Saturday, November 5, 2016

Last Camping Trip at Roo's Place for the Year

The Colorado mountains are so beautiful but one of the negatives is the short time frame of camping.  Especially in the rugged areas where you can't get in because the snow is too deep.  On top of that if you do go in the fall you have to contend with the hunters.  I know some go camping year round here in Colorado but where I go it is impossible for me to even get to my spots once the snow starts.  Believe me I have tried.

So last weekend was my last weekend of camping at Roo's Place.  I am glad I went.  This year there has been so much different than the year before.  Which is good because that means it is an ongoing adventure with no expectations.  We have had some unexpected difficulties and interference that I won't go into but we had to work around them and still had some great things happen.

Roo and I arrived early afternoon on Saturday.  My husband was coming later around 7:00.  So I set up our tent and equipment.  While doing that I had  done some whistles and whoops to announce I was there.  Which I look at as ringing the doorbell.  I did not hear any responses.  I wasn't really expecting any since I haven't been there for a while.  So my strained patience with Roo who kept walking all over the tent as I was putting it up may helped to get their attention.  LOL  I ended up putting her on her tie-out so I wouldn't lose my patience with her.  We always have a tie-out and leash with us just in case.  After I was done setting up everything I let her off.  By this time she was watching the one spot behind her where the marbles are.  So we went down there to look to see if there were any changes to the marbles.  Just before we turned to walked to the structure, Roo stopped and intently looked into the bottom of the ravine.  She then started to wag her tail and act like she was going greet someone.  I told her, "No, you are NOT going down there."  Then we walked over to where the marbles were.  Nothing new but that was OK.  They probably have gotten tired of them and wondered why I am so excited about them.  I then left one and took the other three with me.  I played with them and made as much noise with them while walking back up to the camp site.

I sat down and started to read.  After about 30 minutes, Roo got up from where she laid to my left and slightly behind me.  She had been chewing on branches and her chew toy.  She was anxious and tried to get on my lap.  I told her no, relax and she then sat right up against my left knee and watched the ravine in front of me.  She started doing her grumble growl.  In fact my thought as this was unfolding was that this reminded me of the time of the rhythmic knocking we heard the first night there.  Roo was acting almost exactly like that.  I expected to hear some knocking but nothing.  She watched that spot for a bit and then got up and did the same thing to my left.  In the direction of the marble area.  She kept glancing back and forth watching intently.  I decided to whistle and whoop but continued to read.  Acting like this was normal and I am relaxed.  So this continued for a bit and then Roo relaxed and started to chew on her toy.  I will be honest and say I was expecting to have something thrown at us but nothing.

I would say about an hour later Roo got up and watched the area over by the marbles again.  I got her to lay back down but she was nervous.  I decided to look carefully in the tree line but not get up.  I SAW A BLACK UPRIGHT FIGURE BETWEEN 2 TREES.  It looked like it was moving back behind the left tree and then to the middle of the 2 trees.  Then something caught my attention to the left about 25 yards from the black upright figure.  IT WAS ANOTHER BLACK UPRIGHT FIGURE!!  It just stood still and did not move.  I watched both figures but the first one was moving like it was trying to hide behind the tree and then moving back to between the 2 trees.  Like it was nervous.   The other one was absolutely still.  I glanced at Roo and she just laid there watching with me.  She was watching both like me.  I told her to stay and its OK they are only watching us.  We watched them for a couple of minutes and then I decided to read my book again.  A few minutes later Roo put her head down and sighed.  I looked over to the 2 spots and there was nothing.  The 2 upright figures have left.  At this point it was starting to get dark.  I decided to continue to read but just before it got dark I decided to wait in my car for my husband.  I knew it was another 1-2 hours before he got there.  We had a fire ban and I could not have a campfire.  Plus I had seen the 2 watching us just a little while before AND I remembered someone/something had thrown rocks at me twice this year.  So I felt it was in my best interest to wait in the car.  Roo was very happy to do this.  You should have heard her sigh when she jumped into the car and laid down.  At one point about 30 minutes of being in the car I thought I heard something behind my car.  The back of the car was facing the campsite.  I looked in my side and rear view mirrors but saw nothing since it was dark.  All I am going to say is that my gut said to wait in the car and then when I heard whatever it was behind my car re-enforced what my gut said to do.  Normally I can be quite fearless but I have learned to listen to my gut while doing this.  When my husband got there about a one hour later, I told him what happened and you know what he said?  My husband who knows they are real but is a skeptic of things until we rule out everything else?  He said he thinks it is not the regular group but may be a visiting one.  He did not disbelieve me or second guess what I had seen or felt.  I guess all these years camping and exploring and yes, experiencing things too have made him believe me.

We walked back to the campsite and he did his sound/whistle that he does with his hand that is loud with a hollow sound.  Sometimes he can make it sound sort of like an owl.  Not quite but similar.  We talked outside while set up his cot and sleeping bag.  We then sat down and played a card game in front of the tent with our headlamps on.  This is the first time we had done this.  Plus having no campfire.   While playing Jon kept asking if I had heard either a whistle or a weird hollow type of knock.  He said he has never heard it before.  I asked him if it was an owl and he said no, it had a hollow sound to it.  I said no.  At one point I suddenly heard over by the ravine where Jon said he was hearing the sounds a very loud and distinct sound.  Much like what Jon does with his hands!  I asked him if he heard it and he said yes.  He said that is what he has been hearing.  I told him that sounded like his call he makes with his hands.  He looked at me and said yes, it does.  I think he was getting an answer back and it kept doing it until we reacted to it.  We did not hear it again.

After walking around on our night walk we went to bed in the tent.  After about 30 minutes once Jon was asleep I heard something walking around the tent.  Roo did too and I made her laid back down and relax.  Then I heard nothing and slept through the night.  If anything else happen I did not hear it. 

So that was our last camping trip to Roo's Place in 2016.  I will try to go in May 2017.  I know I said I will wait until June but I have a friend from Europe coming to visit at the end of May 2017.  She wants to go to Roo's Place.  So my plan-weather permitting, to go there once or twice before taking her.  I did tell her it will be cold and may snow on us but she still wants to go.  So if the snow has melted enough and weather permitting I will be going in May.

What am I going to talk about in my blog until then?  I am thinking some of my stories from other locations and maybe something about my urban Bigfoot investigations.  Yes, I do look in the outlying urban areas.  Some of my best reports and found evidence such as prints have been found in what you would call urban areas.

So my friends hopefully my stories and experiences will keep you coming back even though Roo's Place is closed for now.  I do have some great experiences from other places besides Roo's Place.


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