Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bigfoot Camping in Nebraska

Did you know how cold it is in Nebraska in March?  Nebraska was having mild weather until the weekend we go to camp there.  That is what I called the "Robert's luck".  LOL  I had a heater in my tent, a fleece liner in my sleeping bag and 2 blankets and I still was cold.  When we checked the temperature mid morning is was 30 degrees!  It also rained and sleet very early.  Thank goodness our tent was dry when we packed up.  It started to rain/sleet at the very end.  Let me just say that my new sleeping bag was a big disappointment.  It was rated for much colder but it did not keep me warm.

Well, despite the cold it was a lot of fun.  Some of my Nebraska friends camped with Jon. Roo and I.  We even had a young man we met at the conference come and camp with us with his older brother.  It was great.  Brats always taste better cooked over the campfire.  It does get me to think a camper may not be a bad idea sometimes.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about the sighting from two 17 year young men.  That was where we camped.  In fact we camped right where they saw the red eye shine.  We walked around and explored this location.  What is great about this spot was the location.  Lots of trees, deer and the Platte River.  Easy in and easy out.  Do I think they live here?  No.  I suspect they use this place to hunt and to move around.  We did find some prints down in the cattails.  Perfect place to hide to ambush ducks and other water fowls.  It looked like they dug some up too.  They weren't real big prints but we know they were fairly recent since we had a hard rain with several inches the day before.

Cassie has a good eye and was the one who found the 2 prints.  

It was pretty quiet for the evening and night.  Tammie and Janice said there was the sounds of soft pings hitting the side of the camper.  Much like small pebbles hitting the sides.  I suspect they do that to see if we are awake.  They may have been there but didn't do anything since we just announced we know they are there with my whistle and calls.  I did not see any eye shine or hear anything.  I expected that.  It was our first time in there.  I am going to try to go in there around the same time of year the boys had their sighting.  Maybe I will be lucky.  Finding those prints with toes in the cattails was a great find!  I want to go back again.

SQUATCH ON my friends...

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