Saturday, January 21, 2017

"I have always believed you but didn't really think about it."

You don't have to convince someone if you are in an active Bigfoot area.  You let the evidence and experiences do the talking.  Especially if you know the group there uses the creek.  This was found on a very cold February morning in 2015.  The water level was low enough to have a sand bar.  One Bigfoot decided to cross the creek earlier that morning.  In fact the water was starting to fill in the print when I found it.  If I was there an hour later it would have been washed away.  I was very lucky.  In the past, I have found several prints very close to this spot including a handprint on the bank.

What is funny was that we were there not to look for Bigfoot but to see if a new fishing spot was an option for my friend.  He had asked me if I wanted to go explore there with him while he scoped the place.  He knew I am in there all the time and wanted me to go looking with him.  He does know why I am in there.  He just did not figure that there would be evidence of them right there for him to see.  I reminded him later that there was a reason why I am in there all the time.  LOL

Let me tell you what happened:

Marc had called me earlier in the week to see if I wanted to go hiking and explore this location during the day in the middle of the week with him.  He said he had read an article about this place and how it was a good place to fish.  He knew I was in there and knew the place.  So I agreed.  I very seldom turn down a chance to go into the forest in an active Bigfoot place.  Even if it is to look for a fly fishing hole for a friend.  He would be looking at deep pools in the creek while I kept an eye out for prints.  So it was a win-win for both.

We got there mid-morning.  It was cold but sunny.  I showed him the creek and where there may be spots that the fish would like.  Then he started to show me what he looks for in a creek.  About 1 1/2 hours later we came to a spot where I have found prints before.  I told him I wanted to check the spot to see if there was any prints.  He agreed but you can tell he wanted to continue.  To be honest, he has told me in the past he believes me but I  felt he thought I was out there looking for shadows. He had no reason not to disbelieve me but didn't think beyond that it was my weird hobby. 

There is this flat boulder that juts across the creek a little bit.  There is a vantage point on this boulder to look up and down the creek.  So I got on the boulder and immediately noticed that there was a print in a sand bar in the creek!  It looked big.  I exclaimed to Marc that there was a print in the sand bar and it had toes.  You should have seen his face.  He was puzzled and looked at me with disbelief.  I pointed it out to him.  He stopped and looked at it really hard for several moments.  I reminded him that there was a reason why I was in there.  He had only heard me talking and had never seen any of my pictures or my casting.  I told him I wanted to go measure the print.  He thought I was nuts.  It was in the low 30's and the water would be icy cold and deep in one spot.  I rolled up my pants, took off my boots and socks.  It was bone chilling cold.  I could not feel my toes halfway there.  I get there and it was 14 inches and very wide.  I have found several 14 inch prints before at this location.  Also at least 3 other larger ones.  I looked around to see if there was more prints but I could not find any.  Either they were washed away or it hopped from the boulder to the sand bar and then to the other side.

So when I finished measuring and taking pictures I put my boots back on and asked Marc what he thought about the print.  He looked at me and said, "I have always believed you but didn't really think about it."  I laughed and asked him what he thought about it now.  He said that hearing about them from me and now seeing the print makes it so fantastic and makes him wonder.  I asked him if he thinks about the woods the same now that he has seen the print and he laughed and said no its not the same now.  He is not sure what to think.  He does asks me more questions now.

He has not asked to go there again or has fished there.  I find it interesting of how people react to learning about the presence of Bigfoot.  Some are so scared, some just ignore and don't want anything to do with the location or with the subject of Bigfoot or there are ones like me that want more and keep looking because they can't get enough.

So what type of Bigfoot person are you?  

Marc just wanted to find a new fishing hole to fish but what he found instead was the reality that there are some type of being walking on 2 legs, bare foot with large feet in the woods and forest in Colorado.  That is one more person that went from 0 to belief because of one cold February morning.    

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