Saturday, March 17, 2018

What is it about marbles?

I took my dog Roo hiking at my special spot about a week ago.  I take her with me when I go down into the creek area.  I like to check several spots along the creek for prints.  I have found in the past prints during winter time.  So when it is too slippery and icy up by the cliffs I go down to the creek area.  There seems to be about 3 miles of the creek where I find most of my prints.  This morning I checked some areas along the creek that I don't check so closely but had decided to take some pictures of the ice on the creek before it melted away.  I came  across a couple of prints that made me think Bigfoot but I have some reservations.  I will share them so you can look at them.  One had someone stepped on it but missed the toes.  LOL  The toes were wide and big.  The span was about 6-7 inches across.  Much bigger than a bear and straight across like you would expect for a Bigfoot not a human.  The other was a slid mark and I could see no treds from a boot.  It looked like toes marks.  Plus there was some mud that was thrown to the right of the slid mark like the toes had grabbed the mud and when it picked up its foot the mud was released to the right much like a bare foot would do versus a booted foot. 

These were the only prints I found on this day.  I was excited by my finds.  They really stretched my knowledge and made me think.

So about 1 1/2 hours later I decided to walk back to leave.  I prefer to go early in the morning because I seemed to find more stuff when I do.   Roo was getting tired and I wanted to check my pictures when I got home.

Guess what I found on the trail?  A white marble!!!  It was not there 1 1/2 hours ago.  

This is something new for this spot.  The whole marble sharing at this location was always up by the cliff area and also at another location called Roo's Place.  Not here down by the creek.    

FYI-A couple of weekends before when I was in there with Roo, it was a difficult time for Roo.  She was nervous and indicating that there were Bigfoots close by.   In fact we smelled the skunky dead smell as soon as we started on the trail.  We heard knocks, some type of calls (not sure how to describe them) and we had some rocks thrown at us.  The last rock was about 4 inches long, white and landed about 10 feet to my right as we left the tree line. Lets just say Roo was very happy to leave that morning.

A bit of history:

I have been at this location since 2011.  I am a known person but I was not at this location much last year.  Due to many reasons including my health and spending time with my family.  So I had decided for 2018 I was going to make an effort to be at this location as much as possible.  This place holds a special place in my heart.  I had my first sighting, whoop, whistles, grunt, growls and prints at this location.  I also had found a massive shelter in 2012 up by the cliffs.  Plus I had learned to gift and share glyphs.  One of my favorite memories was being whooped in as I climbed up towards the cliffs.  They were ahead of me and far enough ahead in the trees that I could hear them whooping but not see them.  This location is a wonderful spot and I am quite protective of it.  You are welcome to go back and read my early posts about this place.

So why the rock throwing and the marble?

They know who I am.  I always announce myself when out exploring.  I do my whistle and my calls.  Much like someone ringing a doorbell when visiting.  I figure I am the one visiting and need to let them know I am there.  Plus if you go enough they will recognize you when you have the same routine.  I know that I haven't been in there as much as before so it is what I would call getting reacquainted time.  The smell, calls and rock throwing was to gauge my reactions to see if I am still the same and also to remind Roo of who lives there.  So when I went back and found the prints, it was letting me know they are still there.  By using the marbles I feel was their way to let me know they are there and know who I am.  I know there will be many who may scoff at this but I don't really mind or care because I am the one who has history with this group.  I have many memories both full of wonder and some scary ones.  I am not one to think everything is Bigfoot but some of the stuff does point to them because of what I have experienced, seen and found.  I am secure in what I know.  What I find interesting is when good friends who I trust who are experiencing the same things or similar experiences.  That points to me that I am on the right track.

So what will happen next?



  1. good story her bud. Keep it up '

  2. Love these stories, Robin. Keep up the good work :)

  3. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us. I think familiar, as well as unusual characteristics in different geographic locations is fascinating.