer with fire bans.  Other places in the mountains have received some snow but below average.  One positive aspect of fire bans/restrictions will be that most people won't camp if they are unable to have a camp fire.  I will come camping regardless.  I will just put one of my small battery powered lamps in the fire ring.  LOL  Another positive thing that has happened to us when there had been fire restrictions were some unnerving incidents.  I am thinking with the lack of a camp fire and since we do not use lanterns or headlamps to light up our campsite, it will make it very dark with only a small camp light in the camp fire ring.  Maybe we will get a run by or some in the trees ringing the campsite watching us.  Roo will let us know.      

With the lack of snow, Jon and I had decided to make a day trip up to Roo's Place.  We figured we had a good chance of being able to explore for the day there.  We were right.  We had no problems getting there.  In fact it looked like late May not the first weekend in April.  

There were no signs of people being in there.  We also had seen no signs of our hairy friends.  We looked around to see if we could see any marbles but did not see any.  Where the glyph was located was one of the few spots that was under about 4 inches of snow.  I did not disturb it.  I will wait until it melts and look.  I was hoping to find some prints but nothing.  I also noticed there was not much in the way of tracks of other animals including squirrels or deer/elk which I would consider unusual.

 There are tracks now.  Roo was quite happy to run around the place and leave some.    

Even though it was just a day looking around and not finding anything, it still was a day in the forest.  Maybe next time I visit there will be some prints showing they had come to check to see what we were up to.  You never know.  

Camping season is getting closer!


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  1. Any day in the forest is a good day! Here's hoping for a wet Spring.....