Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bigfoot on Native American Reservation in Nebraska

Some friends and I were invited to go to a Native American reservation this weekend in Nebraska.  I got off of work a little bit early to drive to there on Friday so I could spend all of my Saturday there.  It was a long tiring drive but well worth the trip.  It is always a pleasure to see Harriett.  Then you add the new friends I made this weekend and it was even more enjoyable.  Meeting Jimmy Lee, Joyce, Barry, DW and Richard was wonderful. Whenever I can expand my circle of Bigfoot friends it is always fun and makes my journey of discovery even more endearing.

Let me tell you of our weekend:

Harriett, Jimmy Lee and I went to the Lincoln area to meet up with Joyce and she drove us to Macy to meet up with Barry and DW on the reservation.  We had a cabin reserved there for Saturday night.  Barry, Richard and DW had made plans with the rest of their group to take us out to explore their active Bigfoot areas.  There was even a night walk planned for 1:00 am. 

During the day they took us down by the Missouri River where there has been a lot of Bigfoot activity.  We found some structures and maybe a half print. 
What was interesting with the arch was the top of the tree was rammed into the ground.  In fact all three branches of different lengths were rammed in.  I have never seen this before.  Very, very interesting.  And it was by a couple of other structures.

Then we went back to the cabins.  Then we went out to eat.  We got back later and some of us (me especially) went into our cabin and slept for a couple of hours before the late night walk.  I was still very tired from the drive and lack of sleep.  For me to chose sleep over talking Bigfoot means I was exhausted.  I wanted to be ready at 1:00 am and then still be able to drive home on Sunday.

I am going to say that my day time investigations are fun and intriguing but the real fun is the night time investigations in an active Bigfoot area.  The group there did not disappoint me.  Now I want to go out here in Colorado but there is over 6 feet of snow and no way to get in there.  LOL  The whole thing of going out exploring with no lights on and with limited vision gets your adrenaline going.  Especially when things start to happen.

We were divided into 2 groups.  Young sweet Jimmy Lee and I went with DW and George.  They were taking us to a spot that is haunted AND an active Bigfoot location.  COOL!  I was ready.  Jimmy Lee who has never been out before was a bit nervous but ready to go.  I think I was not what the men were expecting when they knew that 4 women were coming.  I know Harriett told them that I have been out in the field and have been actively investigating here in Colorado and other states but I don't think they were prepared for how much I knew and how to act.  My calm presence helped Jimmy Lee and also helped her to move pass her fear.  I feel lucky to now call her my friend and plan on taking her out in the future there in Nebraska and here in Colorado.  She got a taste and now is hooked.  LOL

I will tell you that I do have fear out there but I have learned to control it and to stand my ground when I can.  Running and freaking out will have you lose out on an opportunity and the experience if you let it rule you.  I just stand my ground and swallow my fear.  This night though I wasn't fearful.  But my adrenaline was in high gear and made me wish it was warmer and no snow in Colorado.  I want more. 

Usually when I am in a group especially when it is a new location for me, I try to separate myself from the group a little and make my presence know in a low key but friendly way to let the group there know I am aware of them but respectful.  Any location I go to I use my special whistle along with my voice and whoops.  At this location I don't think whistling has been used before and it definitely attracted their attention. 

The guys announced us and introduced Jimmy Lee and I.  When I had walked away from the group and did my whistle there was movement and sounds indicating they were coming towards me.  After I heard some noises that were not quite whoops but not growls, more like a soft huffs, I called Jimmy Lee to me so she can experience the sounds and movements.  She came over and stood there with me and we both watched the shadows moving around and hearing I am thinking 3 with 2  in front of us and one behind us.  At one point she grabbed my hand but I was proud of her.  She stood her ground with me and experienced all that was going on.  Then we walked closer to the guys.

I asked for some eye shine and I saw several come on and off.  I was able to show Jimmy Lee where they were and how to move around a little to try to see more.  They were moving around and flashing quick eye shine towards us.  At one point I wanted to go down into the area where the eye shine was so I asked the group if they were OK for me to walked down there.  As soon as I took a step down, a medium sized branch was thrown towards me and landed just to the left of me right by the tree line.  I backed off and then walked some more back where I started and then walked over past where the guys were.  Then I did my talking, whooping and whistling.  When I saw more eye shine I was able to show everyone where they were.  Jimmy Lee watched and would follow me when I wanted her with me.  Then I went down the road into where the eye shine was.  I did not go too far but was hoping to get to the curve and go back behind where the eye shine was seen but I think they figured out where I wanted to go.  So I stopped and whistled and talked.  Jimmy Lee followed me.  The guys were behind us and not as far down as we were.  Then there was a dark tall shape that moved towards us with eye shine.  At that point I realized I should not moved further down, closer to the curve so I just stood there.  Jimmy Lee stood with me.  The others moved back up and stood by the car.  We watched the eye shine and then saw 2 other sets go off and on.  One was showing red the whole time and the other went green and white.  At this point I thought it was an impasse and I should be the one to move back up.  As we moved back up we had one right up on the road to our left.  It was close and was showing very bright green eye shine!  We saw it blink and you can tell it was moving its head to watch all of us.  It just stood there and did not leave.  Jimmy Lee was so excited to see it.  As soon as I approached it, it moved and we did not see the eye shine again.  We heard a howl off in the distance and then the coyotes started up.  The guys wanted to take us to another location so we got back into the car and left.  This was a perfect experience to show how eye shine looks and how they use it.  For them to use it with 2 strangers there was impressive to me.  I think being female and respectful but approachable may have made them curious of the 2 females that knew they were there and knew what their eye shine was.  I also think the whistle helped too.

We did not have any more experiences but that was OK because the first location was great.  The other group did not have anything happen.  But you should expect that this will happen.  We were lucky that the group was where we were.

I will make a disclaimer here and say we did not have our flashlights or head lamps on so there was no reflections.  I walk around with no lights on.  If you don't believe me you can ask the ones who have gone out with me before.  Also we were below the skyline.  Plus the eye shine did not stay in one spot but moved around.  Several times we were able to see 2-3 sets at the same time.  The bright green eye shine by the road we saw blinked.  I also saw the dark shape with the eye shine move its eyes around and blink.  We were in a deserted location with no one else around.  What else could it be?

So when Barry asked me if I want to come back, guess what my answer was?


This is another example of how an active Bigfoot location will make someone go from wondering to believer with one experience.  Jimmy Lee has no doubt now.  Locations like this will do it without someone trying to convince.  Its better this way.

So my friends:


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