Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Report out of Nebraska

Last weekend at this time I had just finished up my presentation at the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska.  Even though it was in the morning I was still a little shell shock at how many people were at the conference.  I WAS HOPING TO HAVE AT LEAST 100 PEOPLE FOR BOTH FRIDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY!  We ended up with at least 650+ people.  We kept having to add chairs to our room.

What was my impression of the conference?  This beautiful state is filled with wonderful people who are interested in Bigfoot.  Either from some type of interaction or from just an interest or heard stories shared from family and friends.  I had so much fun meeting and getting to know people there.  One young man who was about 5 years old stood out.  His name is Lane and he had told me he had a Bigfoot birthday party this year.  He said he wants to invite me to his next birthday.  I hope he does and if I am in Nebraska I plan on going.

I did have many people talk to me about some type of Bigfoot activity they had experienced.  Two really grabbed my attention.  Both of them had pictures to go along with the story.  One I have to be patient because we have to get permission from the landowner and it may take a while.  The other was Tammy.  She showed me a structure.  Just looking at it may not seem like it is something but...
then I asked her I think 3 questions.  After she answered them I looked even more closely at the picture.  I think I surprised her when I asked if I could go see it the next day.  Thank goodness I was staying for an extra day or it was going to be a long late drive back to Colorado.

My picture of the structure:

What do you think of it?  At first glanced it doesn't really seemed like anything but...

I have seen something like this at one of my locations only it had broke in the middle.  I was interested in the picture because of that but when I had asked her several questions I knew I wanted to go see it.  I surprised her with my interest because she had shown this to others but I was the only one that wanted to go see it.  After visiting the location and talking with her about some activity, I knew I wanted to investigate more.  Let me tell you some things about this structure that may point to it being Bigfoot related.

The tree is about 30-40 years old.  The arch is 10'5" tall and 9'6" wide.  The top of the tree that is in the ground is deeper than 4".  The tree is twisted and one branch grew down and around the arch which made it look like a snow break until you look closely and see it is a branch and not part of the truck of the tree.

Tammy had a Horticulturist look at her pictures.  After looking at the pictures closely she said it was manipulated and not naturally made because of these factors:

  • It would be more asymmetrical from wind or snow.  So the formation was too vertical on both sides.
  • Top appeared to be buried straight and deep into the ground with the shoots growing out from the surrounding soil.
  • The tree is very stressed due to the twisting and binding.  It is killing the tree which conflicts with its natural inclination towards surviving.
  • Shading from other trees is not a factor since there are no trees close enough for it to seek out alternative growth.
  • The tree base is directly behind the tree and opposite to the direction of the buried top.  This is not a natural growth pattern of a willow seeking water.
We know that Native Americans used trees as trail markers but the tree is only 30-40 years old.  So that is not a factor on how it was manipulated by man.  This is in a pasture of a farm for live stock so it is not part of a shelter belt.  So this will factor out the farmer. 


So I asked Tammy some questions about the previous owners and themselves.  There are indications from her answers this may be Bigfoot related.  The location of the farm to rivers, creeks and the remoteness is one possibility and some weird things that have happened may point to a group coming to this farm.  During my presentation I had talked briefly about marbles.  At this farm this is happening too along with pieces of mirrors and feathers.

If you hear people scoff about Nebraska not being squatchy enough for Bigfoot and are only in a couple areas then they have not looked closely.  I have changed my stance on this when I started to look more closely at Nebraska.  There are strong indications that my original thinking and of many others are wrong.  Very wrong.  I have learned over years that what I assume of many things about Bigfoot is wrong and usually the opposite of what I was assuming.  You would have thought I would have learned from this but no.  I am still learning.  LOL  I have to remember that they are primates who are highly adaptable.  What does Nebraska have that they would adapt to?  Water-there are many rivers and creeks that crisscross the state; Food-farms and lots of deer; places to hide-there are places for them to hide, maybe not what we traditionally think of but there are places; Not many people-there are wide open spaces with farmland.  Plus people don't traditionally talk about stuff like this with others.  Since Bigfoot is considered not real, any stories or reports will not be taken seriously.  Which helps Bigfoot.

So if you want to continue not to believe they have a strong presence in Nebraska and I also suspect Kansas then go ahead and continue.  Bigfoot has no problem with you having this stance.  To the ones who have had Bigfoot experiences or activity in Nebraska, I believe you because what I have been finding does support what you have had happened.

NEVER SAY NEVER in regards to Bigfoot.

So my friends


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